17.3 Cryptography Tools

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Hi. Welcome back to the course. In the last 30 we wrapped up our discussion on different encryption algorithms and then also hashing,
And this video is gonna talk about a few cryptographic tools.
So we've got hash calculators, which we kind of went over with. The MD five section Advanced encryption package 2017 BC text and coder and then whisper court
hash calculators in. The one we're gonna use in the lab is hash kell. But you could find a lot of different online hash calculators. And so we've got basically, we're giving it some kind of input, and then it's gonna give us an output. So our input eyes generally gonna be a file, and then our output is gonna be our actual hash with that actual hash signature there for us.
So we will go over in the lab. MD five. We'll use that to analyze the different photos, but we'll also have you do some hands on and just hashing ah, file and seeing the different lengths on the all these different hashes
Advanced encryption package 2017. Thea Vantage of Addison has over 20 encryption algorithms that it uses now. It also and part of those are things that we already discussed, right? So let's things like to fish and a yes for advanced encryption standard.
I mean, it's very easy to use for, like beginners to use this tool.
Bc texting coder That's another tool we can use and basically that's used to encrypt messages. So, like, you know, your emails, that's where stuff when you could encrypt all or part of a message
and then whisper core. This one primarily works with, like, older Android operating system so it can be used to encrypt older android operating systems. And I don't know too many people that actually use this one, but I didn't want to give you an example. There are different mobile APS out there that allow you to do some encryption. Now IOS
generally in Crips,
a good part of the good amount of the data using A S 2 56 But you just you just have to kind of look up your particular operating system you're using in your phone and figure out what kind of tools air out there for that A West.
So in this video, we just did a quick overview of some different tools. In the next video, we're gonna talk about things like public, he infrastructure and the different forms of encryption. So things like e mail or disc encryption and then in the last video of this module, we're gonna talk about crypt analysis.
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