13.5 Securing the Enterprise

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11 hours
Video Transcription
Hello. Welcome back. Siskel survived desired associate CCD A module 13 last in 13.5. I mean, instructor Wing
In a previous Vito, we talked about a security management applications and integrating security into network devices.
From this video, we will begin to introduce a securing that enterprise.
Here's the pre assessment question. Which of the following technologies is used it to detect on the Medicaid frights? In that traffic? A Usually the one acts being that flow C A S T M E s s age.
We go in there, flow
net flow provides information for detecting and Amanda getting threats.
Here is the topic of this Gus.
for the campus begins with the remembering that you need to implement security throughout your network. Several technologies, protocols of solutions and the devices work together to provide a secure campus that were security issue to be implemented. A In a core distribution
on exes, layers can be grouped into four Perata categories
as described in a stable,
you see the identity and access control, fraud, detection and interrogation, infrastructure protection, security management, right.
The Emperor's data center hosts critical servers and applications for the main campus and the branch offices. Many over the servers require high of inability because of the importance of the information and the high volume of the users they serve.
Several of the servers may contain sensitive information that is crew show to the business on and therefore cannot become compromised,
therefore, and needs to be hide a scared network performance in another area that create a goalie. Important, we can limit the toys of a protection mechanisms on the technology's. Here are some of the risks inherent that we have the enterprise data centers,
compromised applications and unauthorized access. The critical information.
Exploiting different the servers in the business by launching an attack from a compromise, the servers to provide adequate security protection organizations can implement that. Another security solutions. This probably in this table.
The enterprise adieu provides a connective ity to other parts of your network over insecure public IT networks. It is important to consider the available security options when transferring data between locations over Internet transports. When you're selecting devices that call the enterprise edge,
design choices need to be factored, and for levels over granularity of the service's per device,
there are twice his vision. All your one devices in that they were dedicated device for starters and modules
right? The only in one devices get simplifying management on lower cost, but it may lack some, advanced the futures and increase the risk of exposure. The dedicated A device for service, on the other hand, cannibal, increase the levels of a performance security overall but can't add in more
Kyra Cap Axe and Old Max
Device Times of Italy, including physical appliances, virtual appliance or a cloud based. The service for most of the security devices
integrated multiple service is on Siskel rodders. In the Cisco, essays are as follows Siskel rodders provide the RFC enable escalation out of the rotter layer and can be switched together over later three hops in an hour
since going essays feature virtual contacts that that the allow multiple firewall instances to be run on the same hardware. However, not all features are available. Ian contacts the moat. The design choices need to consider business of factors of such as a security and performance characteristics.
Security risk is to the business on Acosta. When determining the appropriate solution.
There may be different levels of a security available when evaluating the use of a public cloud service. Mercer's on on premises of private called option performance aspects and need to be considered regarding the use of a virtual workloads with the dependencies on underlying server hardware, our hardware
or physical appliances with no one performance character sticks.
Innovation Upgrades of the virtual workloads are software and the license the based, whereas physical appliances require new purchases along with the install the new hardware on the licensing. The virtualization layer can also add a in re tendency for the virtual appliances without a typical cost of additional hardware
security risk. It's for college, Sir, ceases are
no only higher than with own promises of private call based the options.
Then there is the cost evaluation for compact cold packs for the security solution. This table Let's the device competence with the device types or physical virtual or cost service. If the service provider has the offering available,
keep in mind the following potential rescue areas when moving data between locations, Attackers often access to the network and a compromise the confidential D and the integrity of a sensitive information with eavesdropping or data manipulation. Midst configuration over the enterprise advice
could cause inappropriate the device configurations on unwanted connectivity
to provide adequate security protection between locations. Organizations can implement that. The security solutions described in a stable
This is basically those tables are just same. No matter is in the enterprise badge
data center on the campus,
they have the same security calorie and us, but they have the same security solutions apply to this.
They're in Jack. Question number. While what? Cisco Security management platform is used to control the cap. Tacky *** and the readers Particles. A S S h v i p s c A c s The idea Sistol A C s is a security management platform for controlling it. Administrative access for
Cisco devices in the security of the applications. So we go with the A. C. S.
Question number two. Which two devices would you placing your d m z To ensure enterprise agile security? Choose to a I P S b on. I see
c a s a d a c s
e wcs We go in the a m a c
in today's brief lecture with this guy's the security on the enterprise.
Any questions? Feel free to contact me. Otherwise I will see you in the next of you. Bye. For now
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