Laptop Hardware and Components

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this is less than 14 done one laptop hardware and components. We're gonna go through installing a configuring, different laptop hardware and components.
As a technician, you should be able to know and install various components of laptops for the company. A plus, you should know how to demonstrate your ability to replace these items or find where these items are at on the laptop. So let's go and get our lesson started for today. Generally, people are used to using
keyboards for desktops.
Keyboards for laptops are a little smaller and laid out just a little bit differently than it would be for a full size keyboard. For a desktop,
you still have your function keys there above the number row, but there are a little bit closer to it than in general full size keyboard. You don't have the page up on page down in a generous spot. You may have a month of button off to the side or at the top, and the overall keyboard is smaller again than a regular
traditional full size keyboard.
Laptop storage,
generally a desktop hard drive, is a three and 1/2 inches for a laptop. Those devices are smaller There are 2.5 and also in some form factors on 1.8 inch and his various types of storage devices for laptops. Stahler state hard drives, which are the SS D's
again, These are all memory, no moving parts.
Then you have the hard hybrid drives, and these are SS HDs. Hybrid drives work as a traditional hard drive as well as a solid state, so you get the both best of both worlds. They have the traditional components of the spinning platter and the arm,
but he also you have a component of the solid state hard drive, the information and a laptop. If you're using one of these harbor drives are written to the memory or the SSD portion of the drive. Then later on, it's removed from that cash and written to the longtime storage of the traditional hard drive components.
So what those? You get the best of both worlds.
Then you have your traditional magnetic drives, with the traditional six platters,
replacing a hard drive, replacing a hard drive. Be straightforward and it pretty much will vary depending on the motto as far as where the location is. But it's a straightforward as opening up the the device in locating the hard drive, removing some screws and unplugging from his connector. So let's go ahead. Look at
as far as how to remove a hard drive. Okay, so here we have the underside of our laptop. What we're gonna do
is demonstrate how to open up the laptop to remove certain components were going to remove the hard drive. And we're gonna point out other components that's in the laptop.
On this particular about laptop, they are screws that you would have to unscrew and to save time for time's sake. I've already removed those cruise, but I will indicate where the schools are at.
He's a screw here.
There's a school here.
Screw here, Here, here,
we're losing no screws. And at that point, what you want to do is just go ahead and open up the case like so
Okay, so what? That cover removed? This shows the internal components of the laptop. Here we have our hard drive, and we have other components that we're beginning to hear in a moment. But for the hard drive, what we're gonna do is it's plugged in right here to this connector we're going to slide That left
hard drive out of its, connect your point
and remove it just like that. And that's how the hard drivers removed and you replace the hard drive the same way.
Laptop memory Laptop memory itself is a little bit different than a traditional desktop memory on laptop memory. You're gonna have the small inline memory module of the so dims and the micro duel in line memory module, or the micro dams and hair to images of those two memories. There
against smaller form factor smaller memory modules for laptops, Removing the memory in a laptop is quite easy. You see, we have to memory modules right here. And as we've seen in previous lessons, there's two notched levers that hold the memory in. So what you would do is
grab one side of the lever and grab the other side and you put apart
and it lifts the memory module up,
and you would just remove it from its *** just like that,
and you would replace it the same way. And again, like I mentioned, that this particular laptop has two different memory modules, and there's a second memory module right there. and you remove that the same way
to install the memory module. You lying the copper ends to the slot
like so
and press down and it's installed,
making sure that it's a snug fit
on this particular laptop. You also have a Bluetooth card as well that blue to the wireless car will be connected the same way that the Wiland cardi is with an antenna, a single screw connected into your connector port. Here, various components of this laptop is you can see we have our processor
and we have a cooling element that runs along here
and over the process. Processor fits under. There
are hard drive
plugs into this connector here,
and we also have various wires going to different opponents the wily an adapter car
and the W and for a sailor car.
And these cables attach to the wireless car, and they circulate through the motherboard back around the monitor and the antennas along the monitor to get a good reception. But they plug into these particular cards here.
The video card is another component in the laptop, just like a traditional desktop. Laptops have video cards as well. However, there a little bit differently in the way their structure.
Now there's two types of ways that a laptop will have. Its video car one is built right into the CPU. If it's built right into the CPU, it be in saving space because laptops generally overall, smaller
if it's built into the CPO CPU, it's not upgradable, so you can't upgrade that video card.
Sometimes they're found on the system board on again. But if it's built on the system board steel or laptops, it's not upgradeable.
Bigger. Specialized video cards are found in bigger laptops or specialized laptops, and those would be upgradable D. C Jack and power supplies. Your D C. Jack on your laptop is gonna be specific to the type of adapter that you're using, as well as to the Pacific type of laptop model that you have
now. Power supplies are gonna be auto switching. They will switch between 110 votes and 220 votes, depending on where in the world you're living and what type of electricity or current through getting
again. These are gonna be specific to the laptop model as well, so generally all power adapters will not work with all laptops have different types of connectors, barrel connectors and other types.
On this particular power supply, we can look at the input range in the output range. Thean put ranges here is between 102 140 votes
and 1.7 amps, and it's 50 to 60 hertz. That's how it operates with us to the intake for it. Now the output on this device is 19.5 votes, and that's at D. C.
And it's gonna be a 3.33 amps and that the total output of power is going to be 65 watts.
So this power supply is rated for a specific model laptop.
You cannot use this for specifics outside of here. It has to be for this particular range. And again, their power supply would generally come with your laptop. If there is a reason that you need to replace that power supply, check your manufactures documentation to make sure that you're getting the correct power supply rated for your laptop
Laptop batteries. The most common batteries used nowadays are lifting I am batteries. One drawback to lithium ion batteries is over a long period of time as you charge those batteries, the charging qualities diminish. So that's one drawback again from the the lithium ion batteries.
And again, batteries are going to be specific to the laptop that you have.
Some batteries are shaped differently, have their connectors in different places. They're shaped in there, made specific to the laptop that you have. So you want again. Check your manufacturers documentation for the type of battered that you're putting into your system.
Touch pad is another feature that you're finalised yet to unique on a laptop with a laptop, you don't have the capacity for a mouse. Sometimes you may be using the device on your lap so it hasn't integrated mouse pad or a touch pad right there on the deck of the computer. Also you have what's called is a
appoint stick.
The point stick is used like a mouse as well, and this is found on a lot of different laptops. Also,
the laptop frame on laptops are made to been portable, made to be used for travel. They're not like desktops. We're stationary, set and use their in a fixed place. They're made to be portable, made to be used where you're traveling so Therefore, it has to be light. The construction needs to be, um,
consider of that that you're picking this up in your movie it
and you're gonna be carrying it for long periods of time. That's you'll find the majority of the laptops. Frames are plastic. That's the majority of the construction can. They're lightweight, their mobile, but also durable and hard to be hard to break.
Because of this in the way they're built, it keeps the cost down. Onyx inexpensive. That's where generally blacktops have a a nice price point for the functionality of them. Now there are laptops has built in metal and aluminum cases. However, they are difficult and hard to get inside to repair
laptop speakers. Laptop speakers are self contained. Speaker system A lot of years speakers in your laptops unless it has a high definition audio package for general listening audio files and so forth, so you won't get a lot of high quality output out of your general everyday laptop speakers.
Your laptop System Board System board's very based on models, so they're proprietary. They're based on a big are built on a particular model, replacement of the some components, meaning that you're gonna have to replace the entire system board if but if those components are built onto the motherboard like your nick card, you're
USB port. If one of those go bad
and you need to replace that, you're gonna have to end up replacing the entire board
laptop cp use laptop CP Use are designed for mobile use. They're not like your traditional CP use, and they may be a little bit smaller, but they're designed for a mobile use and mobile use as well as power efficiency. This is a smaller device, so it has to be power
efficient because it's running off of battery and to extend the battery life,
that process is gonna have to be efficient as possible.
Ah, lot of the features are integrated to the C. P. O. S possible as much as possible. The memory and the video controller are quite often built right into the CPU.
Upgrades are limited due to being specifically built for the CPU. You can replace the the CP use, but you won't be able to upgrade.
So that was it for a lesson. We compared different features of the laptops and as a technician, which you need to know about laptops, how to find certain components and how to make changes or replace those components. So that was it for this lesson, and we will see you in the next lesson.
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