12.4 Threat Defense and Security Management Solutions

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Video Transcription
Hello. Welcome back. Cisco Certified Design Associate Mulder. 12 Lie Central Point for on the Instructor Wing.
In the previous video, we talked about a secure service's problem. This video. We will begin to introduce a fried defense and security manager in the solutions.
Here's the pre assessment question. When designing the infrastructure protection person for the Enterprise badge, which solution would be the most appropriate? A solution to consider a a zero to that one acts B A C l's in accord earlier. See Cisco Security Mars, the Tebow A. We go into D.
Here's the topical will discuss
infrastructure protection. The infrastructure needs to be protected using security features. And the service is to meet growing needs of a business without a disruption. Infrastructure protection, in the process of taking steps to reduce the risks and the rights to the network infrastructure
and to maintain the integrity and a high availability of never resource is
by using best practices in a security policy you can secure and the heart in the infrastructure agreement to prevent a potential attacks to combat the network of frights, Cisco has enhanced this system. I rise and I os x e with the security features to support the security infrastructure and increase the network's availability.
Here are some the recommended best practices for infrastructure protection
Using out of a bend old be managing the network to separate a management that related a trafficker from a production that traffic access is that really a cream into remotely with sshh rather than with the Tonette
In that worst raging infrastructure, use a B p d o guard roof, Garden of Eden and trunk ing particle Beaky P with the motor transparent
in never switching infrastructure, use Artie Inspection and a DHD to be small snooping
in their work. Assuaging infrastructure. Used control. Clean policing. Copp. You strip away up for authenticating on administrative access, authorizing privileges and logging all user recessions. Multiple Triple A servers can also be used to the increase of fault tolerance of the two boys. Surfaces
universes log traction reviewed along. Sir. For further analysis,
use the same phone Erica Management Protocol version free as an MTV three, for it's a Security privacy features
disable I use the network Service is such as PCP, small servers and UDP small servers use as ftp rotted anti ftp to managing images.
Use access classes to restrict access to management and a command. My innovation CEO I enable routing protocol authentication when available, such as a hence the Interrogator way. Routing protocol. Yeah, Sharpie open the shortest path First West PF Prada Gold
Intermediate A system to intermediate a system are yes. Ah yes, on a barter gateway product GDP
use. I use the Venus for the Native Vienna or report. Do you know how to use the little one?
Security Management Solutions Security Management Solutions are used to monitor control and the support network infrastructure. The same tours can be helpful during that God AIDS and can save demonstrators a considerable amount of a time. Security Management Solutions provided the following
collects a interprets on presents information
provisions and there were security policies for deployment maintains consistency By tracking policy. Cheney's monitors at com Activity on dhe provides a rule based access control are back. Ah, strong security implementation is only as good as the policies that are used.
One of the biggest. The risks with a good A security implementation is policy. Ever.
The network operations personnel need to fully understand the security policies, processes and tours so that it can respond quickly when a security incident on arises.
Learning jack question number one. We travel the falling benefits it does. A security management solution provides a sand scans.
Be provisions. There were security policies for a deployment. See prevents unauthorized access. Be a nap skin. It's going to be right. Security Management Solutions provided ways to provisioned that working security policies for years about deployment
cross number two each. Two solutions are part of the system. Security management streets. Choose to a neck appliance be picks. See Cisco security agents Thesis those security Mars E A s A F C S M. We go with Mars and the CSM.
Mars is in the security monitoring, analysis and a response system. Was security monitoring Toro for network devices?
CSM that Cisco security manager helps to enable consistent policy enforcement and a right bit of trouble shooting of a superior events offering summarize the recent reports across the security deployment.
In today's brief lecture, we discussed Thrive, defense and Security management solutions.
Any questions? Feel free to contact me. Otherwise I'll see you in the next video Bye for now
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