10.1 Routing Protocol Characteristics

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11 hours
Video Transcription
Hello. Welcome back. Cisco Certified Design associate called you a 10 ice in 10.1. I mean Instructor Wing.
In the previous video, we talked about I t v six Magnus ums
From this video, what will begin to introduce routing protocol characteristics?
Here's the pre assessment question
with which of the following and capabilities that doesn't reap aversion to improve the three person war.
A motive. Cost update. Hop comped
B mode. Acosta updates often Occasion. Hot cop.
See authentication The LRS um hop count
the multi cost updates, authentication, bearable lamps, some that mask
it will be de mult. Acosta updates authentication variable lands a summit mask The R S M
routing protocol design characteristics are fist is vector link state were happy raid How Walter learned interior or exterior for using private networks All the public Internet
crosses our cost full see idea are enables aggregation of network rail advertisements Super netting between rodders
fixed the Lance Thor the arable land the subnet mask the alright. Sam's conserve accurate is within a network flat or a hemorrhagic A ll
addresses of scalability in a large Internet works
our TV for or aqui v six, right. Newer routing protocols are used for I v six Networks.
Reaper Version one is no longer recommended it because of its limitations.
*** aversion to addresses, many off the limitations of a Reaper version. Warm on that is the most recent version of a rip i G R P. As an earlier version of the harpy. These Tae bo provides a quick, high level of summary of which protocol should be selected,
for example, for a B g p. A. Used to connect on the I S P
for SPF, but my GP used the enterprise networks so host large net words and is a Mountie Amanda, right? E h r p. It's an i d. P used a in large enterprise networks with the Siskel rodders
when choosing a routing protocol. Considered that this dance of actor routing propose using more network being with that link. State of protocols distance of actor protocols have generated more being with overhead because of the large a paralytic rotting updates
Things stayed the routing protocols to not to generate a significant the rotting update overhead.
But do use Maur rotter CPO on a map parade resource is than this density actor protocols These alters because with the Lynx state rotting particles generally speaking, one pan with is in a more expensive resource that rotter CEO on a memory. In modern devices,
this table compares a distance vector to link state routing protocols
for scalability distances. Actor ltda. Scalability thinks they got a better scalability.
Faster convergence, less traffic for routing overhead. That's more of compacts, right? O s p f i s I S o S P f version three are all being state the particles
the Reaper version one person to e h r P reopen Next generation They're all with dispensing vector particles.
Yeah, J. R. P is a distance vector particle where the link stated characteristics Halperin mode right. That gave the highest capability fast convergence that's rotting overhead on a relatively easy configuration. Ava Distance Factories. Not an answer to a question than happy Rita would be in a valued option. Right?
ITV four verses. I keep the six routing protocols with the increasing use of the I P V six protocal, we must be prepared to design networks using ITV six writing Per goes as I keep the six. It was defined
routing protocols that need to be updated to support the new I P addresses structure
none over the ITV for routing protocols. Support I. T. V six Networks on the nun over the I V six. Rotting particles are backwards compatible with the i P before networks, but both protocols can co exist on the same network, each with its own routing protocol
devices. Where the Deuce tax recognize which protocol is being used by the i p version field in i p Header
Ribbon. Next generation Is that TV six compatible Rip rotting Protocol, right? E J R P for ITV Sixes of the new version of a yea r p that supports I P v six networks.
Oh SPF of version three was developed for I p v six networks ano SPF version to remains for i p before networks Internet drafted were were reading to provide ITV six of rotting using I s I s
right Motive protocal extensions for a B G p provide. I keep music support for BDP, so this table of summarizes i p b for versus ITV six routing protocols.
We had a brief discussion previously in our TV six hour module, but now it's good to review it again here.
Ah, the administrative distance is rating off the trustworthiness of the routing information source.
These tables shows the default on the street of distance for configure the static or learn the routes in a table. You can see that static. The routes are trusted over dynamic and learning the routes within i d. P routing protocols. E H R P internal routes are trusted over
U S. P F R Yes. Ah yes, On the Rip Ross,
the administrative distance establishes the president's used among routing algorithms. Supposed rotter has a a jerky route to network 1 72 to $2010 euros Watched 24 with the best path
out of eternity. Zero on oh SPF Rod for the same network out. Ethan that one,
because he had therapy, has anonymous street of Distance of a Nutty on the SPF hasn't administrator with distance of a warm 10 The router in verse of the harpy Rockin the routing table since packets with destinations of a one Sunday to $20.10 dollars euros. 24 out of Ethernet zero
static is routes. How default administrated a distance of a one. There's a one exception if the static Arau plan to connected the interface and inherits the day of the mystery of the distance of Connected the interface, which is zero, you can configure a static arouse
with a different distance by a pending the distance valuable to the end. Off the
command is called Uploading static.
This table provides a summary of rotting prodigal characteristics.
Spending some time on this
lording check question Number one, which in carrier routing protocol has the most preferred herbal on the mystery of a distance by default. A rip b o s p f c e h r p
d b g p e r yes are yes, it will be your Sharpie
course the number two when you are designing a large archy V six Mountie Vander Network, which I. D P. Doesn't Siskel recommend that you use a oh SPF aversion free B h R P for I p v six
cbp. The rip Next generation go in the last PF version three because they support Mountain Bhandari merriment. AARP is only for Cisco devices. Question number three, which to rotting protocols are usually converts most quickly. Choose to
a version want be ripped version, too
c b g p d o s p f e a darkie go in the d n e In today's brief lecturer, we discussed routing protocol characteristics.
Any questions? Feel free to contact me. Otherwise I'll see you in the next video.
Bye for now.
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