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Video Transcription
Hi. Welcome back to the course. So in the last video, we finished up our android discussion. So we talked about things like android jail breaking and the Russell talked about some different types of vulnerability scanners that could be used for android. And then also, I O s.
In this video, we're gonna talk a little bit about IOS architecture, Iowa's jail breaking and Iowa smell where I want to stress that all the this mobile section is a very high level overview of the topics.
So in this graphic here we have, ah, basic understanding of Iowa's architectures. We start out with our iPhone hardware, we move into our corporate operating system, which is gonna be based off Mac OS X, Colonel.
And then the next part of our stack is gonna be our things like cloud computing databases are core. Service is
media service is is next with things like audio, video and graphics. And then on Finally, on top of that, we have the cocoa touch, which is that objective see application programming interface that's used for a development.
And then at the very top there, that's not pictured. We would have the things we interact with Rice would like our text messaging our phone calls, our Web browsing, et cetera.
So there's different types of I always jailbreaking tools. Now a city is not actually a jail breaking tool. We won't talk about what that is as we go through this.
So Electra is one example. I always jailbreak and tool. Basically, you're just plug in your phone to these things and you know where Donald that happened? You could go ahead and break it.
City, as I mentioned, it's for ah, once your devices jail broken, then you can go into essentially 1/3 party APP store that allows you to download different packages from, you know, sometimes known people, sometimes unknown sources. But it allows you a lot of variety of customization and different packages that you can use for that.
Yeah, Lou is another jailbreak and tool as well,
Pangu. And now this one is a little more popular in the pen testing world.
But you just kind of depends. Whatever you feel is the best tool to use. That's what you're going to use.
PeopIe assistant is another one
tagger T A. I g is gonna be another one as well
then we also have evasion as well.
Now the next one here read snow. This one you will see mentioned in the official easy council like study material. So I would definitely try to keep this one of mine that red snow is for I always just keep that in mind, just in case you may or may not see it on the exam.
So I o s mail where there's a there's a whole lot of it out there. My described a couple of the ones you might have heard about in the media. So at buyer what that did. Besides harvesting different credentials from the user, it also simulated apples actual protocols to be able to purchase in the APP store. So basically what this would do is would buy a whole bunch of gaps in the victim's name from the APP store
key Raider. That one was used to intercept iTunes traffic and then from that steel user credentials on jailbroken devices. So if you weren't jail broken on that one, you're good to go
X code ghost that you might have heard about that a few years ago in the media that basically targeted Chinese developers that would go to redistribution sites. They would basically do that because the official Apple store in China would download very slowly.
And so I don't I don't know if that's improved or not, but at that time it would go slow. So they were just basically redistribute
the code around. And so this this, um, our took advantage of that to infect several APS
and then the Pegasus by where I don't remember that or not. There's a few years back, but basically that was created. And, uh, most people think it was sold to some government. But what it would do is basically jail. Break your phone. So you know, I could have my normal iPhone and then it would jail break it. It had features to jail, break it. And then from there they would spy on my text messaging. My phone calls,
my passwords,
the phone's actual location. You know, all sorts of data would collect
so and spies another tool that a lot of people use out there, and that's mostly to monitor their kids and stuff like that. But it can be used for nefarious purposes of monitoring where the target is and stuff like that.
So securing IOS devices some common sense stuff here, right? Keep this off. We're up to date. And with IOS, unless you jailbreak, it happens. Gonna push software updates to you. And so all you have to do is just click. I'm gonna install it now or later. We also can activate the location future so we can find if someone's taking our phone. We could also, uh,
use that location aspect to, uh, create an auto white so we can have it wiped remotely.
We could also create a long pass code. So instead of that 46 digit code, we can create a longer one or even a pass phrase to get on the phone. And then we could set up a not a white, but data after a certain number of log in attempts. So, you know, 3 to 5 is kind of standard for most people. That's it. They set it up. But whatever you want to use if you if you feel confident and you're not gonna click in your stuff wrong a couple of times, then you might set it for two or three.
Obviously. Don't click on known links, right? So that goes back to this mission. So if we get a little text messages from her bank, so hey, your accounts locked out. You've got to verify your credentials.
Don't click that link. Come on. That's common sense, right?
Revoke at permission. So a lot of gaps wanted. You're You know, you're just downloading something like to find the best restaurant, right? But they want access to your camera to you. You know your contact list. You know all these things. Why do you need that, right? So revoke out permissions or control them
and then turn off. Cirie, there's a lot of different vulnerabilities out there that could be exploited through Siri. And so just go ahead and turn that off when you're not using Syria.
So in this video, we just touched briefly on IOS architecture from jail, breaking different types of Iowa's malware that you might have seen in the media and then also how to secure your IOS device.
And the next video we're gonna talk about M g m. We'll figure out what that is. B. Y o d. If you haven't heard that term already, and then we'll talk a little bit about Iowa's pen testing framework
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