12.2 Security Policy and Process - Trust and Identity Management

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Video Transcription
Hello. Welcome back, Cisco Certified design associate. Large youto listen too important to I'm your instructor. Wink.
In the previous video, we talked about a never security overview. From these video, we will begin to introduce a security policy and process trust and identity management.
Here's the pre assessment question. What is the first to step when creating a network security policy? A. Defined what should be protected. Be investigator. How likely an attack is talkers See implement to measures to protect assets
The higher security formative performance penetration test go with a defined what should be protected first,
it is the topic of we'll discuss
security policy than process to provide a proper level all the security and increased network availability. A security policy is a crucial element in providing security. Metro Service is This is a very important concept to understand. On a such business, requirements should be considered a throw out of the system in like psycho
business requirements and a risk analysis are used in the development of
a security policy. It is often a balanced speech in ease of access versus of security risk on a color cost of implementing security technology in terms of the narrow security in a system of life. Psycho. The business needs our key area to consider
business needs that define what the business wants to do with the network.
Risk announces is another part of the system of left Taeko. It explains the security risks and their associated costs the business needs out of the risk assessment of feed information to the security policy. The security policy describes the organization's processes, procedure, skylights and the standards for the more
industry security. Past practices are leveraged
to provide a well known processes and procedures. Finally, on organizations, a security operation team need to have a process as the procedures to find this information helps explain what needs to happen for incident in response. Security. Monitoring the security man Innis and managing compliance.
This table allies keen Erica security considerations.
A security policies that divided into smaller parts that helped this grab the overall risk management policy, identification of assets and where security issue to be applied. Other confidence off the security policy. Explain how responsibilities related it to risk management are handover threw out of the end price.
Further document Concentrate on specific areas of the rescue management.
Acceptable use policy is a general and user document. There is Rita in simple language. They stalk me in and defines the rules and the responsibilities within risk Management should have a clear explanations to avoid a Confucian network access control policy,
Defiance, General Access Control prince suppose
usually in a network and how that is a classified such as confidential autopsy, create our internal security management policy, explains how to manage the security infrastructure you sit in. A handling policy
defines the processes and procedures for managing security incidents, including the handling of the emergency scenarios.
Several other documents supplement this thievery. Depending on the organization, the security policy requires the acceptance and a support off all employees to make it a successful. All the key stakeholders are business leaders, including members of a senior. Management
should have input into the development over the security policy.
In addition, key stakeholders should continue to participate in the ongoing maintenance on updates to the security policy. In order to keep it up to date, this table summarizes additional security policy documents,
staffs of her continuous a security step number one secure identification authentication, a CLC stay full packet inspection, SP I encryption and the Vita step to monitor intrusion of the content based detection and response staff. Free tests
assessments vulnerability. Scanning on the security auditing
step for improved data. Announces reporting on the intelligent. Another security. This diagram shows the four staffs process that updates and continues the development of a security policies.
Trust in identity management trust and an identity management and the crew show for the development of our secure network system. Trust an identity management defines who, out of what can access that work out of one were and how the Axis can offer access to the business applications and network a cream in as based on the user level
rights that are granted and assign about the demonstrators.
Trust in identity management also attempts to athlete and keeping factor the machines off the network value. Forcing access control the three main competence of a trust. And I did any management. Our trust, identity and access control Trust
trust is the relationship between two or more African entities that are permitted to communicate
security policy decisions air largely based on this promise of a trust. If you are trusted, you are allowed to communicate as needed. However, sometimes a security controls need to apply. Re transcend our restraint to trust the relationships that by limiting or preventing access to this decided eight privilege level,
trust the relationships that can be explained savory and in places it by the organization. Some trusted relationships can be inherited or passed down from one system to another. However, keeping in mind that these trust relationships can also be abused. Domain I trust the man don't trust are away to group of network assistance.
They share a common policy function
networks. Seconds have a different trust levels, depending on the resource is there are securing when applying security controls within that world. Second chance, it is important to consider the trust of relationships between the segments keeping mine that customers, partners and employees each have their own unique set of IT
requirements from a security perspective
that can't be managing independently with domains of the trust classifications. When domains of the trust are managed in this way, consistent and security controls within each segment can be applied trust. The levels of such as the internal never can be very open and the flexible,
whereas the outside needs to be considered unsafe, and that therefore needs a strong security to protect. The resource is
this table shows different levels of trust from a low to high
learning jack question number one which over this domain offer trust the security statement is correct a second and that security policy decisions are based on trust. Be a communication between trusted and entities. Needs to be carefully manage it and control. See on demonstrators should've applied consistent security controls between segments.
second and we didn't have never should have the same trust models. We go with a segment. Security policy decisions are based on trust.
Question number two. Which option is the greatest? The concern that were designed requires corporate's traffic, it of past the public. Internet. A redundancy. Be security, see delay deep and it will be security.
In today's brief electro. We discussed the security policy and process trust and identity management.
Any questions? Feel free to contact me. Otherwise I'll see you in that video. Bye for now
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