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this is less than 14 dot to laptop features using configure laptop features. Let's go and get started. Our lesson for today. Okay? And this lesson, what we're gonna do is we're gonna go over common laptop features that you would find on various laptops. These features may very depending on the model of laptop that you have,
but for the most part
they would be the same or similar to these features. So some of the features we're gonna go over would be the do display on the wireless on off keys, sailor on and off the volume settings. Brightness, Bluetooth keyboard, back, light touch pad the screen orientation Docking station, Port Replicator
Ah, physical lock in rotating a removable screens. So let's go and look at some of these common features
found in most laptops.
Generally, you'll see a laptop keyboard is structurally similar to a desktop keyboard, but because it's smaller, it's comp acted in a little smaller size. So therefore, some of the keys that you may be familiar with are not located in the areas that you may be familiar with.
The function keys will go across the top just like a normal, normal full sized keyboard.
Some of the keys off to the right will be alike on the top, like the page up page down those air found on the top of the keyboard or for a laptop in some places. Sometimes you may find him at the bottom.
Um, generally the keys. They're still there but rearranged in different places. The function keys are keys that turn on and also allow you to use different functions of the laptop. We're gonna go over several those of the function keys. In correlation with
the button that you're choosing, you'll have to press the force a key along with that button
to start or turn off this particular feature that you're trying to activate.
So do displays is a common feature that's on the function keys. You'll finally again the function key, and you see a key with a little monitor on it, and that toggles it before your projector mode or your extended monitors. Whenever you have a like a monitor, put into your laptop
so you toggle that key, plus that function key,
and you can toggle between LCD, which is the monitor on the keyboard or next tunnel monitor, or both So in this display right here you have computer only. You get duplicate, duplicated whatever's on your screen to that monitor, or you couldn't stand having a secondary monitor to share whatever is on the screen off to a second monitor.
Or you can project on that monitor only, or if it's for a projector, project everything on a laptop to the projector. Generally, when a laptop you when you close the lid down, there's other function keys or other settings that you can ta go or change to let that laptop stays powered on when you close the lid
because generally when you close it, it'll shut off your display.
But usually and you could make those changes in Windows. Or there's a software utility to make those changes.
The wireless switch Laptops Joanie. This is found on a physical switch on lifetime or a butt on the laptop. This switch allows you to turn off. Your world is in turn your laptop into airplane mode. If you're on an airplane, it turns off the wireless, so you so it'll be no interferes there.
There's also a status light or status indicator there that you will see
again. It's a physical switch or you have a function sequence of function and the wireless key
now on some models and allow you to change or turn off the radio to 11. Wireless, the Bluetooth and cellular. If that particular laptop is capable of having cellular service to it, symbols you should look for, well, Billy. These symbols
audio settings Ah, lot of laptops have buttons to control your audio without using your mouths. Sometimes these buttons are stand alone. They would include a mute option as well, and you'll see a visual indicator. As you turn the volume up, you'll see it displayed on your screen or when you turn it down. You see that visual indicator as well,
so you can control the volume of your laptop from the keyboard without using your mouse.
Same way with the screen brightness, you control the brightness of your screen with your keyboard. It will vary depending on models as far as the buttons, but here in this image, you can see that there is a brightness or a dimmer between the two buttons for this particular laptop, and again, you'll see a visual indicator here when you push those buttons along with the function key.
Oftentimes this will control the backlight keyboard as well.
The brighter screen, the more batteries being used, so keep that in mind as well.
Backlit keyboard This is a functional is found on some laptops on backlit keys are. Ah, good way for you to see your keys better if you're in a darkened room.
Um, it's a secondary function. Can also control intensity, duration or to say one, turn it off a touch pad.
Most laptops will have a touch bad in addition to an attachable mouse or a mouse in the middle of the keyboard as well. This feature allows you to turn off the touch pad to stop from inadvertently making mouse clicks or movements.
Screen orientation. You'll find a lot of this on our newer tablets nowadays allows you to use your laptop in landscape or portrait mode. This is usually a function key or hot key to switch Mose in between them.
Media controls. Ah, lot of our new laptops nowadays have meted controls built right into the functionality of the keyboard. This way, you don't have to use the mouse to interact with the media controls. You can use them right for buttons.
It will allows you to play stop fast forward and rewind and Julie, you'll see a mute in a volume button as well.
Docking station docking station extends the functional of your laptop. Use external devices like a monitor, keyboard, mouse and other peripherals that you can plug right into the docking station and use it like a full blown desktop computer. Also, you'll see that some of them have PC I expansion cards as well.
Now a smaller version of this will be called the Port Replicator Port. Replicator again is a smaller version of this, but however, it doesn't have the expansion cards, but it does expand the functionality of your laptop to include other ports.
Laptop locks for security prevents a laptop from being stolen. If you have a laptop that's going to be physically located in a place that's gonna be used over and over again and it doesn't move from that area, you may want to put a laptop. Ah, lock on it, especially if that area's gonna be prone to heavy traffic on laptops.
Locks includes a metal reinforced locking slot on your lot laptop,
and that's where you put the laptop lock into you. Connect to the lock and you connect that cable to a solid object, maybe a table leg or playing on a wall but a sovereign object where it will read. Stop that laptop from being removed from that area
and rotating removal screens. This is another feature that's found in our new laptops and use. Generally. See these callers two and one laptop They screens will rotate or flip down to make it to a tablet. Great for presentations.
All right, we step to a lot of the common features that you would find in a laptop thes again. Common features are newer laptops that you'll find nowadays, and these are features that will be on the county A plus. So
that is it for this lesson, and we will see you in the next lesson.
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