12.2 Getting Certified

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Hi, guys. Welcome to course. Wrap up how to get certified. I'm Catherine the Khyber, and today you'll have an awareness of yellow Belt certification option.
So first, in four moves you have completed the cyber requirements on, so you are eligible for your badge and certificate of completion. This the rest of this model is focused on whether or not you want external certification. So certification from independent agency
I personally think that your certificate of completion from cyber is more than sufficient because I think very highly of the Yellow Boat program
and the your certificate of completion shows that you have an understanding of the fundamentals and foundations of lean in six Sigma. If for some reason for your personal satisfaction or for your career progression, you do need or want that external certification of the independent agency,
that's what the rest of this module is going to be focused on.
So before we get to two into the weeds on how to get certified, let's talk a little bit about the history of the certifications. Yellow Built is relatively new for the lean six Sigma industry. When I started my training
a few years ago, we only had three certification levels. We had green belt, black bolt and master black belt. As the industry has evolved, we recognized in need for a couple of different levels. So we added white belt and yellow belt. So white belt is
easier to think of as sponsor and champion training. So it is very much focused on the leadership aspects of lean and six segments. So it talks a little bit about
strategic planning and a little bit more on the cushion Conry. If you remember back to getting started in to make and project prioritization and it talks quite a bit about benefits so very much focused on the leadership aspect, then we have yellow belt certification, which is what you guys have done
and that is focused on two parts one thehe bility to do quick hits and propagate this culture of continuous improvement in your organizations and to
to be a fully engaged participating member on domestic project teams. So generally to make project teams have gotten in the past distracted from the project objectives while training the team members what to do and what to expect in lean in six signal projects. So this yellow belt
prevents that because you already know what's going on, you know that major things that are happening in each of the phases,
so you are able to then focus on the problem statement in the objectives and the solutions. So that's where these two additional belts came from.
Greeneville Excuse me. Green and black are still belts, and in our next module will talk about what the expectations are from them if you are interested in pursuing additional lean six Sigma training.
So as we're talking about getting a certified,
there is something that is very important for you to know. And it's the reason why your certificate of completion from Cyber Eri is sufficient.
There is no standard body of knowledge for certification for any other lean six Sigma levels. I think it's always a little bit funny because an organization and a group of people that push
standard work and standardization and the same people doing the same thing every way have never been able to agree on what should we know
to say that we're certified at each of these levels. So what that means for you is there are multiple certifying agencies, and each of those certifying agencies has their own body of knowledge and what they think that a yellow belt should be able to do
so. If you were to do an Internet search and find each of these these, um, certifying agencies, my first recommendation to you
would be review the body of knowledge because they're all going to be a little bit different. With that, I'm going to go over two of the more well known or larger certifying agencies and give you some of an idea of what to expect. That being said, there is no endorsement of either of these.
If you want to google it and shoes
some group to get your your yellow belt certification exam through, I am not saying any one of these is better or worse than the other. They're simply different.
So for the next two agencies that we're going to talk about, you can expect a written exam so much like your S a T. So they're going to be multiple choice or true false type questions. But they are written exam. You have no practical component to being certified as a yellow belt,
so the first agency is the American Society for quality
based off of their requirements. You have met them for the certifying exam. So if you wanted to get off of this module and go to their website and registered to take the yellow belt exam, you are perfectly sufficient with that. My recommendation to you is if you choose this,
you will want to supplement what you know in this course. So the cyber, a yellow belt
with some descriptive and inferential statistics. So the ask you as a whole tends to be a little bit more mathematically focused, which means that they're goingto have questions regarding descriptive statistics. So how does your data look right now
and inferential statistics on what can we project in the future?
So if this is something that you are interested in, I would say it's keep pay attention to the cyber ery offerings. There will be a couple of different ways in the future that you can get more statistical knowledge. Or, um, make sure you do your homework on your own and get some of those high level descriptive and inferential statistics.
The other thing, if you choose the sq
you're going to want a supplement with project management tools. So forthis course I have stayed very strongly in lean six Sigma tools and lean six Sigma Project management. The sq has some overlap with the types of project management tools
you find in the Project Management Institute or the PM eyes
Body of knowledge. So you're gonna want to brush up on things like the phases in some of the tools for the four project management specifically to be fully comfortable with the A s cues Yellow Belt certification exam.
Conversely, there is also the International Association of Six Sigma certification. You also meet the requirements to take the certification exam. So if you would like to leave here and file for that exam, you can do that. I promise you guys, at the beginning of this course that I wasn't gonna go heavily into
statistics, which means that if you d'oh the i S S C,
you're going to want to supplement with some basic descriptive statistics. So the Eye SSC tends to only focus on things like mean mode. Median measures of central tendency on so focused on that kind of your introduction to statistics and you want to stay in descriptive,
you don't need to do anything for inferential based off of their body. Acknowledge
you do, however, want to supplement with process capability information. So this is something that we didn't talk about at all in this course. But we will talk about in Greenville and very heavily in black belt, which has to do with your customers upper and lower control limits. And how does your process function within that? So
if you choose to take
the I A s A C A certification exam, you're going to want to beef up on your descriptive statistics and also read up on your process capability. Pay attention to the cyberia offering. There will be more opportunities to learn this from Cyber Harry in the future.
So with that pulling this all together, there are lots of places that you can get lean six sigma yellow belt certification brew. You're goingto want to review the body of knowledge because there is no standard body of knowledge. So make sure as you were looking through the thing the areas that they say that you're going to have proficiency and
that you do in fact feel comfortable in those. And if you don't, you're always welcome to reach out where there will be more course offerings
as we progress through cyber A that will focus specifically on some of those on. And then my last question to you would be understanding that there is no standard body of knowledge. Be very specific. As Dewie it is. You want to take these written certification exams as compared to something like pursuing
additionally and siccing the training which is our next module. So I will see you in our next module
if you were interested in higher levels of lean six Sigma training.
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