15.1 Simple Network Management Protocols

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Video Transcription
Hello. Welcome back. Cisco Certified Design Associate module, 15 lice and 15.1 I'm your instructor wing.
In the previous video, we talked about I PT de Line. From this video, we will begin to introduce the same poll Network Management Protocol.
Here's the pre assessment question, which as an MP continent, is a collection of information that is stalled on the local agent.
A manager. The device be agent See Anonymous Manager. The M I B
I'm Ivy is a collection of information that is stored on a local agent over the man into the device.
Here's the topic of we'll discuss
after a network Geza design installed on Configured in a Mass to be managed by the operations team.
Network management tours are used to together operating status sticks and it to manage devices status. Dicks are gathered on one day only. The utilization rotter CPO on the memory utilization on the interface counters. Configuration changes are also made through network management tours
such as physical prime,
so can be replaced by the center
network and management has supported with elements listed in this table.
Simple network management Particle as an MP is an ah kee application layer particle that has become the standard for the exchange of management information between network devices as an empty was initially described it in RFC 11 57.
It is the same post solution that requires a little code to implement, which allows the vendors the beauty as in on key agent on their products as an empty runs over user data. Graham Protocal UDP on that therefore does not inherently provided for sequencing on the acknowledgment of a packet,
but this still reduces the amount of the overhead.
He's the for management information as an empty confidence as an MP has three network manage the confidence. The manager of the devices, the agent that recites on the manager devices the UN M s. This diagram shows the relationship between these competence,
as in the empty person. One is that they find about RFC 11 57. It is the same poll request and a respond particle. The N. M s manager issues a request and manage the devices of return responses that data types are limited to three to be the values,
as in them Q B one uses for particle operations
where the five massive taps and carry out the communication.
Gather requests. Reach eve to the value of the specific omit variable. Got an ax. The request. Reach Eve to the next. The instance over the mid but bearable get response contains the values of the requested. A valuable
Satur requests. This is a request that, from the manager to the agent is set of maple available.
They can be used to modify the agent's configuration, trap,
transmits and consolidated a warm condition.
This diagram shows it asking them key verse from one massive types.
The end them *** Manager uses the GATT operation to reach even the value of specific um, it bearable from an agent that get next to the operation is used to reach even the next object instance in a table or list of within a agent, the gallery's file's contents. The value off the request. The variable.
The M s manager uses the set operation to set of values of the object. They instance within the agent. For example, the stat operation can be used this set of Nike address on the interface war to bring on and of rays upward down agents use the trap operation.
Do you form in the end I AMs, a manager of a significant or MARMEE event.
For example, a trap is generated when the widest regular goes down
as an empty version, too, is in our evolution of the initializing them. Cheever from one on is defining that rap. See 1901 on 1902 as an empty version two offers the improvements to ask them to Iverson. One including additional political operations
the GATT again next in the state operations use the nice name Keepers from one
are exactly the same as those who usually nice and them She too.
The S and M P Trap operation serves the same function as in the S and M ke version one, but he uses it different. The message of format
as an empty version. Two fires, two new protocal operations get a bulk reduces repetitive. The request to firm it Barreiros informal requests Alors and that s and M p. Manager of a specific conditions were the confirmation. The time *** manager uses the garybug operation
to reach Eva large blocks of data such as a multiple roles in the table.
This is a more efficient than repeating get next the commands it with agent responding to the gala ball. Cooperation cannot provide the values for all the variables in the list. It provides a partial results. The informer operation allows one of them s manager to send trapping information
toe other anonymous manager's onto receiving information. Another improvement is that the data type of audio's can be 64 bits
as an empty version. Three was developed to correct a several deficiencies in the earlier versions of it as an MP security being a primary reason as an empty version Free is defining our F sees 34 10 through three for pickin
as the name PB three provides authentication and privacy by a user, names and access control by using key management security levels are implemented to determine which devices AH user can read, write or create.
That's a 93 also verifies each message to ensure that it has not being modified during transmission.
As an empty version, free removed the use of a community based authentication streams, which were sent in clear tax over the network. It is recommended that as an empty version, one asked MP version to be used only for read only access, whereas SNM key person Freebie used the way the rewrite access
as an MTV three introduces a three levels of the security.
No, although no price. The new authentication and no encryption
off no prive authentication and a no encryption alter pride authentication. An encryption they know off. No pride level provides no authentication and no privacy. Encryption added alternate track level altercations and provided by now the encryption.
The off private level provides altercation in the encryption
authentication for us and them. TV three is based on hash based. A message. Authentication code. Massive bandages to five h MCA Dash, MD. Five or H Mac Daddy A secure hash H Mac Daddy A sachet Algorithms
The cipher. Braca Chaining data encryption Standard CBC Dash D. E s
standardize Used for encryption. This table summarizes as an MP security levels.
Learning Jack Question number one, which, as an MP operation of tens food table information from Agent A cat began next. Seek at bulk. The inform Lose. Get a bulk.
The last manager uses the gala ball cooperation to reach even large blocks of data such as multiple rows in the table.
Question number two, which over the following is a nod and ask them she operation a get be community See set The trap will be be Community is not on Aslam Key operation
in today's brief lecturer with disgust, simple network management protocol.
Any questions? Feel free to contact me. Otherwise I'll see you in the next video Bye for now.
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