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This is less than 14.5 mobile device email configuration.
In this lesson, we're gonna discuss different ways to configure your mobile device to receive a email on. We're gonna go through various technologies. Pop. Three I map for SMTP exchange and also we're gonna talk about email. That's proof provided by your provider. I Cloud, Google Exchange and Yahoo. So
let's go and get started.
Email configuration on your mobile device. There's a lot of different ways to receive email on your mobile device, and there's a lot of different carriers and providers that can provide you that service email is an important service. A CZ well is on your mobile device because it's so convenient to receive and send e mails from a mobile device.
So there's different ways you can set up your
email service on your phone, and we're gonna go through those.
So let's start off with pop three Post office protocol, Version three or pop three.
Now pop. Three. This is not really used nowadays, but it's still in use and let me explain a reason why Pop three is used for downloading male toe. A male client traditionally in years past, pop three was used to download software to a application on the A laptop or a desktop.
And that's where those emails stay. There physically were downloaded to that device.
And, as you can imagine, those e mails over time will build up on that device, and you will get more and more and more building up your storage. So therefore, post Office Protocol Version three or pop three is not using the nowadays, as it used to be in the past, but will explain to you what's replaced that.
So pop three is used for downloading mail to the male clients,
and you also have an option to delete it from the server configuration. You can configure it will, pointing to your pop three server, and you put your user name and password and the network ports that you would use would be TCP ports 1 10 on and also for secure pop three Secure Pop three s.
You would use TCP Port 995
The newer email form events somewhat. Replacing pop three is Instant message access Protocol, or I map for the reason why it's replacing pop. Three. It's more readily available, and there's a lot more features robust features where you can access mail from a central server.
The male is stored on the server, so this allows you to
view email from a multiple devices on, and it's also supports folders and server side searching. So there's a lot more capabilities when I'm at four. And with mobile devices being a small factor for, in fact that they are and limited storage space, you want to keep those e mails on the server and not on that mobile device.
So setting up Aye maps straightforward. Same way you would have a name or i p address of your I'm app server and your point your mobile device to that. And you have a new user name and password, and the network ports for I map is gonna be TCP ports 1 43
Simple male transfer protocol are SMTP This is a protocol for sending mail, sending now to a another male recipient or a server, or also can be sent in between servers. So you set this up on your mobile device. If you're using
pump version pop three or I map for either way,
Sendmail from a device to a mail server authentication is required, and Ellis credentials could be different from the credentials that you used to tell. Oh, the email.
So network ports here would be SMTP port of 25 of TCP ports. Rather, there's no authentication with that one, and you you really want to use authentications. So go to a more secure for, um, TCP Port 5 87 And that's with authentication.
Microsoft Exchange. Microsoft exchanges used mawr in the corporate and enterprise male environments business. Use more features. Also, with the Microsoft Exchange, you get contacts to get calendars and you get reminders. And again, these air ost inked across multiple devices, making it more convenient for business
in enterprise class users
integrates with the mobile device database, integrated contact calendars, et cetera. Configuration options You would set up your email server, domain, username and password. Those all will be set up on your device and also with this type of email in this email client. It provides
message encryption
with s mime, secure multipurpose Internet mail extensions and also email can be decrypted and digitally signed as well. So a lot more robust security features in the Microsoft Exchange set up and again you're connecting to a corporate and inter plies email
so therefore, you have a lot more features
now. Commercial provided email. When you have an account, whether it's through iCloud or Google or Yahoo, these are the e mails that that you get provided when you have an account with one of those companies for G mail, you can set up your Gmail account
your Google email. I'm at four and pop threes what it normally accepts and takes
exchange online in the host environment. I map and pop threes. It supports that
iCloud male Apple male is I map four and that's what it supports on Lease I met four and Yahoo Mail supports. I'm at four and pop three support. So again, these are email accounts or service is that you get provided to you as a customer of one of the
vendors of the Google Yahoo O R Apple, or to receive an iCloud email account. Okay, so we review different
e mail applications for your mobile device. We went through pop three. I'm apt for SMTP Microsoft Exchange and also various m integrated commercial provided e mails. So that was it for this lesson
and we will see you in the next lesson
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