17.5 Cryptography Lab Part 2 EH

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9 hours 47 minutes
Video Transcription
Hi. Welcome back to the course. In the last video, we went ahead and installed two tools hash Coke and the HX de editor. Now, if you haven't done that yet, go ahead and pause this video. Go back to that video because you will need those tools as we progress to this lab.
So here in part, to we're gonna go ahead and just grab a couple image files and actually, we're just gonna grab one of them, and then we're gonna do some editing on it. And then in part three, the lab, we're gonna actually analyze the photos, so let's go ahead and get started. So if you're not logged in already What? You should be logged into your Windows machine
and then just open any web browsers. I'm gonna do that now and just search for any type of file. Excuse me? Photo file that you want.
I'm just going to say, like, funny cat,
you know, image.
Then just search for that.
So I'm just gonna grab any random one here, click on images
and you can again pick any photos like a family photo or something like that. Feel free to go ahead just click on this random one here
and I'm just gonna right click and save it to my desktop.
It's gonna take a moment or so here. I've got a couple photos in there. I'll talk about those. That's actually what I'm gonna use for part three, because I haven't set up already. But I'll just say this one to my desktop
and I'm just gonna rename it. Ah, funny cat.
And we'll just leave that funny cat, Dajae.
That's not too important there.
So it's gonna download it to the desktop. You see, it's gonna load up there for me, and then I'm just gonna actually close my browser window because I don't need that anymore.
So you see, here we search for any photo and we go ahead and say, Just computer, not We're gonna double click on the H X D editor.
So let's go and do that. H exceed Editor
double cooked to open that up.
Now again, we're not doing any hash is in in this part of the lab. We're gonna do that in the next video in part three. So once we open up aged 60 just click on file and then open. It's gonna give you a search box here where you can navigate tow wherever you have that file saved at. So I've got this one saved on the desktop. I'm gonna navigate there, and I'll see right there. I have funny cat Dajae Paige. And then just
would you select your file to click open,
and I'm gonna x out here just so we can see all the hex there.
All right, so now we've launched the editor. We found our file, we've selected it and click open. So now we see all the hex and the editor there. So if we use the JPEG file, you're gonna notice f f d a f f that it starts with right here. F f t eight f f That shows you too, J peg file.
Don't worry about that too much. We're not actually going over reading hacks in this particular course,
so we want to scroll to the very bottom of the checks D page, and we're gonna click in this right area here, this text area at the very bottom, and then we're just gonna type in some kind of short words, so, like, you know, password test, you know, Hello. Whatever the case might be whatever you want to type in there just to make sure it's a short word.
So grand screwed on to the very bottom here. And then after the last text, Er, just typing whatever you want. I'm just gonna use the word test.
You may or may not get this pop up.
It's gonna say, Hey, you're gonna It's gonna change the file size. Do you want to proceed? If you want to see that every single time you type character, don't check that box. But if you never want to see it again, just check that box and say OK,
so that way, as I type, I could just type everything in instead of I typed the t it gives him that pop up. I talked. The EEG is in that pop up. It gets pretty annoying after a while, especially. We're talking a long word. So I just choose that check box and say, Okay, and then I could type whatever I want to. I can backspace, et cetera.
So I'm just gonna clue a choose test in there. That's gonna be my word. You choose whatever you want. I do want to mention that, Uh, depending on how big you want it to help the warders and may alter the file size. So just keep that in mind that you generally want to do something pretty short just for part three of the lab where we analyze the different files.
Okay, so let's go back to our lab document here. So now we just want to look at the top and click file and then save as we're just saving this photo.
All right? Save as er Now I'm going to save this one to the desktop again. Again in part three. I'm not using this particular photo. I'm going to use one's already had saved.
So we just name it a different name. They're so funny. Cat to That's fine. We're just gonna click on safe.
All right, so we see the photos there,
so go back to our lab document there. So now we did file. We saved it and again. And step 14 here. We're gonna analyze that file in the next part of the lab, so I'm just gonna close a hex editor. You can go and do the same.
So in the next part of the lab rats. You gotta analyze the files that you just say now again. Already had a couple say that I'm gonna do. But for your end of things, say the files that analyzing files that you already just saved.
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