12.3 Secure Services

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Video Transcription
Hello. Welcome back, Cisco Certified Design associate, Modu Tall license or a 0.3. I'm your instructor, winged.
In a previous video, we talked about a security policy on a process, trust and identity management. From these video, we will begin to introduce a secure service's.
Here's the pre SS one question. What is the length of the key used to wear the triple data encryption standard To possess a last 68 bits? Be 64 bits. See 1.8 bits. Thes 56 bits is a
Here's the topic of Won't discuss
Secure Service's Secure Service's is a competent over this Cisco Safe. A Security reference Architecture. This confident of a safe aims to protect the integrity and privacy of organizations that sensitive information with the increased the security risk on the rice.
It is a critical that security be implemented within today's an average a moment.
Consider, for example, they increase the use of the Internet as a transport for a extra net and title worker connectivity by always, ah, broadband connectivity. Internal network segments have traditionally being considered a trusted now require higher levels of the never security. However, internal frights are now more than
10 times more expensive on a destructive than external frights. Data data flows across the network needs to be secured so that its privacy and integrity are preserved. These are important concepts to keep in mind when making business decisions about securing connectivity.
This is the Secure Service's provides secure transport data on application using encryption and authentication techniques.
Many security technologies exist for securing that. A voice in the video traffic using wired wireless or remote access connectivity methods. Regardless of how the user's connected the network, they should have access to the applications in the data that they are authorized to access. Security technologies include the
I P SEC Assets Age SSL. I'm sure as v p m. With the SEC
encryption keys on encryption session between two. An appliance need to the key to encrypted traffic and a key to decrypt the traffic added remote endpoint. There are two ways to send a key to the remote endpoints shadows he creates. Both sides can use the same key or use a transform into
created a description key.
The key is placed on the remote and point out of a bin. This is simple mechanism about it. How's the security you shows because of the key does not change frequently enough. P k. I realize unless us in magic a cryptography which uses two different keys for encryption.
Public keys are used to encrypt primary keys into the crypt.
Kiki I requires a certificates to be issued by a certificate authority. See a right on is used by many e commerce sites on the Internet. This diagram shows what alters Theo Nick encryption process using Sierra. The secret keys using same key to incriminate decrypt
the PM particles. There are several VPN particles to choose from
each with varying benefits and uses standard ikey sack uses authentication harder H and encapsulating security Payload E S P. The secure data uses the Internet and a key exchange i k e for dynamic a key exchange and appoints Require I P Second software.
Choose one model Vander in court. Interoperability support is required,
says go. Then I make a multiple in a virtual private networks of the M v p n secure encrypted appoint appointed Jerrick rotting encapsulation. Jordy Tunnels provides on the man who spoke to spoken activity routing Madi cost and quality of service HQ US support.
Choose the one simplified a ha Been a smoker. Pecans are needed
since the gr eBay's the V p M. And it was a rotting in amount of cost. The traffic across V p n p sac is optional, not Nike protocol. Lilac US A. Support Choose one more detail. The configuration that the M V p n and required physical gabby PN encryption integration alike A and M ferocity WAAS
Using private address ING
simplifies encryption management. They're using Group A keying any to any connectivity support for rotting multicast qs. Choose one adding encryption toe Archy or interests of one's well, allowing any to any connectivity.
These table describes key features of the VP and security protocols
Learning Jack Question number Well, which Mathur will be used to secure network against May in the middle. Attack a firewall, be encryption See Management module. The U two factor authentication. We go with B encryption
Question number two on network architecture. Working for a large financial institution as designing VPN solution that must include encryption which option me to this report Mint HR. Eternal Be out to v. P. M. C. L. Three v p m d e. Got a vacation we go in Deke as you can.
Number three.
Which technology allows the motor networks to be connected? Tobias itis That tunnel's a piece. A VPN be any connective you can see. I says. L we can't be easy extracted a VPN going the eyepiece I really can't
In today's brief lecture with disgust, the Secure service's any questions. Feel free to contact me otherwise all CEO in an extra video bye for now.
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