11.2 BGP

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11 hours
Video Transcription
Hello. Welcome back, Sister Certified Design Associate, March 11. Less than 11.2
I'm your instructor, Ween.
In the previous video, we talked about a West PF. From of these video, we will begin to introduce a BDP.
Here's the pre assessment question. Engineer is designing a solution for a multiple multi home to establish a rotter to pee stream. Another way to design has to be a
I'm e d p b e d g p c o s v f the harpy away immediately.
Here is the topic of all of this guys.
E v g p. External Border Gate With protocol is the term used to describe BDP peering between neighbors and different autonomous systems as required about R f C 17 71 the IGP peers. They share a common stuff. Nate.
Although this is good, there's allows some flexibility to avoid doing so
in the staff room. All writers to speak a DVD P with Rogers and other autonomous systems. We didn't autonomous a system of 500 rodders communicated using IBP
I BTP Internal Border Getaway protocol is the term used to describe it appearing between bdp neighbors in the same autonomous system I've GDP is used primarily in transit autonomous systems transit autonomous The systems of forward traffic
from one external autonomous A system into another external autonomous A system.
If the transit autonomous systems they never use IBT p, the VP learned routes would have to be redistributed into an i. D. P and their redistributed into the BTP process. Another e b T p. Rotter Not only the number of a BTP routes is too large
for an i. D. P to handle
ivy. DP provides a better way toe control Arouse within a transit Autonomous systems with ivy. Dp The external route Information attributes as forwarded that there is i d piece of that amount of be used that do not understand or forward to bdp attributes,
including autonomous A system. Paths
between GDP rodders. Another use of ivy DP is a large corporations where the I D P networks are even smaller, the independent of rotting domains along organizational or Joe Grafica boundaries. In this diagram, a company has decided to use a free independent that idea Keys
one for the Americas,
another for Asia and Australia, another for Europa, the Middle East and Africa.
Rawls or redistribute it into an Ivy GP core. Right?
And uh, here's the vory high level other uses of fried BTP applying policies in the internal economists system with the high oh bubba bdp path. Attribute BTB path Attributes are covered in the later slights que wise policy propagation on the b g p
kill PB PB uses I bdp tous
right A common qs parameters from one router to other writers in an air word that the classifieds package using I keep presidency. It's based on GDP community. Let's be GP autonomous of system up half his and the access lists after packets are classified. Cute wise features Can
you force policies
multi protocol BDP peering off a model particle label switching and drawer as virtual Previn Never to be P s, the Mahdi Protocal reversion off B g p is used to carry and trusted BP. Any information between all p rodders within of the can community?
I'm a p p g. P is a defining RFC 28 58.
It introduces a new BDP capabilities at advertisement to determine whether a PDP pier supports MPB GPA PTP. It introduces optional non transitive attributes used to to advertise a feasible. Rob's to appear net Really a reach ability. Information on other characteristics.
A defiance in the address. Family. Identify where. A F I R to identify PB six,
which is used to come be in PV for address as the GDP. Next, hop for the advertised that PB six purposes.
Geeky administrative idiots. Distance That's this guy's the software assigns and undemonstrative hit the stands, TTP and I've BTP routes as it does with the other Routing protocols for the same prefix. The round with the lawyers. That mystery of Distances is selected for inclusion in a forwarding cable
by for B g p The demonstrative distances R E B G P. Rawls is 20. I need to be arouses 100
BTB PATH attributes Beach Be uses several attributes of for the path of selection process. BDP uses a path of attributes to communicate a rotting policies. BDP Path attributes, including next a hop local preference autonomous A system, a path are raging, multi exists discriminator
led community Atomic Aggregate and aggregator
Off. This, the economists system Path is one of the most important attributes. It lists of the number of autonomous system paths to reach a destination network
IGP attributes can be categorized as well known or optional. Well known attributes are recognized by all BDP implementations optional attributes that do not have to be supported by the GDP process. Well known attributes can be further stuff categorized as a mandatory or a discretionary.
Mandatory attributes are always include dating and BDP updated messages,
discretionary attributes, met or man not to be included in the GDP update message option or interviews can be further stop categorized as transitive or non transitive. Rodders must advertise that route, where the atrocity of attributes of its appears even a bit. That does not have supported the attribute of low quality,
leaving a path at treaties and non transitive
the writer that now they have to advertise the rotter. It's yours.
Next hop attribute the next. The hop attribute is the I. P address of the next I P hop that will be used to reach the destination. The next top attribute is a well known mandatory attribute.
Local preference attribute
local preference attributes indicates which path they used to exist. The up autonomous A system. It is a well known discretionary attribute used. The between Ivy GP piers on is not passed onto external Beach be appears in Cisco as the software, the default local preferences 100
the higher local preferences have preferred
the default local preferences configured on that GDP rodder with an external path and that advertises is a local preference to internal DTP piers. This diagram she was an example of the local prevalence attribute well where rotter be NSC are configured with different local preference values
Broader Aye, on the other. IBP rodders the receiver rods from both the rotter PNC between the two possible paths
Joining the arrows
Rotter eh prefers using rotter See to rob internal package because it has a higher local preferences for hindered that rotter be 300
origen Attribute. A region is a well known mandatory attributes and out of defines the source off the path. Information. Do not confuse the originally. The comparing whether the rod is external evey GP or internal i b g p a r region. Attribute is receiving from the source BDP Roger. There are three types
I dp indicated vinyl i EPDP table
present when the rock is learned by what By way off the network Esteem int e g P. Indicated by an i e n a B g P table learned from a GP incomplete indicated about a question. Work in the GDP table. Learning from a redistribution of the road
in terms of choosing a raw based on a region,
BDP prefers rows that have been verified about an i. D. P over routes that have been learned from each of the piers on a beach if he prefers around to learn from a B g p Peers over Incomplete of Paths
Autonomous A System Path attribute. The autonomous of system PAD is a well known mandatory attributes that it contains a list of the accents in a path to the destination. Each autonomous a system of pre pens It's on A s ends the autonomous A system of path,
the autonomous A system, a path. This grabs all the autonomous systems of pack. It would have to travel
to reaching a destination I t network. It is used to the insurer. That of the path is a loop free 20 Autonomous A system have attributes is used that this selective path the rod with the fewest autonomous of system hop
as a preferred in a case of a tie other attributes of such as Amedi Breaking a tie right?
I mean the attribute The media tribute, also known as a metric 1000 external bdp Pierre preferred path into the autonomous system on multiple pathways into the same autonomous system exist.
Yeah. Other words Emmy the influences which one of the many paths the neighboring autonomous of system uses to reach destinations within the autonomous of system It is an option on the intransitive attribute carried a naive IGP updates.
The media tribute is not to use the with diabetes be peers of the lowest amity value is preferred and the default batteries a zero path is received with no media or assign a media of zero. The media is a carried into the autonomous of system in present but does not leave the autonomous system.
Consider that dagger me showing here with all attributes considered that you call consider that rotter see selects rot away as it did the Basque paddy into autonomous System 100 based on Roger Ace
Lower Roger I d variety If Rotter is comfortable with them a medium to 100 that it will make a rotter season, eh Khurana be
as the best path. The autonomous you are under no additional configuration is required on the water. Be because default any D is zero
community attributes. Although it is not an attribute of using the routing decision process, the community attributes groups roused that the applies policies or decisions except a preferred to those routes. It is a group of destinations that I share some common property.
The community attributes is an option no transitive attribute of ah of arable land.
All right, Tommy Aggregate. Our aggregator attributes the atomic aggregator attributed form in forms of GDP. Peers of that of a local router used the lastest specific aggregated a route to a destination without using a more specific around
the firm's of the attributes it to a murder. BDP speakers along a path.
There's somebody information that has been lost due to the rod aggregation process. On adapted. A creative path may not be the bathroom passed to the destination. When someone rods are aggregated about aggregator, the aggregator does attaches a broader i d. They aggregated a row in the aggregator idea tribute.
I've decided to the atomic aggregate attributes or not
based on whether or not of the A s path Information of the aggregated Ross. Whether preserved the atomic aggregated attribute the lights that GDP peers and know that it'd be to be router used them aggregated around a more specific route must be in the advertising rodders bdp table.
But for ADA propagates on aggregate around
when the atomic aggregate attribute is used, the BDP speaker has an option Descended aggregator attribute the aggregator attributes inclusive they s on and then I i ke every rise of the router that originated aggregated around
This is the writers of the I t address using in our i d of the router that performs the Rob aggregation
Atomic aggregate is that well known discretionary attributes on aggregator is an optional transitive attribute.
Learn Jack present over while what rotting protocol requires a full mash between internal peers in an enterprise network A O S p f The edge r p c b g p d i s I s e rip its bdp
question number two which protego will be used to exchange rows between autonomous systems.
A jerky B l s p f c h g m p d e g p o b e T T P
Question number 32 companies that I want to connect with the Marbro providers. Anders What progres? The proper one To use
a G g p p i s I s
c o S P f. The torpedo will be giving
in today's brief lecture We discussed the b g p
Any questions? Feel free to contact me. Otherwise I was healing And that's the video
bye for now.
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