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11 hours
Video Transcription
Hello. Welcome back. Francisco Certified Design Associate Module Tennyson 10.2
I'm your instructor, Li.
In a previous video, we talked about a rotting particle Capture sticks From this video, we will begin to introduce Rip your dorky.
Here's the pre assessment question. Your supervisor has asked the U to deploy a rotting protocol within the lab government that will allow for an equal costs amounting path routing. Which shoe do you choose? A h r p b o S p f c I S r yes, the rip.
We're gonna go with the I. D R P right? There was a future call a baroness.
Here's the top picture Would disgust
the characteristics of *** aversion to as following distance Vector protocol uses UDP Port at 5 20 Casa Less political support. C i D e r.
This supports the OS. Sam's magic is a rotter hot count
low scalability Maxima Hakan is a 15 infinite unreachable routes have a metric of a 16 right
juridical route Updates are sent every 30 seconds to Madi cost address to do for 0.0 than now
there can be a 25 rows for rip message 24 of the EU's authentication implements spree horizon. We have the poison in reverse
implements of checkered updates. Sometime mask is included in the Rock N CI on the mystery of a distance for a reaper. Aversion to is 120. It's not scaleable used the small flat networks or added the edge all the larger networks,
the characteristics of the creep next generation As it falls, it's a distance vector protocol for I p v six Networks on Lee uses a YouTube reported 5 21 mattresses route. A hop cop Maximum hop Khan is 15. Infinity on reachable Roger. I have a metric of a 16
parodic corral Updates are sent every 30 seconds
to mode. Acosta Address half, half zero to double column. NI uses ITV six functions for often occasion implements a spree horizon with the poison reverse
implements and triggered updates prefix lands included and Rock n CI Administrative distance for rip on G is 1 20 now scalable Houston. Small networks
E H R P has for confidences that characterize it.
There's a protocol dependent modules neighbor discovery and recovery. Reliable transport Protocal, Archy P Defusing update algorithm do. Let's start with the protocol dependent Amado's Yeah, Sharpie uses different modules that independently support ikey
Internet, where the packet exchange ikey acts and the apple talk rotting particles.
These modules are the logical interface between you and rotting particles such as ikey acts. Rip on a Pataki rotting table maintenance particle Artie MP that he had R P module sends and receives a package but passes and received the information, too. D'oh!
Which makes the routing decisions
loan configure the support i p X Yeah, Giardia communicates with the ikey ex rip on the four words of the route. Information to do to selected the best of paths Apple talk E HRT all medically read this. Buttes routes with Apple talk Artie MP to support a pillow. Talk of networks
on their neighbor. Discovery and recovery.
Yeah, J. R. P discovers and, um, intense information about its neighbors. Ate a motor costs hollow packets to do for Does your does your not 10 every five seconds on most inner peace is the rotter built a table with the year darkie neighbor. Information
the whole time to maintain a neighbor is three times the hollow time. 15 seconds.
If the rotter does not to receive a hollow in 15 seconds. It removes the neighbor from the table. E ej Archie Motor casts Hollows every 60 seconds on multi 600.1 interfaces such as acts 0.25 frame right, eight on a T m
where the speeds in less than a T 11.544 MBPs inclusive
the neighbor ho. Time is 180 seconds on these types of the interfaces to summarize Hello, ho time timers are 5 15 seconds right for a high speed links on a 60 on 1 80 seconds for lower speed links.
yeah J R p uses RTP to manage a year. Darkie packets are kee p insures that
reliable delivery off rock updates and he uses that sequence numbers to ensure order the delivery right they sent update package using multi task address 2 to 4. Does your does your about 10 8 technologies Updates using Unicosta Hollow package with no data. Do
yeah Sharpie implement to do the selective paths and a generator freedom from a rotting loops. It is a mathematical really proven to result in the loop freed apology,
providing Noah needed for a periodic updates or rock hoedown mechanisms that make a convergence of sore do is like the best path on a second back path to reach a destination. The best path is selected by do as the successor, and in the second pass, the path,
if available, is the feasible successor.
The feasible distance is the lowest. Calculated a magic off a path to reach the destination,
the character sticks off the year. J R P for TV for our networks as follows. Hibri Routing protocol. It's a distance vector particle that has a link. State protocol Characteristics uses a key particle number 88. It is a classless protocol. Support. Severe rise. Sam's.
There's defaulted, Compensated Mattrick uses being aware than a delayed.
You can factor load on a reliability into the magic. Sends a partial rock updates only when there are changes. Supports MD five Authentication uses. Due for a loop prevention. That's a fast convergence. By default, they uses the ICO Costello. Balancing with the
Equal Matics uses the equal cost of all sharing
with a variety communed administrative. This dance is 90 for years. RP internal rocks 170 for you. J. R. P. External robes on the five for a a darkie summary rocks.
Hi scalability. Using the large networks Molly cost updates is 2 to 24.0. Doubt. 10 does not require a hierarchical physical quality. Provides routing for I p before plus legacy protocols of such as Apple talk on I p x.
Here's the year Sharpie for ikey v six Networks. Yeah, Sharkey was originally an i p D for a rotting part. A goal Although Cisco has developed I v six to support into yet RP to route I p v six profectus right
e h r p for I P v six is configured and the manager to separately from the edge RP for ikey before
no network statements are used. The HRT for ikey V six retains all the same characteristics. Network discovery two modules and functions as year darkie for I keep before the major themes with the HRT You for I P v six are as follows
implements of the protocol. Independent modules.
Yeah, Sharkey, Neighbor Discovery and a Recovery Reliable Chance Work implements that do l rhythm for a loop. Freed Apology uses the same magics as a year darkie for ITV. Foreign networks uses the same and timers as E a darkie for a TV For
uses the same concepts off a feasible successors on the feasible distance as E HRT for TV For
uses the same packet attacks as a jockey for ITV for managing it and configured separately from AARP for I p V For
requires a broader i d before it against our running
configure. Our interface is no Negras. Demons are used.
The difference is the use of like evey six prefix on the use of I P v six motor. Cast a group that's life F zero to double column A for AARP updates. Which our source The front a Link. Local i P B six address Right.
This means that the neighbors do not need to share the same global prefix, except for those neighbors that are explicitly spicy fired for unit cost updates.
Another difference is that yeah, Sharpie for ITV. Six defaults to a shutdown state for the rotting particles on the master. Bi men really are explicitly enabled on the interface toe become operational
because the edge RP for I P v six uses the same character sticks on the functions as a year darkie for ITV for as Carver to previously, only HRT.
They are not repeated here.
Here's the summer that current through stakes are for AARP for Ikey V six R's Falls uses the same character steaks and A functions as a jockey for I P before as a Highbury routing protocol. A distance factor protocol that have links stay protocol. Cactus Stakes uses Next a Hatter Protocol. 88
rows Dickie v. Six Purposes.
Default Compensated Mattered. He uses a being aware than a delay. You can't factor load and reliability into the Mattrick sends a partial rock updates on Lee when there are tiny's supports. E h r p m d five authentication uses do for Luke prevention and the fast convergence
by default uses equal cost. A little embarrassing.
Uses the article Cost of law buzzing with the Pharaoh's command On the street of that this dance is 90 for yea h r P Internal routes 170 for yea Darby External Ross on the five for AARP summary. Rose
uses I P v six motor Cast F zero to double column A A foriegn RP updates
Hi scalability. Using a large networks
question. Number one, a network of design engineer is a seeking a dynamic around in protocol that supports fast convergence in a sisterly moment.
What protocol allows for this A rip b o s p f c b g p d i s I s e a r p? Of course, it's the HRT.
Question number two. What is the maximum of re perversion? Too hot? Compher reachable rap as 15
Question number free. Which three protocols? Air support The RS M Just choose three. A rip Emerson to be Reaper versatile. Want ch r p
The last e f e i g r p o p a Reaper version to the HR piano SPF
in today's brief lecturer with disgust, The rip on the Sharpie.
Any questions? Feel free to contact me. Otherwise I'll see you in the next Vito Bye for now.
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