14.1 Traditional Voice Architecture

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Video Transcription
Hello. Welcome by Cisco Certified Design Associate All do 14 Lesson 14.1 I mean Instructor Wing.
In the previous video, we talked about securing the Enterprise. From this video, we will begin to introduce traditional voice architecture.
Here's the pre assessment question. Will unit represents the average number of concurrent voice calls comedy calculated for the period of one hour A k bps be our long C. D s zero the FX s. You're early
on early downs that you need that describes the number of the calls in an hour.
Here is the topic of we'll discuss.
You can use the several ports to connect it to boys and stations phones on private voice to switch foreign exchange a station F X s provides a connection from a switch to an analog and appoint devices such as traditional telephones or fax machines. A provides a line power doubt Oh, and a ring wattage
Foreign exchange office f x o allows us which such as a P P X to use a standard analog connections, FX s
from the P S, T. N or from another switch. In this case, the TV axes are emulating on any point device because this is a standard. An employee in the connection it uses to wear connections just like a standard of phone on often uses R J 11 connector in her face,
ear and moth. E N m connects a private switches. It isn't an analog trunk used to connect it to our voice. To switch a supports Thailand facilities or signaling between phone switches. E and M can be connected with the to wear, and the four were.
Dnm is also called on Earth and a magnet
Generalize the t one or you want circuits can be used to connect a P b x, the P S T n or to P V. X is this circuits can be provisioned in two different formats. General Associate, a signaling cast story Kids provide 24 4 to 1 or 32 for you. One channels
one for D s. Zero
cast circuits get their name from the fact that that's wage this way to signaling Delta digits. Better ideas along altars in ban on each individual channel with the voice traffic. Each D s zero channel is fixed at 64 k bps
so this type of a signaling takes a small number of bits away
from the voice transmission to carry a signaling. And data because of the cast is also known as Robin Bit, signaling
Common channel signaling CCS circuits also use a T Y. You want circuits. However, unlike a cast circuit, CCS of circuits have set outside of one channel specifically for carrying signal information for all of the other channels. This architecture allows the first CCS the circuits
to provide a more robust the features at
between switches. I S t NPR I use is a C C as the signaling and is the preferred a connection tap for PSD and two peopie axe or P P x two PBX connections. CC, as a support is not always available on the therefore and cast a circuit are still widely used.
Did you know signally has two major forms? Channel associate Signaling casts are common channel signal CCS. The major difference is that casts the signaling is included in the same channel and the voice Cole
with the CCS. The signaling is provided in a separate channel.
This table shows the common times of a cast in the C. C. S.
Do you want you want CASS Digital T Want CS uses selected a bit within each channel to transmit a signal information. CASS is also called a robert a bit to signal me or in Banda signaling in the tea once and implementation as we mentioned before, Right
Robert a bit to cast works where the digital boys because losing an occasional voices sample
does not affect the voice quality. That this advantage of a Robert a bit too CASS is that it can also be used down channels that Mac carry a voice or data without reducing the data. Read 2 56 KPBS To insure that sick only changes do not damage the data stream
because of the implementation of a signaling by limiting the number of the bits
cast is signaling is a limited and signaling future support You want Caster uses a separate a channel, and I shared a medium for cast so it does not have the disadvantage that you want. Second owning bits are channel associate it, but they are not in band ccs
CCS circuit to set aside a one channel specifically for carrying signal information
for all the other channels. These architectural laws of Assisi acid circuits to provide are more robust. The future set between switches, I asked The NPR I use is a ccs of signaling and is the preferred the connection type for PSD and two peopie axe or PBX to PBX connections.
I S d n p r I t r I
I asked the anti one pr provides 23 64 b. P s beat barrier channels for voice with separated 64 8 bps 64 k bps dee dada signaling channel for signaling the I S d. A. You want PR I provides a 30 be generals
the use of the messages in the separated channel
rather than a Prius I Image bids is also called a common channel. Signaling I S t e n provides in the advantage of not a changing bits in the channels on that thus is used for a data traffic. In addition to voice traffic,
the i s t e n b r I interface include 2 to 64 Katie PSB channels for voice or data, a separated 64 k bps D channel that provides a signaling for the inner peace Kyo stick. Killed six is the preferred. She's ignoring protocol used between p p access witches
is the standards based. The protocol
based on I S T E N. That provides a more robust the futures and the service is it is a future transparent between P P access. It is interoperable with a public private eye. ESPN networks and imposes no restrictions on private Del plans.
Cue Stick is also used to beat Francisco Unified Communications manager Seo CM
and Enterprise peopIe Axes Inhabited implementations. It is also used Francisco IOS voice gateways for peopIe ex integration as as seven. I says that seven is a global I to use standard of our telecommunications control that allows the voice network cause to be rotted and controlled by call control centers.
As as seven as used between PSD and switches,
Ice asked. Seven implements cause that up routing and control, ensuring that intermediate and afar and switches are available when a car is a place with assesses, seven telephone companies can implement to modern consumer telephone service is said you have caller i D. So free numbers call forwarding US alone
that says the seven provides mechanisms for exchanging control standards and a routing messages on public telephone networks as as seven messages. Passover A separate a channel Dan Dada used for voice communication as S seven is a CCS technology CCS seven
controls calls ignoring routing in a connections between Seo Inter exchange carrier and the competitive local exchange carrier switches
voice engineering terminology. Great of service is the probability call will be rocketed by a voice Get away when attempting to seize circuited during the busiest hour.
If it is a determinant out of network has p 0.0 to cause. The probability is that 2% of all attempted to cause will be block it.
P thoughts. You're one. Gauss indicates 1% of probability of a car's being block it.
Early rounds on Earl is a theoretical unit of measurement to use to define the trunk ing Boys path of civilization in a voice application or the merriment earners. Values are used in early and formulas earned B and R C. Right to ask May the capacity requirements
when Earl represents the continuous issues of one voice past or 3600 seconds. One hour. Our lambs are used to describe aggregate the trunk using your purse system. I did not apply to any specific a trunk or call
the hour used to fill the air around calculation. It should be the busiest hour peak hour in the day if a group of users makes receives 20 calls in the everyday busiest hour and each call lasts an average of 10 minutes.
Our rounds are calculated as falls 20 calls per hour and multiply two minutes per call.
Equal 202 minutes per hour. Traffic of army equal to 100 minutes per hour, divided by 60 minutes per hour. He called 3.33 Orleans, the most commonly used. The funders are known as our be extended around B and R C.
There are three common. Orla Moto's Around B is a formula that estimates the amount of a trunk ING capacity
required a given on the early on value be the hour traffic on the desired agreed of the service, also known as a blocking person. Take it is the most common motor usedto extending the previous example 3.33 are now owns
B HT and gos of 1% of result in there or down be valuable of nine trying to required
on early on be calculator can be fun at his link to POW are round dot com four slash calculator for slash the R L B. Right
extended our own. Be at a retry percentage it to the ground tomato. It issues that some pocket or fail to calls will be re attempted on their four. Additional load is added around. See Close excites our costs instead of a blocking them.
These models used to calculate the number of agents required in a call center in merriment. It is based on measurements off handling time expected the call of arms and of the amount of time a collar stands within an agent. This model was used in call centers where call Zahra purely for service.
Centrum call Second Call. Second is the equivalent to a single call lasting one second ah syndrome, called second cc Asri presents with one call. Occupying a channel for 100 seconds. It is the equivalent of one divided by 36 of another loan.
In the other words, 36 the CCS equals one around 3600 seconds.
The typical ranges around 6 to 12 sees he has purport
busy hour. The busy hour is the specific Our within a 24 hour period. You way to the highest of the traffic. A load off occurs. Most of calls are placed off longer duration during this hour. It is also called a peak hour. Be the hour traffic,
be the hour traffic GH t is them out of a boy's traffic that talkers in a busy hour,
expressing or announce it is a calculated by multiplying the every Jew call duration by the number of calls in the hour and then dividing that by 3600 for example, a. The 300 calls all occurred during the busy hour, within the average duration of 150 seconds.
The V A G is a calculated as follows
the HT equal 150 seconds Multiply 300 cause for our divided by 3600 seconds per hour. Pht equal 12.5 earned house blocking probability invoice environments. It is nearly impossible, or at least the cost ineffective to provision in capacity,
so they're no calls already ever block it.
Therefore, planning for a park it at GOS is an important aspect. The invoice networks. The term blocking refers to those calls that it cannot be completed a due to capacity constraints usually during peak appears or a cost bikes.
The blocking probability is the probability that a call will be prakit
broking. Probability is described it as a percentage of a cause, for example, a blocking probability of your points. Your two means that 2% of the cause we'll be Brockett or 20 per everyone thong cause
call detail records called beauty or our records include a status Nico and other information related to all calls. Placed information included in a seedy ours includes all call time Call duration source will never doubt the destination for member and the amount of build
for a VoIP networks. The CDR may also include the source and the destination. Ikey addresses
learn intact. Question number one Where is the local loop? Located A Between phones on the central office CEO switch be between two BP axis. See between the loop back interfaces off the to boycott Roger's DE between two p s. T s, which is
that'll be a The local loop is located between the traditional form on the CEO off switch.
Quick lesson number two, which feature will not transfer package when there's a salus et del peers be digital silence A surprise. Er
see here and I'm off the voice activity detection B A d will be d
In today's brief lecture, we discussed the traditional voice architecture. Any questions? Feel free to contact me otherwise oh, CEO in next video Bye for now.
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