13.1 Cisco SAFE Architecture

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Video Transcription
Hello. Welcome back, Siskel Certified design associate.
We'll do 13. License 13.1. I mean instructor Way.
In a previous video, we talked about a threat Defense Security Management Solutions.
From this video, we will begin to introduce the Siskel safe architectures.
Here's the pre assessment question Which of the following our secure domains of this Cisco Safe architecture er select all that. Apply a segmentation. Be compliance. See management
The data center. We go in the A, B and C
segmentation compliance on the management to our secure domains. Off this Cisco safe architecture
Here's the topic. It will discuss
Siskel safe architecture. ER says those security architecture for the enterprise safe is a secure architectural framework that simplifies the complexity of the security on the focuses. Only areas in the network that a company needs to secure
part of the safe architecture discusses organizing
complex city into places in a network. P I ends along with the secure domains. Pins consist of the places in the network, such as branch campus, cloud data, center, edge Internet and Owen.
Secure domains are the functional areas used to have protected a places in a network
because enterprise networks are key enablers of the business networks must be designed with integrated a security in mind to ensure confidentiality integrity on the availability of them or the resource is, especially those networks that supported critical business activity.
One key principles. Francisco safe architecture relates to the need for deep security on protection from both of the insight on all set of the organization. So school Save provides guidelines for handling today's fright under the capabilities need it
to secure than that work against those of frights.
The system's safe approach allows for the analysis of expected IT rights. Supporters of the design of the network security strategy. In addition, the modular nature officers go safe allows the father security system to be expanded on a scaled as the business grows.
The secure domains of A systems safes are as follows.
Secure Service's provide access control bps, an encryption they protect. The insecure service is such as applications on the wireless networking. Compliance covers the policies both internal and external, including T. C. I. D. S s paper on the socks.
Fry defense provides visibility for sy birthrights on uses network traffic until auntie reputation on a contact Cherie information.
It also includes the assessment of it, risks due to suspicious activities on it provides and next the steps.
Security intelligence provides a detection and the aggregation of a malware and the frights. ADA enables the network to enforce policy dynamically as reputations are updated. When new threats emerge,
segmentation creates a bond. A raise for both the users and the data manual segmentation uses Venus Network I addressing and a fire warning for policy enforcement Advance The segmentation uses identity are where infrastructure to enforce policies automatically
management provides. A service is for devices and systems for a consistent the policy deployment. Workflow based. The Change Management Patch Management on door. Alerting the benefits of a Siskel safe included are following Safe is the basis for the design of a highly available six. Your networks
safe provides for an open
modular on expandable structure. Save a facility to the development implementation on the management of a six year networks.
Cisco Security Control Framework. The Cisco Security Control Framework as CF is a security framework that provides a foundation for security networks based on proven industry best practices. Security architecture parents oppose
Cisco SCF is designed to address cartons, brights on fright that are still evolving by using common and a comprehensive security solutions.
This is Go save architecture uses Isis CF to develop a secure network of designs that ensure high availability of never Service's Cisco. As to CF influences the security products of selection on that helps guide network implementations toe allow for better visibility and control
as the CF assumes of the presence of the security policies
derived from fried in a risk assessments that complete meant to the goes over the business security policies and the guy lines. Defining acceptable use policy for the security use of the network service is on devices in the organization.
The security policies should also determine the process on procedures for handling security events,
which helped define the security operations to achieve a business. Goes and is a creative gold of businesses that security policy procedures and power to the business rather than prevent access.
Total visibility and a complete control are two of the main competence of a CF, never security as a function of visibility down control. Without these ability, there is a lack of control under without control. Your amazing key elements of a security.
The success of a security policy depends on salted the visibility into control with S A C F. There are six of security actions used to reinforce the security policy on Allah, all for visibility and control.
These ability is improving with identity. Monitor on coal related security, actions
on control as enhanced through the harden, isolate and enforces security actions. Each of these the security actions is a further define in the SCF motto. This diagram this crap's got the competence of this system as a CF model
Learning jack Question number one. What never security platform combines Ah, high performance firewall with a Nike s anti virus. I keep that Zach and I says Al V p. A. In a single, unified architecture er a integrated the service routers be Cisco Calista switches See
adaptive security appliance
thesis allies. We going to see adaptive security appliance? The Cisco essays provide a high performance via Wall I PS antivirus I p. Second of a peon service is
Question number two. What does the Cisco security architecture called a safe stand for a security announces for enterprise B security architecture for enterprise C Standard assessment. Fran Price Thes standard architecture for enterprise. We go with a B security architecture of enterprise.
In today's brief lecturer, we discussed the Cisco safe architecture.
Any questions? Feel free to contact me. Otherwise I'll see you in the next video Bye for now.
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