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Let's begin with the main, too. So we talked about the main one, where we just kind of loud, laid down. Some foundations talked about the deployment models in the various service is Look, it's, um, things at a very high level, like virtual ization and some common threats.
But let's move on into the main tube, where we talk specifically about data security in the cloud.
Because, really, that's what it's about, right? It's our data that we're concerned about. That's one of our greatest assets. And when push comes to shove, that's where the vault that that's the desirable asset from an attacker standpoint.
So in this chapter, we're gonna talk about the secure life cycle, the secure data life cycle or the fact that the data life cycle needs to be made secure. Perhaps maybe a better way to say it. We'll look at the different storage architectures, how data is stored, and that's really dependent upon
what type of service you use. Platform, infrastructure or
One of our greatest threats is unauthorized user access. So how do we keep the bad guys out? How do we make sure the good guys have the access that they need.
We'll talk briefly about liability liabilities, one of those topics that comes up all the way throughout. So you'll hear that, you know, different, different contexts.
Well, look, a denial of service attacks and our concerns from a cloud perspective.
Talk about integrity and integrity, of data being able to detect modification. Also making sure when we talk about integrity and elements like databases that we have internal and external consistency.
And then we'll also talk a little bit. And I'll show you the clouds Security Alliance C s a
cloud control matrix that basically is going to group controls by category and essentially a lying to various frameworks and support. Kind of the best practices or the, um,
individual types, if you will, of controls four cloud computing. So that's a good document to see. All right, so that's domain to that's what we're gonna cover. Stick around
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