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everyone welcome back to the core. So in the last video, we talked about injection flaws, an injection attacks. Specifically, we're focused on sequel injection for the majority of it. As I mentioned, I've got a special guest. I know everyone was anticipating Beyonce's. She couldn't make it because of some concerts and that sort of stuff, because he has better things to do.
So I have another guest here. So who are you guessed?
Thank you for that very warm introduction. I know I'm not Beyonce, but hopefully I'm an acceptable replacement. I'm not
for those of you don't know who I am, that's totally fine. Most people don't. I'm Joe Perry. I'm the director of research. Here is cyber and I actually have a new course coming out. We're going a little bit of cross promotion for right now because it's related to all the things that Ken has been talking about in these old lost video.
The course that we have coming out is called breaking Stuff with Joe. It's a series of 30 minutes or less tool demonstration videos where we go over the tools history. It's designed when it's four. How to use the concept behind that tool. So if it's an S and m. P c enter, for example, it will discuss the S and M P Protocol. That simple network management protocol will figure out how that works. Will understand why it's useful.
A pen tester or
So we've got a bunch of these courses coming out a couple of weeks at least. So hopefully you're gonna find them just as useful as I found making them. And you're gonna be able to tie those back to this old boss course and the labs here in this course that kind of created. So I hope you enjoy this. I hope you're having fun learning about a loss. I hope to see you in breaking stuff with Joe over on Cyber. Eri on Damen.
Awesome. Thank you. I'm looking for
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