16.5 Secure Cloud Managed Branch with Meraki Umbrella: Secure WAN

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Video Transcription
Hello. Welcome back, Siskel Certified Design Associate Demo three Secure Cloud managed a branch with Iraqi and umbrella. Scenario one. Secure one.
I mean instructor way.
The secure call. Manny. The branch combines the Muraki platform with the umbrella solution to so the security and never challenge use The Iraqi platform provides efficient management and configuration of your network without sacrificing performance
doing insecurity insurers Both the one and axes layers are protected from security attacks.
I d s I I ke aes and earlier three and a seven firewall combined with Iraqi Although BP en and as the one make sure external access is a secure well and azure did 11 x authentication forward and a wireless is a streamline for better adoption
umbrellas cloud managed a solution Protect users out of the D. N s and ikey layers both waiting incorporated network on a well roaming.
These are two different solutions that are fully functional without each other but 80 eyes integration Ah law demands to make one policy change Either solution automatically change in both Muraki and umbrella dash bores.
This integration provides customers with a single global security policy to protect their device but and users can connect
each of this industry leading cloud managed The solutions drives operational efficiencies for troubleshooting that drastically reduces the time to resolution.
In the following demonstration, you will see on over the oil examples of auto VPN on nasty one. This will highlight business continuity, overview and examples of a Siskel Muraki spill in security solutions. This rule highlighting Iraqi crowd
on over veal on the example of the houses coma Rocky and I'm Brad at work together.
The protector, the one these highlighting the layers of security approach. OK, that started demo scenario one. Secure White Aaron Network. Also the can overview, although Viki and Is the baseline technology
needed a sentence, increased the data between remote sites when making Morogoro VPN so unique is how easy it is to configure Michelle. You go to security and the one on the side of Sai VPN,
and I'll show Yo just a few clicks automatically establishes security connected de between other VP and deployment sites. From here. Turn it off instead of us spoke mold.
Here's the hub years of the V p M settings. There's a local networks, so from this few clicks, every network in New York in addition can now send data take. Surely
you can see from here you can standers security mst one They can standards you can see over here the stater's as a grain network and application firms aws the period green. You see, the Apple Inc guys also shows over here asked the one over you
Muraki Odo VPN is the basis for Iraqi asked. The solution
would've visibility provided the way the Iraqis dashboard You can either They see the path and users are taking in the determine whether on that this link is a healthy or not based on your recommendations can see here the toppling appears over here as quick a weather and there we go on.
We can change the time frame.
For the past two hours. Last day last week last month you can see the Laden see Jada laws and mobs losses for the voice traffic we can track of its link is a health. And now from here, have regional health became leverage as the one policies we go to security.
I asked you one to go to ask you on traffic A shaving
From here we can see it is ft one traffic shipping. There's an apple in configuration uplink. A selection. From here we can see the flow preference and nasty one policies. If the link is not health, we can leverage. Yes. T one
policies over here. Right?
The VPN traffic. It won't go here. You can find tune the policy of the hearing at a preference. Right?
Begin. Thank you. In the primary over here. Well, custom of performance causes maximum leniency. Maximum Jada. Maximum loss. So once before then create a new over here. Security overview Creating highlight available secure links between your sights. A the first step in securing the organization
Father are plenty of offsite. Resource is users. Monster got to
these is aware of Iraqi advance the security that paramount they go to organization. We go to security center.
Muraki supports i p s I. D s at a malware protection directly on the security appliance and, um, Iraqi Security Center as a global view of urine care organization security threats. From here, you can see the most prevalent threats
from here. Here's the clients,
your other friends,
for example, e for e i c a r. There's a 3000 and 94 rights occurred hours. A climate control that's about trying to 50 right frights over here on the Here's the most affected on the Korean Mavericks and threats.
You also can easily filter
to find specific threats easier. Right? For example, current network can see the display changed. The using Lizzie nerve ese can find a vulnerable clients.
Let's go in the Joseph.
You can jump directly to a detail of you,
and we can limit the security threats from the rest of your network by changing the standards that block it right to limited a security threats.
Eunice and Ikey layer protection
It is imperative that security is implement. The Italian laters Siskel Emperor Aulus will shame complements the built in Muraki security problem. Here we change it. A network to cetera Branch one
Muraki max The Leverage Umbrella By using the public ikey address of Autumn Iraqi device,
we go to security and asked the one we go to application starters to find the public. I p
click on a link
and then when you can't find it, I I ke aggressively here.
These provides I P and Deena's lier protection for all users, including sites that only have a senator connectivity. Now we switch back to Ambro. From here, you can see you networks
active the network and a highlight of the Iraqi M ax and an active
network. Here's the active networks.
I keep it rolling. Call Ian's Activia. Virtual poignance is those are on the umbrella dashboard click calling their active networks.
Um, this is Senator Branch that would click on Baseline Security Policy.
Way can see the bill in policies on the umbrella organization.
Welcome. Um, Alicia is the traffic such as malware, phishing on command and control attacks. From here, you get added security settings applied.
Here's the categories to block. For example, malware newly seeing domains that unites tunneling so on so forth. This is the default settings. So before the threads can't even enter the network to get America out of the I. P and Ian Aston Layer, I doing those category to block
inundation umbrellas that advanced the content of filtering
Temple Auggie user from going to unnecessary a security risk of sites
you can see from here. Right Conference, citing applied
from here that the content of filtering kind of law views air from going to unnecessary and secure risk science
for example, Addo alcohol So on so forth. Content of future
levers in a combination of integrated security tours with Iraqi and with advanced umbrella protection makes a sure users on devices are protected. Problem glaciers attacks at a multiple layers
we can see from this ***
summary business. Continue it. E is imperative to stay competitive as the one provides a high availability to network on applications. Well, cloud manage the security. Protect your business from attacks
By combining both your business will spend more time proactively building the business instead of constantly reacting to the network outage. Is security breaches
any questions? Feel free to contact me otherwise out CEO in the next video bye for now.
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