14.3 IPT Design

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11 hours
Video Transcription
a little. Welcome back. Cisco Certified design associate Margin for kin lice in 14.3. I'm your instructor wing.
In the previous video, we talked about a Camembert eo Multistory views networks. From this video, we will begin to introduce my PT design.
Here's the pre assessment question which QS mechanism is recommended for VoIP networks. A custom killing Be lonely than accruing. I'll kill. See priority cooling thes way to the basement killing. It will be beat, right? I'll cue is recommended for boy networks.
Here's the topic. Whoa, This does
delay confidence in VoIP networks. The IittIe used t 114 and recommendations specifies that of the one way delay between endpoints should not exceed 150 many seconds to be acceptable. Commercial voice quality in private networks Longer delays
may be accepted for economical reasons, Right.
The I T e o d. 114 recommendations, Spicy fires That 151 I'm asked to 400 I'm *** one way delay might be acceptable provided that organizations are aware that transmission time will affect the quality of the user applications.
One way delays of above 400 a mass are unacceptable for general networking planning purposes
Delay confidence are one of the two major types fixed the delay and a variable delay as you in this diagram fix the delay include the following tax propagation delay processing. They lay on the packet ization serialization delay, propagation delays How long it takes a packet
to travel between two points.
It is based on the distance between the two end points you cannot overcome. This delay complements the speed of the light is the theoretical limit. Our reasonable planning figure is approximately 10 milliseconds per 100 miles or six minutes. Extend
her 1000 miles six miles per
kinder propagation delay as noticeable on satellite links.
Processing delay including coding compression decoding an addict compression delays. Jeez, um, tonight has a delay off 15 m s on the G 7 11 TCM as a delay of a 0.75 mass. That delay, created by packed ization, is also processing the late
capitalization delay. All occurs in the process of a waiting for a number of a digital voice of samples
before sending out a packet packet. Physician delays the time taken to feel a packet of payload with the encoded and comprise the speech. This delays a function off the sample block size required about a coder and in a number of blocks placed in a single frame.
Serialization delays a whole long it takes to place bids on the circuit.
Faster circuits have less. A serialization delay. Serialization DeLay is a calculated with the following formula. Right. Serialization delay, call frame size in bits link bear within bps A 1500 by packet to take is
1500 a motive plot eight divided by 64,000
equal 187 m s off a serialization delay on the 64 k bps circuit. Maybe the circuit is increased that to a 5 to 12 GPS. The serialization delay changes to 1500 multiply eight divided by 5 $12 equal 23.4 m s.
Datalink A fragmentation using link Fragmentation on the inter leaving out after I or r f to all mechanisms
reduces the serialization delay by reducing the size of the larger data package. This arrangement reduces the delay experience that by voice packet as their packet the fragments are serialized on the voice packets are inter Leave that between the fragments
are reasonable, designed always to keep the serialization delay experienced by the largest the packet or fragments on the order of a 10 a.m. S. At any interface,
arrival delays are curing delay. Jenna delayed rite as packets across the network. They passed through several devices at every output port. Off these devices, it is possible that other voice and data traffic is a sharing. The link crewing delays the delay experienced as a result of a traffic it having to
competed to be killed for transmission on the link.
It is the sum of the serialization. Delays of all the packets are scheduled. A terrible delayed the package our eyes used as a solution for Killian DeLay issues. Eyes covered in a next slice.
These diagrams shows a variable delays right path to mad, not arrive at a cost in the raid because of the taking different paths and have perhaps experienced congestion in a network. There's a variable delays college ada.
They're receiving and uses a digital by first. This moves out of the terrible with Delia receiving avoid packet.
The data buffers changed the variable delay to fix that little delay, right as the traffic loaded on the network increases both of the probability of a delay and around over the probability delay increases. The actual killing delay depends on the number of the fuels
pure announce and cure out. Freedoms. Killing the facts and void networks are covered in the next two slight.
The different cabarets of a Q S mechanisms classification process that identifies the cost or a group of the packet belongs to matches are based on protocal input. A port I keep residents the S E C P or a theory that one p cross of the service C E. O s
classification is accomplished to use in class maps. Access list raw maps
MARQUIS process of marketing Patties with the differentiated started his coat point the SDP batteries for the QS congesting avoidance mechanism that seeks to avoid a congestion by preemptively the dropping packages. The signal traffic flows to slow sending rates.
Examples are weighted a random early Did this start
W R E D and distributed away thio w R E D E W I R E D right Travis AIR Conditioners These aren't all the two types of travel a shaper out laser. The shaper delays excessive traffic by using a buffer or killing mechanism on the shape of the flow of the traffic
traffic. A pleasing drops the traffic or a re classifies excited the traffic into a lower priority for every traffic. A shaving and comedian taxes raised. C. A R Exam Post congestion management. This cooling algorithms segregate traffic, and I use a determined Mathur to prioritize traffic.
Examples are weighted Afire Coup in
the graphic you'll prior to curing. Pick your custom McWilliams. Kick your car space. The double havoc you'll see be Double Cure and Lauren and securing. I'll Cure Klink. Efficiency tours used to improve the QS character sticks on specifically things within a network. Examples are compressed RTP In our life I
this table sum rises Q. As this game's used with petey
compressor rt pcr kee p was covered in earlier section and compresses ikey udp RTP powders from 40 bites to two or four bites. It is configured on the link to linger bases. Siskel right commands using a c R K P for Angel or their 768 k bps
Do not come future. C r T P. A. Over the rotter CPO is above 75% of organization
and WiFi I defies a Q s making something used to reduce the serialization delay in a modest service and maverick small boy to package have to compete with large data traffic package for Alban interfaces. If the large data packet arrives out of the interface burst
the void packet has to wait until the large data packet I have been serialized
When the large packet is a fragmented into smaller packets, the void packets can be inter Leave the between the data packets But this diagram shows how al If I works with know how if i old boy packet er and the other small package must away from the ftp data to be transmitted
with LF I'd ftp data packet is a fragmented it
Okoye Magnus um Then can inter leave the boy package with the other packets and the send them out of the interviewees. I've R F 12 is a fragmentation and an intern evening magnetism specifically from really networks. It is configured in a frame really permanent virtual striking PVC
to fragment and large data packets into smaller packets on inter. Leave them with the void packets.
This process reduces the serialization delay costs about larger packets.
Lowly didn't seek you'll actually in this diagram alk, you'll provides a strict the priority cool for Blake traffic l. L. Cool that is configured with the multiple cules. The guarantee band went for different possible traffic. Other traffickers are within firing. CUD, based on its classification, went out. L q
All voice called traffic is outside into the prior to kill Lloyd to signal on the video, are assigned to traffic across FTP. Traffic is assigned a low priority. Traffic it class
on all other traffic is assigned a regular price. It also reduces Jetta four boys and a video streams because it gives a priority to those traffic attacks With I'll kill for formally, pews are set upon the perp PVC basis. Each PVC has a PICO to support a voice traffic.
This congestion management Mathur is considered the most optimal for voice.
If a multiple classes are configured for our Kyul, they share a single Kyul but are allocated being with the police. The individually it is right. Amanda Dad Oh, you plays only voicing their prior to cure because of voice traffic. A typical re is well behaved, requiring fix the maximum amount of a better way of the protocol.
The voice traffic is identified about. I keep residents, be it, said the variable five
or a T STP of expert Daddy. The forwarding E f with the values of a 101 x x x one class of a service CEO asked Varios are used. A c E O s of a five is used voice traffic and a see you as a free as used for the signaling. Traffic Introducing voice are other
variable rate real time are not real time Traffic tax could've caused unacceptable Jada of the voice traffic
video traffic normally is that a f 41 100010 on a signal he normally is that Thio I keep presidencies up off free or the sdk of a 011 x x x
auto que es auto que esses a Siskel IOS feature that uses a simpler communal I interface. Theo. I see Naval Q. As for VoIP in wine and landing Marilyn's, although qs significantly reduces the number of the configuration lines and that's that's ready to support avoid being than ever
for the one. Although Qs provides the following capabilities automatically classifies Archy P and avoid control package.
Right. Buell's avoid modular qsc, Francisco IOS and Stuff to Work provides a cool for a void, but Bay Area traffic provides minimum being away. The guarantees by using CBW peculiar for boy control traffic for the land.
Although Q. As provides the following capabilities in forces of a trust boundary and assist, a lychee phone
enforces their trust. Barbary on a catalyst, the switch access and the uplink and a darling reports enables a street the prior to killing and waited around Robin for boys and and they had a traffic modifies fuel on a mission in Pretoria by performing Nto asked. Q mapping,
modifies fuel sizes and a cure waits where required
motive ized costo t STP and keep residents to the SDP Manning's Although QS is beneficial for small and medium sized businesses that need to deploy a pretty quickly. But like the experience and the staffing to plan and deploy a kick US service is also curious. Also benefits of large customer and prices
they need to deploy a Cisco i p. T. On the largest scale
well, reducing the costs, complexity and a timeframe for deployment and ensuring that the appropriate A Q s for voice applications as a being sad it consistently
the following are some of the best practice the recommendations implementing i p T. Use a separate to be dance and AKI seven ads for ikey phones and the data to provide a use of a management and a simplified QS configuration. Use private ikey addresses for RP phone sub nets to offer more security to voice of devices.
Please call manager in the Unity servers on future. Davila Nike. Some dating a server Accessing the data center
use Actually, a Joe did a *** your trunk ing and Asia to the one p to allow for prioritization that layer to extend qs Trust about to raise the voice devices I'm not to PCs and other data devices in the access layer. Use multiple egress shields to provide a priority cooling off our KP VoiceStream.
Use the S e C T for cost vacation marking.
Use our cue on one links. Used our eye on one Thinks the less than 768 kpp *** use the C A C to avoid oversubscription off the circuits. C A C stands for Automation Control
RFC 45 94. Configuration guidelines for Def Service service classes Updated by R c 58 65 Provides guys for spicy fighting Service is six of these are specified for voice or video traffic.
This table summarizes the Cisco 12 service crosses right
network control for rotting and never control functions. Telephony includes a VoIP on the circuit emulation multi media conferencing for applications that I can change their encoding raise, such as H 3 to 3 V to Real Time Interactive for our keep UDP streams for videoconferencing applications
that cannot change the encoding rate.
Multimedia streaming for a variable rate, a last take of streaming media applications and the Webcasts broadcast the videos for in elastic streaming media with low Jada on the low packet loss such as broadcast the TV, video surveillance and security
signaling for a peer to peer and the client server signaling such as sip M G C. P.
83 to 3 and a TSH to 48. Low leniency data for data processing applications to such his Web based ordering operations and emissions on the management Oh am for network configuration. The manager in the function
high throughput data for a store and forward applications such as FTP
low priority data for traffic attacks. Of that, I do not require any being aware of the insurance standard for traffic of that has not been identified or for any preferential treatment system modified to sum over that. The STP
for how behavior PH be recommendations sway to the broadcast video on a caustic noting, for example,
from the R F. C and added a killing and dropping recommendations for a media networks
learning check question number. What well is data The I call cost by mismatched in patents. Be the laws of the packaging and never see the variable delay off. Receive the packets. The fix of the delay off receiver packets that we see the variable delay on receiver packets.
Question number two. When monitoring voice traffic on a convergent network, which are the three most important US characteristics to pay attention to choose three a delay be Gina see packet laws. The C R T P hot configuration eve
beat error rate will be a B and C. All right.
In today's brief lecture, we discussed I pt design
any questions. Feel free to contact me. Otherwise I will see you in the next Vito Bye. For now,
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