Troubleshooting Common Mobile Device Issues

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this is less than 15.6 troubleshooting mobile devices.
Sometime, our mobile devices were reusing for multiple applications and then become non responsive. The touch screen totally goes black,
so what you want to do is perform a soft reset for apple IOS. Performing a soft reset is following these steps. Press the power button, slide it to power off, then press the power button again to power down that phone and apple IOS. To perform a hard reset.
Hold down the power button and home volume for 10 seconds
and Androids a little bit differently and may vary depending on the android device or using. You could remove the battery. Put it back into power on, or you could hold down the power and the volume down button until it resets on again. Some devices may have different sequences
issues. Sometimes you may have a problem with APS not responding or problematic app or may not be loading or slow performance. You want to start and restart that app to see if that fix the problem. In IOS, double tap the home button. Slide the APP up and off the screen and android
go to settings. APS select the app and choose four stop.
You may often have to restart the phone depending on the severity of the problem that you're having on what you may want to do afterwards. When you get the phone back working in the APP working is update the APP. There could be a later version out there to fix problems or a bug fix.
One common problem you'll find in the corporate environment is your email client unable to decrypt the email.
Encryption is set up on e mails, especially in the enterprise and corporate environments, for security for safety concerns. Instead of using a built in corporate email system, you may be using a client version of the Microsoft outlet. It that is the case. It may not have the proper
private keys, and they can't decrypt without that private keys.
So what you'd have to do is get the corporate version of the Microsoft outlet or whatever evil character using, and you may have some situations. Go to the MGM, the mobile device manager, to have those keys reissued out to you again. Short battery life is another problem with mobile devices.
This could be because of
bad reception. You could be in the area where there's no signal service and your phone is always searching for a signal. So therefore, it's using the battery to search for that signal. And this situation like this, you may want to use airplane mode. Airplane mode will turn your phone off from looking for a wireless channel or connection
and therefore long the life of your battery.
Disable unnecessary features your 802 11 wireless Bluetooth GPS if you're not needing them. These are other applications that could use your battery.
Check your application and a battery usage and iPhone. Go to settings and battery and android. Go to settings and battery as well. Over time as we use our mobile devices, you may have to replace that aging battery. Your battery has so many recharges in it, but over a period of time
that will die down. So it may be time to replace that battery
in rare situations. You may have a swollen battery, and this is a buildup of gases inside of your battery. Now these batteries are self contained, and that's the way they're built. They're built to be a self contained unit. Do not open the battery pack or the packet or two container, it could be significant fire risk.
If you do have a swollen battered like this, you want to dispose of it right away.
The battery could be faulty. Stop using an immediately and dispose off properly.
Overheating is another common problem in our mobile devices, where the phone may automatically shut down or shut off. You want to avoid overheating damage, the charging or the discharging. Your phone does cause it to heat up. Check the CPU usage and the display like cause heat
if you're running heavy, intensive applications.
If you're using your display lot of light for a long period of time, that can cause your phone to become hot
again. Check your application usage. Some maps use a lot of CPU, and, of course, we want to avoid keeping our mobile devices in direct sunlight. That's the number one killer of mobile devices. Sometime, our phone freezes or locks up
with apple, which you want to do is to perform a hard reset. How the power down button in the home and volume for 10 seconds and android again. It may vary. Hold down the power button and volume down until it resets. Ongoing problems may require a factory reset, so you want to install
the latest operating system for your phone.
No sound. No sound for a particular app, which you want to do is check the volume settings. The volume settings could be down in your particular phone of the both the AP and the phone setting volumes You wanna check. Could be bad software. Delete and remove that application.
Try headphones if you can plug headphones and see if you can hear it through headphones.
Sound coming goes is another problem. APS maybe trying to you the sound at the same time. Two different APS fighting for the sound.
Sometimes you have no speakers. Sound from the any app. No music, sound, et cetera. In those situations, you want to perform a factory Reset.
GPS functioning is another problem that's in our mobile devices that will come across. Check your settings to enable the GPS. It may be turned off in IOS. You want to go to setting see settings. Privacy and location service is an android. You want to go to settings, location,
configure location mode could be another situation, which you may have to do. IOS is setting settings. Privacy location service is android settings, location and location mode.
And also for GPS not working or functioning. Right. You want to make sure you're in clear line of sight. You want to be away from any obstructions blocking you from the signal from the GPS satellites?
Common problems that you may find in mobile devices. So again, you can use these steps when you are in your role as a I t technician in the field. And you also need to know these steps for the company. A plus. So that is it for this?
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