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this is less than 13 dot to ports in protocols.
In this lesson, we're gonna talk about ports and protocols were going to go through a series of ports that you need to know for. Common Service is that are being provided by network devices. And also these are ports that you need to know that's on the county A plus, So let's go and get started. FTP file transfer protocol.
This protocol is on TCP ports 20
as the active mode, and the control port is a port 21
Transfer files betweens host authenticates with a username and password. Sometimes I'm some devices. Use an anonymous, long in
secure shale or S S H I S S H is a secure version of quote tell Tell net this is TCP port 22. It's an encrypted communication links. So if you've ever seen a, um, serial screens such as the one right here council screen,
this is S S H. It is a secure connection.
And Thao Net Town ET or Telecommunication network is TCP port 23. There's no encryption. It's clear texts in the production. We advise that you use secure shell or SS H instead of town that because
there's no encryption, your passwords are in the clear.
If someone's on your network sniffing traffic, they'll be able to capture your password. What they tell net session. So therefore in the production, do not use tone and use. Sshh.
Now there's some devices that are older that does not have 10. Sshh. You'd have to use tell until Net, but for production of Isis and in the customer environment, you want to use Sshh instead of telling it
S M T P or Pop. Three. And I'm at four. SMTP is your simple male transfer protocol that's on TC Port 25. This is server to server email Transfer Sendmail from the device to the sender. Pot three is Post office protocol version three, and it's TCP Port one Tien.
It's basic basic male function, Natalie,
whereas the upgraded version of that is the I'm at four Internet Message access protocol version for TCP Port 1 43 It's the management of in boxes from multiple clients with I'm at four on your remote device, you can have your mail
mailbox configuration set up on your mobile device on your desktop
and a laptop and be able to access all of the male in real time, whereas you wouldn't be able to do that. Functionality and pop three pop three will download the mail to that device, whereas I map four will be able to manage male clients across multiple clients.
D. N s or domain name system is UDP Port 53 Converts names, Toe I P addresses and vice versa. If you take the name of Google www dot google dot com. That translates to the I P address of 1 72 dot to 17 Done 1.228
This is a critical service in organizations, and they will usually have multiple organizations
within the I T network as well as in the Internet as well. There are multiple and mini Deanna servers on the Internet network.
Http in https is hypertext protocol TCP TCP ports 80 is http and that is the standard form of this in the secure or encrypted version is TCP Port for 43
supported in Nell, nearly every Web server and client
Rdp. A remote desktop protocol TCP poured 33 89.
You can share control of desktop remotely what our DP or remote desktop. It's available on window systems, so this is a window server service and in Windows Protocol. But clients can be found for many different operating systems. Oven and Windows
S and B Server Message Block. A protocol used by Microsoft and use for generate for printer and file sharing was also known as SIFs, or common Internet file systems.
Now an older window systems. The Net bios used a form of the S and B server message block and its ports was UDP 1 37 which was the Net bios name service UDP Port 1 38 And that was the data Graham Service
and TCP Port 1 39 was the Net Bios Session server. Now modern window systems used the TCP for 45 and this is directly over the TCP for 45 And again, this is found in the modern systems.
A F p for the Apple File Protocol protocol used by Apple Mac OS for sharing file sharing. TCP 5 48 is the port that's using this service. Ah, foul management Copy. Moving Deletes files. Works with S L P. As well. The service location protocol also found in Mac OS
And that's gonna be TC ports for 27 you deports for 27.
And this populates a list of available devices on the network
D. A C P. Dynamic Host configuration protocol automatically exploration of I P addresses, subnet, mask and other items. This is gonna be you deport 67 68. It's gonna requires a DTP server in a router or etcetera to operate where push that was on to the clients.
Dynamic or pulled I p addresses I p addresses our sign real time from a pool
Have at least time in when those I p addresses are expired, the client would have to check in and get a new I p address.
Also, you can do D. C. P. Reservations in those I p addresses will be reserved based on a Mac address of that client in the network.
L Depth is the lightweight directory access protocol, and that's gonna be T Seaport 1 38 stores and retrieves information in the network directory and is commonly used in the Microsoft Active Directory S and M P. Simple Network Management Protocol. This is a protocol is used for management of devices in the Network,
S and P can query devices and get information
Net devices status. Whether it can be hard drive the disc on manage it could be the throughput of the speeds of the network interface card, and there's a ton of information S and M P can provide for network management.
It works or operates on you. Dp Ports 1 61 That's the queries and you deport you. DP Ports 1 62 This is the traps of the alarms.
Now there's three virgins of S and M p. The first version came out, and it was no encryption. The second version was an update to the 1st 1 had Boake transfers, but still yet no encryption.
And the standard that's out today. Version three. It was message, integrity, checking as well as encryption. And this is what the standards of using today and again. Like I said earlier, simple Network Management or S and M P could provide tons of information to the network admin as the status of devices in the network,
um again, hard drive space,
the disk utilization tons of information provided through S and P. Okay, in this lesson, what we've done is reviewed ports and protocols that you'll need to know for the county A A plus, as well as as a technician in your road troubleshooting and maintaining devices in the network. So that's it for this lesson,
and we will see you in the next lesson.
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