11.3 Route Manipulation

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11 hours
Video Transcription
Well, welcome back.
Simple Certified design associate. Marjorie 11. Last 11.3. I'm your instructor wing
In a previous vido, we talked about a B G p. From this video, we will begin to introduce a rock manipulation.
Here's the pre assessment question. Which benefit isn't an advantage of arouse Some organization. A reduces the size of the routing table. Be a causes routers to be updated. The more frequently see a lowers of the costs of Mattrick
Theeighty, neighbor's neighbor Discovery. It'll be a reducing the size of the rotting people.
Here is the topic of Will Discuss
Ross Memorization. Large networks can grow Piccoli from 500 rounds to Holland to 2000. Higher network Ikey addresses issue to be allocated a wall for Rob Some organization Ross Memorization reduces the amount of around traffic on the network.
Unnecessary rock computation and the creep perceived the complexity of the network.
Rose memorization also allows the network to scale as a company gross.
The recommended A location for Ross memorization is the summarize, added the distribution layer over the network anthropology. This diagram assures the hierarchical network it has network, the core regional distribution rodders and access routes or sites for sites.
All rows in Brazil are summarized with a single $10.1. Does your does your rose 5 16 route.
The North American or European routes are also summarized the way the 10 dot to 10.0.0 does your slash 16 on a $10 free Does your dog zero slash 16
respectively. Rodders in Europe need to know Onley Summarize the row to get it, bro. Zeal on the North America and vice versa. Again, a design best practices To summarize out of the distribution toward the corps, the corps needs to know only the summarized the row over the regional areas.
It is important for the Internet network designer,
The Sign I ke never eggs in a manner that permeates the summarize a shin. It is preferred that a neighboring router receive on summarized the route. Rather 8 16 32 or more rounds. The penny long The level of the summarize ation
this is set up reduces the size of the routing table in the network.
For Ross in relation to work, the multiple ikey addresses must share the same left almost a bit on the rodders Master based,
they're a routing decision on the ikey address and a prefix around the recommended a practice recording. Some realization include the following.
Implement the summary ization at a one connectivity and a remote access points to water. The never been core to reduce the rotting table size summarize out of the distribution were for all network interfaces that point to the network or
implement a passing interfaces accident layer in their faces so that the neighbor agencies
are not established through the access layer. Ah, more specific around might be created, which would be taken over a summarized the rob
route redistribution rotted redistribution of the exchange of arouse between routing protocols. For example, between ya Jerky and a West PF, you configure, the redistribution of routing power goes on routers that resided on a service provider, ash over the network
or an autonomous a system of pottery within the internal network,
these rodders exchange arouse with other autonomous systems. Redistribution is also done on routers that run more than one routing protocol. Here are some reasons that do redistribution Mac creation from a order routing protocol to Anouar routing Protocol
meets the Vander Environments, in which Siskel rodders, maybe using a Sharpie and other vendor rodders met using West PF
Different Administrative, a doorman between company departments using different and rotting particles,
murderers on acquisitions and way to the network's initially need to communicate in this scenario to differently a drawer pee processes a Matic exist.
Reedus vision can be accomplished by two methods to weigh redistribution on one way redistribution in two way every decision. Routing information. A exchanges between both routing protocols. No static routes are used in this exchange. Rob futures are used to prevent rotting loops.
Rotting moves can be caused by one round particle redistributing
robs that would run from the second row. Protocal back to the second routing protocol one way redistribution only a loss, redistribution from one rotting protocol to another number only. It is used in conjunction with the default or static rock out of the edge of the never.
This diagram shows an example of a one way the redistribution, the routing information from the one rows is re disputed into the campus, but a campus routes are now to redistribute it onto the web. The one rodders use the default route to get back to the campus.
Other locations for one way redistribution are from a building access networks,
BDP rods or static routes into the I. D. P. And from the Jeep VPN static aroused into the idea.
Oh, SPF redistribution. There are a few things you need to remember when designing a network that will read this beauty with the SPF.
We're redistributing routes into a West PF uses the some nets he were to permit a sudden natty that roused to be received. If you do not use it on Lee, the major never karate is re disputed without any some networks. In other words, oh, SPF performed off Automatic Osama Realization
Thio Ikey Cross for network of values.
Also, unlike a year, J. R P and a re person to the SPF does not need a matter related to be specific spicy fighter during redistribution. Neither does it need us. See the match is going to be a specified because it uses a D for magical, for re disputed routes
by default. Re disputed routes are classified as external type to you, too, and wash pf
you can use the magic a title. He weren't to change the external Rato internal rock type of what the network design can take into account that after redistribution costs attack two or the after Reedus Pension costs plus hats cost tough one. In this diagram around, Herbie is configured to performer
Mutual registration between Yeah, Sharkey 100 on West PF
Process I. D 50. In this example, we can use the Rod Maps access list. It'd prevent rotting loops, but draw maps permit or denying that never to that are listed in the accident list. The Sundance Kid When I read issues of every seven and a eight European tow SPF
rod, few tittering twittering off rows can walk around either Aries distribution point or in a rotting the man to prevent a sum up parts of the network from accessing other sections of the network.
Well, a few during is used to future routes out of the redistribution of the GDP in tow. GP such as West p f e a r p o R r I s I s fluttering at a redistribution point provides the following benefits avoids of rotting groups, avoid to stop optimal rotting
prevents certain rows from entering the domain.
No, no question Number one What are two reasons this continues on TV for networks Henderson scalability. Choose to a routing table bloat. Be inability to utilise automatic Summarize a Shin Seon the sufficient ikey addresses. He slowed packet of forwarding
e delayed interface. Killian.
It is a n be rotting cable float. Inability to utilise automatic some organization. Question Number two. A company must deploy an i. D. P Routing protocol on the enterprise network.
Where should arouse memorization Be implemented? A distribution. Be corpse, he accessed. The backbone will be distribution. A question number three. Which the minute should've the designer keep in mind when considering the advance. The routing teachers
a one way rot redistribution. Avoid to the requirements for a static or D fall. Rouse
be redistribution. Summarize Asian and filtering are most often applied. The beach in the campus core and the enterprise ach see few during only offers on the rotting domain boundaries. Using redistribution, the's summarizes routes added occurred toward the distribution lier
either hierarchical flexibility off key. Be six. Addressing
avoids the requirement for routing traffic of reduction. Using aggregation,
I'll be
question number four. Which type of area should have you using the enterprise? Oh, SPF deployment. You want to prevent a propagation of attack for five hours a cz, but still allow the redistribution of external rows a stub Be totally stubby.
See back on the S s a e virtual ink OPD
In today's brief lecturer, we discussed the rob manipulation.
Any questions? Please feel free to contact me. Otherwise I'll see you in the next video. Bye for now.
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