15.2 Other Network Management Technologies

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Hello, Welcome back. Cisco Certified Design associate Marjo, 15 Lice and 15.2 I'm your instructor Wink.
In the previous video, we talked about a simple network management protocol. From this video, we will begin to introduce other network and management of technologies.
Here's the pre assessment question. Our mom one provides information at what levels of the OS Emoto a dead link and a physical be network data link a physical see transport and the network. The application to Never o B A
are No. One is focusing on the dead link on the physical layers over the always a motto.
Here's the topic or discuss
our long is the standard of monitoring specification that enables network monitoring devices and the council systems to exchange a network monitoring data. Are amount provides more information that's in them. Pee by more sophisticated a data collection devices network of probes are needed. Our amount looks I have Mac lir
data provides aggregate information on the status takes and the land traffic
enterprise networks deploying that rika probes on several networks. Second chance these probes report back to the arm on council are monologues, never status sticks to be collected even able to fit her alters issue in the Pro and of the Arm own counsel Armel one is defined by Dr C's
17 57 and 28th 19
on auditions for our Among Two are defined of our R F C 2021 the Our Mom a visit located at I Sold on Oregon. Gotta d o D the internet dot mgt. Dollar M i B r r Mom ordered by the equivalent Object descriptor
Wendorf readout six. I wonder to wander 16.
Arma won the finest nine monitoring groups. Each group provides a specific set of data. One more group is a defining for token ring. Each group is optional, so vendors did not need to support all the groups in the myth. This table shows that our mom one groups
ramon too.
Arm One is focusing on the data link and a physical layers of the same model as showing his diagram. Our amount to provides an extension for monitoring up earlier particles.
Define about RFC 2021 R amount to extended. There are among groups with the meat groups of listed on his table
system. Airflow allows the tracking of i ke flows as they are past the through rodders and multilayer switches. On I P flow is a set of ah kee package within a space difficult time slot that a share a number of the properties,
such as the same sores address destination address type of the service protocol number.
Neff Low information forwarded never. Data analyzer. Network planning tours are modifications or accounting, and a bidding applications net flow allows for network planning. Traffic engineering usage based the never competing a conking denial of service monitoring capabilities on the application Monitoring.
One thing benefit is that a net flow provides the necessary data for bidding off network usage
the most. The recent inversion of Anak Flow is an Afro Burson night, which is defining RFC 39 54. The night flow protocol itself has been suppress it It'd buy Internet protocol flow information Export I ke F i X.
Based on the national version, I implementation
I p fixes on the E. T. F. A. Standard is track with our FCC 70 11 and a 70 15 as showing in this diagram. There flow consists of a free major conference. Nephila counting cracks I p data flows entering router or switch interfaces on a prepared data for export
enables the accumulation of data on flows with the unique characteristics
such as I P addresses application and across of a service. C E O s
flow Collector engines captures exported data for a mobile rodders and the future's an aggregated the data according to customer policies on their stores. This is summarized, are aggregated the data Examples of a collectors are Siskel national collector Sala Wins and a C A Net QS
network That analyzer. This plays a graphical user interface glee and analyzes NFL O data collected from flow collector files. These allows users to complete a near real time virtual ization or training, announces of a recorded and aggregated the flow data.
Users can specify the router and aggregation scheme
on the desire time interval. The benefits of the using their flow included the following ability to opt in detailed information with a minimal impact of the never devices ability to customize the data captures for each interface ability to include that that time stacking
across a large number of the devices
ability to meet her never traffic of providing data for bidding. Based on that world music used to detect on the mitigate. The frights, routers and switches are the network car conking devices Data. Gather the status sticks. This device is aggregated data and export the information.
Each unit direction on that would flow is that identified by both source and the destination. Archy Addresses on a transport layer. Poor numbers.
Night flow can also identify flows based on protocol number type of the service on input interface. NEH flow data records contain the following information source in the destination i p address source in the destination TC PEUT reports type of the service to US
packet and a bite. Cons. Start and a time. Staffs
input and output interface numbers. TCP Flax and the encapsulated The Protocol, TCP and UDP Routing information. Next top address source in the destination on condoms. That system member That's the nation critics. A mask.
Dana now analyzers the airflow export our transport magnetism, sense of the net flow data to a collection engine or a network management collector. Full collector engines perform data collection and the future. The aggregate data from several devices and a steward information
different, and their flow data analyzers can be used. The based on the intended purpose.
Nah. Flow data can be analyzed. The full appalling key applications accounting at a building used by service providers for charging based on piano and then applications usage on the quality of service. US Network Planning and Analysis. Lincoln. A rotter capacity network at a security monitoring,
visualize real time traffic patterns,
application monitoring and a profound ING time based view off application usage. User monetary and providing identifies Customer User that rugged civilization and the resource application Now flow data warehousing and a mountain Any
never flow data can be warehoused for later Retrieve. Oh, on analysis.
Cisco Discovery Particle CDP is a Cisco appropriately Prada goal that him he used to discover only Siskel never devices. CDP is a media and protocol independent. So it works over Ethan ad from really a TM and other media. The requirement is that
the media support some network axis prodigal has an 80 snap encapsulation.
CDP runs out of the data link layer off the O S m 00 c d p uses the hollow messages package. Are his chan unity between neighbors? But CDP information's not forwarded. In addition to routers and switches,
I P foes and the Cisco Unified Communication Manager Seo CM servers also advertises CTV information
being perotta Goal. The Media Independent as a city. CD peas Biggest advantage over other network management technologies. CDB provides a key information about the neighbors, including platforms, capabilities and ikey addresses, which is a significant for network discovery.
It is useful when that's an empty community. Streams are unknown when performing in our discovery. With displaying CDP neighbors, you can opt in the following information
local interface. Local interviews that are connected to the discovered a neighbor device i. D. Name over the neighbor device and a Mac address or Sierra number device ikey Address I P address over the neighbor. Hold time, Holland Seconds to hold it. A neighbor information device capabilities
type of devices discovered rodders wage Transparent bridge Host idea Pure repeater
version. IOS or Sweet Joe *** person platform rodder or switch model number. Part I D interface over the neighbouring device Network management devices Getting Upton CDP information for data gathering CDP should be this a vote untrusted the interfaces such as those that faced the Internet.
Their party networks are other secure networks.
CDP works on Lee all Cisco devices
the Linge Layer Discovery Protocol Elodie P. Defining an IEEE a zero to that Want a b R O d P specification is an option of discovering that were devices in multi vendor networks.
L O D P performance functions a similar to a seedy P without all DP devices sending information out of fixed the interval from each other. They are interfaces in the form of an Ethernet frame
with either type of it is your axe 88 cc ah. The information shared include the following system, name description, poor name and a description of villain name if he management the address system capabilities. Mac Physical Layer Information. Lean Congregation.
This is the protocol is defining RFC 31 64 says Lage. Chance minutes event notification messages over the network network devices sending the event messages to an event. A server for aggregation network devices include the routers, switches, server's firewalls and the network appliances,
says Log operates over UDP,
so messages are not a sequence star, acknowledged the system. All of the messages are also stored on a device that it generates to the message, and it can be viewed. The local re says logging messages are generated in many broad areas. These areas are called of facilities. Cisco IOS has more than 500 facilities.
Common facilities include i p C D P o S p f p c p interface I p sac
says operating system security authorization spanning tree protocol STP each. This log message has a level that's this log level determines the events a critical low t right lorises log levels are more important. This table lists of this is locked level
this, Dave Oh, summarizes the sum over the protocols were disguising here.
Learning check question number one. Which solution gathers information that it can be used for our continent? A bidding applications A Our mom being a flow. See CDP thesis lock.
We'll go in the net flow flow allows for a never planning traffic engineering painting a continent application monitoring question Number two What is the cdp? A client server Particle Be hollow base The protocol CIA Network Management agent The request response particle will go in the B
CDP is a Holloway's two particle
in today's brief lecture with disgust The other network management technologies
Any questions? Feel free to contact me. Otherwise I'll see you in the future courses. Bye for now
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