10.3 IS-IS

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11 hours
Video Transcription
Hello Welcome back, Sister Certified Design Associate Marjo 10 Lesson 10.3 I'm your instructor Wink
In the previous video we talked about a reappeared RP from base from veto It will begin to introduce our Yes are Yes
Here's the pre assessment question in I s I s networks which rodders does the backup of decided to rotter BDR form a decencies to a two All rodders be There's no BDR in r E s I s C
The VD are only becomes a Jason with the d r is down
the only to the r b There's no BDR in i s I s
Here's the topical discussed
Oh yes Oh yes is in the international organization for standardization are yes. So then I make a routing the specifications
Ah yes. Ah yes is described in I so I'II see 10589 Reprinted by the Internet engineer and cast fours I e t f as rfc 1195 I s I s is a link state rotting particle that floods link state information Throw over the network
to build a picture of a network of apology
Oh, yes, yes was primarily intended for a rotting US I connection list Network particle see an lp package. But it has the capability to rout ikey packets. I keep packet routing The uses integrated are yes, are yes,
which provides the capability to rot protocal society as ikey,
I s I s is a common out native to the other powerful routing protocols the sack as Wes pf and the Sharpie in large networks. Although not a C and much enterprise networks. I s Oh yes is a commonly used for internal rotting in large I s P Networks.
I s I s is also getting more used
in dead center technologies as such as overlay transport virtualization, no TV on the fabric path
as we have the S p f r. Yes, Arias uses the dis check tre algorithm to calculate the stories of Haft E S P f as well as uses the links data packet I wa s peace instead of the West pf ring stayed out of attachment. Our ace
also both are not appropriate. Dory chronicles
Ah, yes, Ah yes. Creates a two levels of a hierarchy
with the level one for inter era routing and a level two for inter era rotting I s I s distinguishes between level one on the level two intermediate. The systems are yeses.
Level one I Al yes, communicated with other level one. I s in the same area Level two R s route between level one areas on the former inter area routing back home.
Hey, Raj, Ical routing simply fires backbone design because the level one are yeses on. Lee needs to know
how to get to the nearest the level two are Yes.
Ah, yes. Ah yes, Magics
I s I s as originally defined. It uses are compensated metrics with a maximum a path value of up 1024 that required a key for metric is arbitrary and chemically assign about network Adam Streeter By convention, it is intended to measure the capacity
over the strike it for handling traffic
such as it's a throughput in bits per second, higher values indicating a lower capacity. Any single ring could have a maximum value of a 64 0 yes, Oh yes. Calculated path of radios by
summing link values. That's the enter the site the maximum Mattrick values to provide the granularity to support of ERISA lean types
well, at the same time ensuring that the shortest path algorithm used for Robert Computation as a reasonably efficient
Francisco rodders all interfaces that have a default metric of attempt the administrator must be configured an interface Magic Thio get a different battle. This small metric valuable ranger has proved a insufficient for large networks on provides to legal granularity for
new features a satellite traffic engineering and other applications
especially when Hai pan away at the links. Right, Since the IOS just after I guess, is this issue with the support of a 24 big Mattrick a feud the so called white A magic. What magics are also required for rollicking
using the new magic stale link magics now have a maximum value off two to the power off the 24 man. It's one with a total path. Magic of the
254 multiply two to the power. All the 24 right, a close two to the power. All the 32 deploying I s I s in the psyche network with wet metrics as recommended for enabling finer granularity and supporting future applications
such as a traffic engineering.
I s I s also defines the three option No magics costs delay expense on an error system. Rodders deny support. The three optional Patrick's the White Magic noted earlier uses the OC task reserved the forties metrics.
I asked I s operation on the design here We will discuss our yes, yes areas The sign it rodders authentication at a network and tiki title E t Ah, yes. I s defies area differently from West PF
area boundaries are links that on the non rodders I s I s has no BD ours
because I s r yes is an OS I chronicle and uses our e t toe identify each rotter Although you can configure Ah yes Ah yes To rout Ikey
the communication between rodders use a always i p d use the e t is the s I address used for each rotter to communicate with the S I p D. Use
night address ranges from 8 to 20 bites the mouth on that is a hacksaw decimal into consists of a now 30 and a formula identifier f i area I d system I d and a selector. Right? I see L as joining in this diagram.
This is the mighty must be unique
within the network. Right? Here's the example. All the I s I s net which consists of this. If I 49 area I d
this system mighty of this on I see out
All right, Level two writers use this area. I d the system I d must be the same length for all rodders in the area for Cisco routers in a master B six biting mouth usually a rotter Mac address identifies each unique God. Roger the C E l is configured eyes is 00
No, you configure the net with the rotter. Ah, yes, I s command
the ours as we have the S p f I s I s selected the ARS on multi axis networks. It does not choose a backup of the are as does West PF By default, the priority value is a 64. You can change it a priority. Vario Vario from 0 to 127.
Have you said it a priority to zero? The rod is not eligible to become a d r For that word
I s I s uses the highest this system I d to select the the or if there is a tie with a priority on the point A point. Networks priority is zero because no d. R is elected in I s. I s all writers in the motor cost the network establish agencies with others
in the sun Network
on I s I s neighbors become a decent upon the discovery of one another. Both this characteristics are different from a West PF of behavior.
I s I s areas. Yes, I s uses a two level hair. Artie, rodders are configured the rod level one. Level two or both. Level one on the level two right. Level one runners are like a West PF. The internal rodders in Cisco. Totally study area
L two rotter is similar to the West He f a backbone. Roger,
my router that has both a level one than the Level two routes is a similar to a no SPF area border. Robert Wright I a t r I s i s does not that they find a backbone area like a West PFC area zero, but you can consider the eyes I s backbone continuous path of
the distances among level two are yeses
the level one level two runners maintain a separate a link. State the database for the level one routes in the level two routes. Also the level one Level two writers do not advertising level two routes to the level one area
level one rodders did not have information about destinations outside that
area and they use one routes to the one out to rodders to reach outside destinations as a showing in this diagram. Oh yes, Oh yes. Areas are not a populated by the l one l two brothers, but by the links between Al one out to writers on how to back down rodders Link
Yes, I s authentication. Yes, I Yes. And supports of three types of a clear tax an authentication link, authentication era authentication and the domain authentication.
Here are the characteristics of our Yes, yes, it's a link. State protocol uses O S I c n l p to communicate with the writers as costless protocal Support to be arresting him on a c a g r d for metric is set to 10 for all you know, faces a single magic
single income axe equal 64
half Mexico 1024 I said the partial rock updates on Lee won their artiness authentication with the cure attacks Passwords on administrative distances 115 Using large networks, sometimes attractive as compared to a west Kiev in the jar p
as described in the eye. So I'II see 10589
Reprinted it by the i e t f as RFC woman for two
Learn Czech question number one which is usually used to connect it to a *** stream R E S p A h r p b o S p f c d g p d i s I s e re perversion to l b B g p
Question number two which I d p product always a common toys to yea h r p and the last t f at the routing protocol for large networks
A i g r p b rip aversion to C I. S I s the last few version too. It will be our I s I s
question number three which routing protocol is is a class full A routing information particle version one of every perversion one and they're re perversion to be intermediate assistance Thio Intermedia Miss Intermedia system on. Yes, I s. And the West Half
C I. D r p and a Reaper. Version one the. Hence they interrogate way Routing protocol on Open Shorty's in our path. First VC, right? A darkie in a red convertible and they're all gospel
intervenes. Brief lecturer. We discussed The Are yes are yes.
Any questions? Feel free to contact me otherwise our CEO in the next video Bye for now.
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