Troubleshooting Common Laptop Issues

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this is less than 15.5 troubleshoot common laptop issues. In this lesson, we're gonna trouble show common problems that you'll find on the laptop. So let's go and get started. LCD display issues. Sometimes you may come across a no display or a dim video display.
Verify that the backlight is on. If that backlight is off,
it may be barely visible. You may even have to get up really close to see if it's a image there or even use a flashlight to shine and check to see if you do see an image on the Oder displays with the fluorescent type. If it would be back, light was out on those.
The inverters would need to be replaced.
Connecting external monitor to that device to see if you still get the same problem. If you don't, then you know it is a problem with that monitor with a dim display. So if the video is showing, it could be a bad LCD and of course, that would need to be replaced. If you have flickering video,
that could be a connector issue or bad cable or hardware. So it is what you want to check
when you have a flickering situation.
Input issues. Sometimes you have sticking keys on the keyboard. Sometimes keys are difficult to clean now. The key caps are very delicate, so you have to be careful going in and cleaning those. And sometimes on different models, they're half your manufacturer half specific ways of claiming the keys on a keyboard.
Sometimes you can have a ghost cursor or pointer drift. This happens with the touch pad or the mouse pad causes the cursor to move around. Some cases, you update the driver to fix this problem. The driver has a way of monitoring the cursor position,
and if it does flush away, it'll move it back or restrict the movement of that. So check the drivers.
If you're having cursor Drifter Point adrift,
our porter drift is when the the cursor is moving by itself on the porters, moving by itself
the mouse pattern of touch pack and cause problems where the cursor is moving around. Update two drivers. This is a quick fix to fix that problem. The driver has a way of monitoring that cursor position, and if it finds a string off, it can keep it retained. The same spot, so update the drivers to resolve that issue.
Some keyboards have don't have a numeric keypad on the right hand side, like of the newer or bigger keyboards. Instead, they'll have numbers on some of the letter keys, and if you inadvertently hit the num lock button, you can lock it where it's typing. You want to type a letter and a number will appear. So verify that that
num lock button is not locked and turned on
wire. Miss Issues. Your laptop has multiple Antanas in the laptop. For the most part, most laptops have the antennas along the monitor screen or the LCD screen of the laptop because it's the highest point of laptop and you get better reception.
So if you're in a laptop and you're doing some work, you want to make sure that you're not interfering with these wires that you may not accidentally hit him. That calls wireless problems in the future.
Sometimes if you're in a laptop, you'll see a WiFi main or ox or Bluetooth. There's various different wire cables for antennas for the for the laptops. So if you're disconnected one by accident or inadvertently, you have no wireless connection or you have no Bluetooth connection. So check those connectors
depending on where they're located, where they connect into
the WiFi card or the Bluetooth Carter in your system. Check the manufacturer documentation to see where they're located. But check those connectors because a loose connector can cause intermittent problems or one could be unplugged altogether.
Battery issues. A lot of times in laptops, you have problems with the particular battery. The laptops are not like desktop computers, where we use them stationery and plugged into the wall. They're mobile, so we want to carry them around with us. So therefore, we rely a lot on that battery.
So if you have a problem with your laptop battery, the battery not charging where it may be losing capacity over time.
The laptop charging hardware may be faulty, so you may want to check that. If you have no power, check the voltage in the outlet first, then check the power adapter with a multi meter because that could be faulty as well. Another troubleshooting step you can take is the master laptop reset,
and this may very depending on the particular model of laptop, you have
but hold the power button for 10 seconds. After that, you will unplug the adapter, plug it back in and power it back up and see if that clears your problem again. Each my laptop model may be different.
External monitor issues. Sometimes you may be having, ah, a monitor. Plug into your laptop and it's no day video display. Check the function keys toggle between the LCD, the external monitor, and both could use both back and forth to make sure it's the wrong key sequence or it may not have.
The cable may not be connected
properly. Use another monitor. Use another LCD monitor to plug into your device to see if that's the issue. So we just covered different ways of troubleshooting. Common problems that you'll find on the laptop demand flickering display, sticking keys, intermittent or no wireless battery issues
goes cursor and pointing to pointer drift,
just to name a few. So that was it for this lesson, and we will see you in the next lesson.
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