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Video Transcription
Hi, everyone. Welcome back to the course, So you can now breathe a big sigh of relief because you are done. All right, we're finally at our course summary. Eso In the last video, we talked about the capstone lab again. There's not gonna be a step by step for that. And I also do not walking through that because I want you to complete the capstone
much like if you were completely like a master's degree or something.
I want you to complete the capstone on your own so you can get their hands on practice.
So this video, we're just gonna go over the course summary. We'll talk about the things we've talked about a little bit. And then I also want to do a special shout out to the couple of teaching assistants that have helped me build out this course. We tried to make it the coolest course on earth, so definitely let us know your feedback and everything like that.
So let's start off with what we covered, of course, Module one, and here in module 12 or discovering the intro in the end. But in March of two recovered injection, specifically, we're focused a lot on sequel injection attacks on DSO in our lab. There we did sequel injection. We also did OS command injection and HTML injection.
March of three would be broken authentication module for sensitive data exposure much of five x x ear xml external entities.
Six weeks at broken access control security. Miss Configurations were next when then went over cross site scripting. So we learned about reflected versus stored
that we moved in to see insecurity serialization. We talked about what serialization was. Who could understand what do serialization men.
We also talked about using components with known vulnerabilities, insufficient logging and monitoring. And again, we're here in our course summary. Now, now, as we mentioned throughout the entire course, every single module has at least one lab with its you could get some hands on practice. And I just talked about the capstone in the last video again.
So make sure you go ahead and do that if you need the hands on.
If you don't need that, I still recommend that you just take a peek at it and try your best at it. It'll help you retain the knowledge better.
And don't forget if you haven't done it yet? Which hopefully you have you been following along with the labs? If you haven't yet. Go ahead. Download all the supplemental resource is for this course. We've got some practice questions for you to try to test your knowledge, along with some other great resource is including step by step lab guides and all of the power point presentations that I've used.
So I wanted to give a special shout out as I mentioned to the to teaching assistants that assisting me with this course, both of these gentlemen are legends in the cyber security engine industry. In their particular verticals, eso Martin Koval. He's an executive for organization and then carry LeBlanc as a legend on blue team stuff.
Eso fue free to connect with these gentlemen all linked in
reach out to them. Let them know if you have questions are very happy to give back to the community and help other people out.
So I just want to thank both of you. If you're watching this course. Hopefully hear you're watching it as well. Um, but I just want to thank you guys. Definitely appreciated the help in building this thing out
and less but not least thank you to all of the students. This was, Ah, fund course. The film. Hopefully I have provided some, uh, good knowledge on the ah wa stop 10 for you hopefully have broken things down where you can understand them. If everything looked kind of Greek to you when she started the course, hopefully now it looks a little closer to the language. You actually
speaking natively,
um and if not, let me know. We'll definitely push out as much content is you need to make sure you understand these concepts. But again, this course was intended to be a beginner level type of thing. Just a walking through the ah wa stop 10 from 2017 and as a loss updates that we will go ahead and get this course updated to match the latest version of the ah wa stop 10.
So again, thank you so much for watching. Definitely, if you're interested in any of the topics, we kind of Touchstone. So for specifically, I talked about a lot about like penetration testing. If you're interested in that, if they're kind of like I want to learn more about that, check out my penetration testing an ethical hacking course here on cyber. It's not too in depth, is not gonna
kill you or anything like that. Hopefully not at least,
but we do cover a lot of topics that will be helpful on that particular career path. I also mentioned digital forensics in this course. If that interest you at all, I happen to have a I'll do another self plug here, happen to have a computer hacking and forensics course on Cyber. Now, both of those courses are specifically
trying to prep you for certain certification exam. So, of course, penetration in ethical hacking talks about,
you know, the the hacking methodology and stuff like that, but our pen testing methodology. But it also perhaps you for the servant ethical happy exam as well.
And then a lot of the lines with that, the computer hacking forensics course. Of course, I didn't reduces you to forensics and also is designed to help you prep for the computer hacking forensic investigator exam as well.
So there's many other courses I suggest if any of these topics interest you so things like Callie Lennox and map, you know, and then also blue team things right We've got some cool courses coming out on blue team items. If you don't know what blue team is, definitely keep looking at the site way. Explain what that type of stuff is. There's many courses on the defender side, and that's what the blue team is. Defender. So
check out all that cool stuff. I know him die aggressive just a bit here, but
I did want to thank everyone and just kind of let you know the next steps. If you're interested in certain areas, definitely check those out on the site and feel free to connect with me, all linked in just for search my name, which you're loved and linked in on. Please don't send me mail for I do not want it
and I don't click any links that are sent to me. So unless I open them in a sandbox, just f Y I on that
If you have a nefarious intent, you're not gonna get meat anyways. It's been a pleasure, everyone. I thank you for taking the course, and we'll see in the next one
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