14.2 Converted Multiservice Networks

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Hello. Welcome back, Siskel Certified design associate Martyr 14 lights and 14.2 I'm your instructor wing.
In the previous video, we talked about a traditional voice architect er. From this video, we will begin to introduce converted multi service and networks.
Here's the pre assessment question which International Telecommunication Union I. T. You Standard provides a framework for a multimedia protocols for the transport of a voice video and data over Pakis Richard the networks a session initiation particle sip Be a voice over I P Lloyd
ch 0.3 to 3
He waited a fire. Killian w I think your O b. C h 3 to 3 is the ideal standard that provides a framework for the transport of ah voice video on data over a pack this way to the networks.
Here's the topic of what this Gus,
this is guy Petey. Architecture divides the voices system architectures into four major avoid competence as Julian is diagram cryin points called processing service implications Voice enabled infrastructure.
This table summarizes I pt functional areas. Service applications include the ivy are also attendant on a unified messaging voicemail. Cisco Ikey Contact center I P C C is used for Enterprise call center of occasions.
In addition, a standards based life on the application programming interfaces Ta ke i
allows the third party companies to develop applications for C E O C. M. This Cisco Unified Communications manager Seo CM fulfills the rule of a call processing the C E O. C. M. Servers are the brains of the voice doubt plan and are used to establish a kitty calls between Nike foes.
It provides a scalable and a distributable VoIP call processing solution.
CEO CMA performers of the functions of similar to traditional peopIe axes on the older voice networks
Kai and pointing to included Archy foes and lock and a digital getaways. They do those signal processor, the SP Farms and a software applications included to here is a Cisco's Communicator, which is the software based I P phone that runs on PC or laptop
gateways are transitional devices that region two different the systems
on the connection types. They can provide the connections between VoIP i p T systems on the analog or digital circuits. This allows the VoIP Petey Systems to integrate with the PSD, NPP, exes and analog. Anna points
the voice and appoints infrastructure provides a service is to support i p g voice, including power over Ethernet. POC on a Q S P o E allows us wage to detect a phone on provided with a power so that that power doesn't have to be provided everywhere
their phones are present. With this Moto backup redone in the power, it can be provided from a centralized location.
In addition, when a switch it attacks a phone, I can put that phone in a separate villain from other end points on a long queue as a signaling from the phone's last witches and the one rodders work together to provide a cooling off, data on and Anna privatization of avoid over other types of a network traffic
during times of a congestion.
The overall go off Peter after me is to replace the traditional, highly compact, expensive and isolated TDM based the Taliban systems out of the required a duplicate infrastructure with a simpler, more cost effective I p t. Confidence using existing data infrastructure
on that leveraging integration to provide a flexibility on a cost. The civilians along way, the robust the futures and functionality
Hi Petey also allows third party software providers to deploy new applications for ikey phones. The following summarizes the design goes for avoiding network to use and and avoid baby tree in sites to make
void for weatherly usable to reduce access costs such as long distance tow charges and a dedicated circuit costs
to make avoid a cost effective to provide the same reliability and a high availability traditionally associated with the older voice. Technologies toe offer lower cost of ownership than traditional telephony toe. Offer greater flexibility than traditional telephony. Remote worker mobility
to leverage integration to provide new applications. Presence at the Arctic Contact centers
to improve the remote worker agent on work at a home staff. Productive ity to facilitate a data on the laughably never consultation to ensure backward compatibility with the traditional systems on any points such as peopie exes. Fights is out of the P S t m
Siskel I p t. Call processing deployment models. Single site deployment multi sided. One with centralized. The car processing multi site went with the distributed to call processing Coal Manager X Prize deployment Right Here's the single side appointment,
the single aside employment model actually, in this diagram as a solution for enterprise is located in a single large building or a campus area with no voice on the warnings,
Multi said. Well, with a centralized the cop processing motto,
right but centralized. The one call processing moto is a solution for medium enterprises with one large location and many remote sites. This diagram shows the centralized the copper sizing model right
motifs I won with distributed a call processing model,
the motives that one with distributed to call processing a solution for large enterprises with several larger locations. This diagram shows the distributed A one model unified, a call Matty or expressed a deployment. Cisco Provide X Prize version of its co manager and the Unity Solutions
integrated in its integrate the service's rotter I as ours.
There has been an increasing the amount of video over I P traffic on that data networks in a workplace. The use of a desktop of videoconferencing video broadcasting on video surveillance is increasingly being seen on the network
video. Sevilla's requires high pan way than the low loss on a delay between the camera stores
in the storage device to produce the past the video. We also see tractor from unmanaged, the sources from the Internet, such as a video from new sites. YouTube on the TV programming shows. Video traffic is more susceptible to qs issues to the void. Poor data traffic,
although, and users are used to some intermediate of chopping videos
as long as the audio going with it does not. A skip this table, which shows that a packet of laws targeted for each traffic category
Kodak standards Kodak's transform analog signals into a digital bit stream on the digital signals back into analog signals. The decoder converts the digital signal into analog reform. Each Kodak provides a certain quality of speech. Each Kodak provides a certain level of fidelity
to the original audio or quality of a speech,
the term that mean option in score. And Moss is used to radio the fidelity of Kodak on Moscow or is not a scientific measurer. Instead, it is the rating determined by sampling the output. A large group of listeners who judge the audio fertility from 1 to 5
when means bad five means the best.
The scores are then averaging. Two provided the moss for each Kodak, for example, they established the mosque score for jet G 7 11 There's a 4.1 on a G 72 knives is 3.92 The default code. Exciting for a void, but Dow appears in Cisco. IIS software is a G 7 to 9.
Is that Jesus tonight? All right, but this can be configured away. The several other options,
including G 7 11 other Kodak standards are showing in this table
is like the control and transport particles. A number of different protocols are used in avoiding environment for a call control device provisioning on addressing this diagram shows those protocols focusing on Boyd control and transport.
On these table summarizes protocols to use the envoy but networks. Then I make a host. The Configuration Protocol D H E C P. Is used to provide device configuration parameters such as I t configuration address subnet, mask default, Gateway on the tee, FTP servers.
My idea to seek you. Option 150
The F D. P T op 10 ring tones backgrounds configuration files on a firmware files. Skinny client control prodigal as the CCP used for a call control for a system like the phones, says the appropriate ary
real time transfer particle RTP for VoiceStream boy bus station to station traffic
in an active call. Real tired. Chance for control protocol. RTC for RTP control and the reporting accompanying stream to RTP between endpoints media Gateway Control Protocol, M G C P ah client server protocol for control the employments and game gateways
in the G C P. Moto Intelligence resides in on the call Agent server
on the device is controlled by the agent H 3 to 3 on i t o Standard for avoiding networks that is peer to peer system on call processing logic is local to each device used for getaways and points session initiation particle A sip
ah, standard for VoIP networks to find about the i E. T F. On the used were gateways and points.
Sam is a future rich native. I am presidents and the video support lightweight, and it decided for easy troubleshooting us based. The messages
burning Check Question number one. What is the default coder decoder Kodak used with avoided doubt? Here's a G 7 11 p. G. 7 to 3 ct 7 to 8 teaches some tonight and has decided to not
the developed called acting assistant Barb Appear is G 7 to 9, which has an 8k VPs. Be great.
Question number two Real time. Chance for particle Archy P operates Out of what Layer off the Owais Amato. A application be session. See chance for the network is to transport our teepee operates is the transport layer off the OS and all
in today's brief lecture with this Does the converted a multi service? And that works
any questions? Feel free to contact me. Otherwise I'll see you in the next video Bye for now.
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