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11 hours
Video Transcription
Hello. Welcome back. Cisco Certified Design Associate or Joy 11. Last 11.1. I mean, instructor.
In the previous video we talked about, I s i s from this video, we will begin to introduce a Wes P s.
Here's the pre assessment question. A network engineer requires that on O S p f a S p r master only flood external always stays
only within its own area. What SPF area type should be configured a backbone area? Be totally study area seeing also stop the area
thesis of area and sissy
Here's the topic We will discuss
West PF version two areas as a never gross
The initial flooding and the database maintenance off our essays can burn in the rodders of CPO. West PF uses areas to reduce this effects on area is a logical grouping of the writers and links that divides the network.
Brothers iShares link state information with only the writers in their areas
using the apology with the multiple areas to provide to the following and benefits the second imitation of the network. It reduces the number off us, have petey calculations.
The segmentation of the network reduces the amount of our I say flooding
MODY area design allows for summer addition added a area border rodders, eh be ours.
Well, the SPF area high to the apology from another era. Each area is a sign of a 32 bit Diane ticker number area zero or 0.0 dot zero as a reserve that for the backbone era, every all SPF network, it should have a backbone area
that backbone aerial must exit tiuna Any Internet work using West PF
over multiple areas as a routing protocol.
As you can see in this diagram, communication between Area one and the two monster flow through area Zero
of these communication can be internal to a single rotter that as interfaces directly connected the area 01 on too right
west via aerea design considerations. First in a hop and a spoken design, you have a remote branch. Keep it a O S p f Valerie out of the hot site
Australian Instagram. There's a loss of the brand's router to only calculator SPF sweetie, Maidstone Area and leave it to the Elysee flooding.
Leave the O S. P. F area. Zero pottery was extending into the branch, then the branch router would have to do SPF calculations for air A zero on its own area. On the essays would've flowed over the one link,
the second of design considerations and not to a group of remote branches into a single area having all remote branches in the same areas and Allah scaleable since they had a place each remote branch in eight only area to limit our essay Flooding and SPF recalculations
directly calculate connected in the air a 01 attitude. Right
Leslie Everardo types,
lest he have classifies up participating rodders based on their place and function in the area. Architecture. On this diagram, it shows that wise pf rock types right?
Maybe you are
the str on Bregman, a PR rain
if they are internal. Rogers, too.
Thes stag, Graham explains. Each runner typing this there were You can spend some time on this,
always a types who SPF marauders generate allies days that are flooded within that area between areas. And I threw out they in Terra Panem Mr System. Oh, SPF defiance. Different allies. Eight types of for basic pitting routers att tthe ers, AP Ers and a SP ours
understanding the USA types who can help you
with other Oh SPF concepts.
This table describes the major IOS eight types. You will need to know who s p f l essays by tap code number on by type Name, please. No, Dad, there are other hours. A times of that are not covered here. Kept one of the type to our essays are
inter area I said Well, I say said that
area flooding scope tapped three hours days or a summary of destinations outside of the local area. But within the O S P f domain
step four hours a cz
provide a reach ability about of the A S p r tap three an attempt for L. A Cesar Inter area Alexei's
that have an area flooding scope A be ours exchange attacked. Three. An attempt for elysees kept five ISI's advertised external destinations. Top five hour essays have a doorman flooding scope,
meaning they are flooded throughout all areas. Perhaps seven elysees are regulated by a SP ours in unless s A and R sooner to the top five l s a on the only flooded within that. And that says a
the following out of the major changes for West PF version three first of all, always version number. It's three, right? Obviously, this is a newer version of O S P F on their reds over I p B six only support for I P v six and dressing
new ISI's that created to carry I P B six addresses Proof you tease
per link of processing. Oh, SPF aversion to uses per sub net of processing with the link processing rodders in the same Lincoln Campbell onto marble. Some dates addresses some Atticus removed. Addresses are removed it from the broader and a network I watch a phase
These Elysees now provided apology information.
No authentication in a less PF version three Protocol less PF version three uses authentication schemes Inherited an I P v six New rink ouais et for local ring flooding scope
New inter area prefix al s A carries all the I P V six perfect information
similar to the no SPF the two broader in the network. Our essays identifying neighbors by rodder i d neighbors are always he identified about a rotter i d This does not all Korean O S P f A B two point to point and broadcast networks options Future changes
to auctions bids thee. Our bids on a V six bits
have been added to the options fueled for processing rotter Lower essays During the SPF of calculation
the SPF Roberson free US ace Will SPF of the three retains the O s a time to use the bio s of PF version two with some modifications introduces the two new os is being how I say and the inter area prefix
all l essays that use a common 20 bite Haider that indicates the OS type the advertising rodder and in sickness number on this diagram issues of the format over the OS a header,
Well, the U S. A age indicates the time in seconds since the Allies A was generated
on that the USA type indicates the function performed the body hours say this field includes Ah you pit Onda as two and as one bits when you bid Is that zero? The essays have flooded only locally When a you pee decided to one the essays is stored in the flooded
the s one of us to bits have the functions indicated in his table
the link state ideas used with the l s type and advertising rotter to identify the link stated database the advertising router feud Contents the three to bid rotter idea over the rotter that generated a T i O s a. L s. A sequence number is used to detect the older
duplicate our essays
The U. S. Checks amazing forever checking the length few to indicate to the land of the hour. I say, including the Hatter
Thes table summarizes of denying allies ace that it can't be used in the SPF most l s a saree 10 the same a function to use being the West pf aversion to for i p before well, SPF of urban free initially supported I p v six networks only,
but it has been updated to support both of TB seeks PV four networks
rudder isi's this We have the cost of the state Of all the originating Browder's interfaces. These oh essays are flooded within the area only rotter Our essays are our last type as your acts to Tom one No, i p v six prophecies They are contained in Asia I say
network. Our essays are regulated by the RC and broadcaster and the M E networks
they describe all runners attached it to the link that are adjacent to the d. R. These essays are flooded with the within the area. Only the U S. Tab is it. Zero acts the tongue to know I p b six prefixes are contending a sow essay
intern area prefix hours days that this rabbit routes to PB six prophecies that belong to other areas
Their singer to O S p f B two Step three summary. Our essays, the inter area prefix that USA is originated by the 80 are on the house an hour s type of your acts that I'm free. It is also used to send the default route to It's a step areas
this as our essays are flooded with in the era only
each inter area router I always say, describes a lottery in another area. It is soon it'll always be f kept for summary l s ace, it is originated by the a p. R and has an hour's type of as your acts to thumb. For
these hours, a czar flooded within the era only a palamos the system external allies A's
describing networks that are external to the autonomous A system These allies, Cesar originated by a T a s P R's have that always type of is your expert on five and therefore out flooded into all the writers in an autonomous A system the group of membership O s A.
This describes that directly attached the networks that it contained members of a moat Acosta group
this essay that limited it to the area and it has a now *** type of your extra About six this l essays described the further in RFC you 1584 thes e l s A is not a supported insist car. I will ask the software
type of seven. Our essays describe networks that are external to the autonomous system,
but they are flooded it today an SS a area only on essays are covered in RFC 15 87. This l s A is a generated by the S s A s P r has a type of as your Acts 2007
link. Our essays described the routers a link local address on a list of ITV six prefix is associated with a link.
These l s a flooded into the local rink on Lee and has a tape of your X zero zero's your eight. The inter area prefix at USA is a new hour s a type that is used to advertise PB six previous days associated with a rotter
Ah stuff Network or Associated Transit Network segment.
This is L as a contains the information that used to be part of the router. I wise a Senate network. How Essays
Learning Check Question Number one Which two statements past this rap in the West PF deployment? Choose to a B R provides a comic cost America boundary Summer addition be a PR requires manual configuration for a classical never summer foundation.
See external routes are propagated into the autonomous A system from a stubby area via a S P r.
The external rods are propagated into the economists system from regular areas. Or unless s A by S P r E. External routes are propagated into the autonomous system from a regular areas, or in that says a value. A PR we go is the BND
question number two Which option is used by oh SPF with reduced the flooding domain off dead of these updates in a never a hollow package be heirs. See interface caused the D virtual links. We go with the Harris
across a number three. Which two options. They should be used to achieve a fast convergence in a West PF network. Choose to a allies a group pacing Be allies. They re transmission Interval. See SPF through no timers.
The Faster Hallows e bi directional forwarding detection go with D n a
question number for company. ABC is implementing dynamic rotting on the land that is incorporated headquarters. The Interior Getaway rotting up article that they select the Muster support this requirements multi vendor environment efficient, some netting, high scale ability and fast convergence
week. Interrogate with particle shooter. The implement
a yea r p b o S p f c rip n g d b g p would go in the West PF
in today's brief lecturer would discuss the West PF Any questions? Feel free to contact me. Otherwise I'll see you in the next video. Bye for now
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