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Video Transcription
I welcome back to the course, so I just want to do this quick lab video Since we talked about P care, public key infrastructure and we talked about subject certification authorities, registration authorities, et cetera. I just want to show you how I can quickly just take a look at this stuff in your browser. So I just pulled up Google Chrome here. I've got the latest version and I just went to the google dot com main page.
So all we're gonna do, we just click on the top left here
and again. I want to stress it's not an actual lab. Just play around with this on your own. This is not the lab for this model, but I just wanted to kind of give you a visual of what this looks like.
So just click on the little lock icon there. You'll get some information here. Just click on the certificate area that's gonna open this little prompt here, and you may not have to go through all those steps. Depending on the browser that you're using, you'll see here. It's gonna tell us that this certificates been issued by the Google Internet Authority on here's date range here is well, it expires on
December 18th of this year.
But we want to go look at we could look at some details here. Different version ing different hashing, et cetera. But let's go back to the certification path. So let's click the next one up. So we're gonna click on the
and so this is basically our certification authority here. So these air, this is what they are and they're telling us a different day. Raines. Right. So this kind of master certificate here, this one's got a different date range for us, and same thing here is gonna tell us details about it.
and this cost gonna tell us the public heating the encryption levels using most of them that I've seen are using the 2048 bit Arcee. Then also, if we come up here, that's gonna be our route Certificate. Authorities. You remember back to the diagram we did for P. K I. Here's our roots certification authority.
So same thing there were just looking to see the date range matches. We come to details. Weaken, double check it. General, if they're forging certificates, you'll see that, like the expiration date will be off here compared to here.
Um, and depending on who's attacking you, because it might be able to pull that off
and same thing here. Certification path. We can check that out. You know, since we're at the route, you'll see here, we can't click any further. So again, I just want to show you a quick video about how you can just take a look at that stuff on your own and kind of get an idea of what that really looks like in the real world.
In the next video again, we're gonna talk about crypt analysis and then also some different attacks on cryptography.
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