10.4 OWASP Capstone Lab Instructions

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Video Transcription
Hi, everyone. Welcome back to the course. So I mentioned in the last video where we did insufficient logging of monitoring the lab. For that, I mentioned that there was a loss Top 10 Capstone lab. So this is it. This you'll find our catalogue? However, as I mentioned, I'm not goingto walking through this lab step by step. I'm also not going to provide a supplemental,
downloadable, step by step guide for you.
I want you to actually do this lap. You know, I want you to go through it. I want you to you know, break stuff will not really break stuff because you're in a virtual environment. But, you know, break stuff, play with it, figure out what you're doing wrong, what you're doing, right. This lab's gonna kind of walking through things. It's also gonna have an expectation that you've already done the other labs. So you have some hands on experience in doing these particular areas.
Now, as usual, it'll have the pop up here
telling you a little bit about the lab. In the scenario, etcetera, you get is always next and okay, through that same thing here you'll have these little pop ups and the user name and password for Callie is the same. What you'll notice on the right side here as you'll notice all the different components of the old lost top 10. So as you go through
this entire lab, it's gonna have you lost your answers for each particular module.
And that way you get through the end, you could save your answers and complete the lab completely. So again, not going to walk you through this lab. There will be no step by step guide for this lab. But I wanted to show you it that this is there. So if you're more technical person and if your employer wants you to have more hands on than definitely do this capstone if you know you're less hands on like let's say this
lost course was just like a requirement
for you to meet t maintain your criteria for the annual stuff. Then you may not need to do this. Caps don't lab. Just check with your employer. Make sure you know of what you exactly you need to do if you want to take a deep dive again. If you're kind of technical or you want to take a deeper dive, then by all means, you do want to do this Capstone lab to get their hands on practice.
So again, I just want to show you that this does exist.
This is what it looks like. And again, we're not gonna be providing a step by step materials for this particular capstone because I get the hands on on your own. As if you were just trying to learn this stuff on your own.
All right. So, again, I appreciate you watching the course in the next video. We're gonna talk about the course summary will kind of wrap up everything we've talked about and this entire course.
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