Common PC Peripherals

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this is less than 10.1 common PC. Paro feels
the purpose in the use of various paro fuel types.
Let's go ahead and get started.
So in this lesson, what we want to do is we want to walk through various peripheral types that you would use on your computer. Now the computer or your workstation. Use this many, many, many types of devices, and there are a lot of devices for different applications that you can use for. So again, the computer is just a base
for many different variety of ah ah, hardware that you could use
depending on the situation too soon. It's scenario that you needed for. So let's walk through some of these, which are on the com ta plus 2 to 0 dash lenses or one and some of these you may know it. Some of them you may not. So let's go and get started.
Printers. We've all use printers from time from time to time, black and white or color output printers. Printers are used to print paper documents or photos, depending on the type of printer. Then we have the only one type printer or a Iot. They print scan and fax.
He would generally find these in small offices or in larger offices as well.
Connective ity for these type of printers will be wireless Saito to about 11 Bluetooth or infrared or even USB type connectivity
scanners. Scanners are devices that's used to input data into a computer. Pictures documents, you scan knows, and they get input it into the computer connected by US beer, wireless paper documents or photos. Again,
form factors for the scanners are all in one or flatbed flatbed is
is This is the picture right here in the center of the screen, a traditional flatbed scanner or all in one type device, and in one of the features that all in one type device will have is an A T F or an automatic document feeder. When you put the document in, automatically feed itself and scan to the destination
where you have been selected to scan, too
a que our scanner connected. He is either US beer wireless. You'll see these generally in a warehouse of some sorts. Wherever there's a need to scan. Items are fine items in a warehouse or even a retail environment. You're also started cities as in the type of a phone scanner.
They're very portable. At that point. You'll see
in a lot off shops now that you'll see phones being used by some of the retail agents to scan and look up device parts in products
monitors, we all use monitors for CP use and workstations. It's their main display device. Different connections of monitors have come out throughout the years. V G a. D v. I display Port HD in mind, to name a few. And, of course, there's different standards in sizes and monitors, all shapes and sizes.
Something new that you're starting to see is the V R. Virtual reality headset. Virtual reality or in motion tracking attracts the X Y end of Z axis interaction response to virtual environments, gaming, education, travel and medicine. Of these air being used for their first came out in using in games.
Now they're starting to to go into other areas education, travel and even in medicine,
optical drives, optical drives, our drives that store and read data from disk the using light Elly Elly, dear lasers to write on those, discuss store data read right to media backups that use for documentation,
read only media say. For instance, there is media that is cannot be deleted or mass video or software distribution.
Those would be the read only situations. Limitations. Storage amount for optical disk is the dual layer blue ray of 50 gigabytes,
one of the common things that you use on a ah PC when its proper feels is a mouse. Whether that be a USB connection on PS two or wireless, they're also optical devices. Optical devices uses light to see where you're at on the table or the mouse pad, and it registers that
and transfix that to the computer.
Light reflection When the deaf downfalls of what the optical devices is, Sometimes you won't be able to read on the glass surface. But there are newer devices that even tackles that
keyboards connectivity for keyboards, USB wireless or PS two additional functionality than your newer keyboards. You have integrated function keys and also media controls. Those would be the buttons at the top of your of your keyboard. Sometimes they require drivers, and sometimes they're plug and play. You plug him in,
and their system would recognize that and begin to use those automatically.
Touch pad touch pads are used on laptops are integrated right into the keyboard area. Or sometimes it's a separate device by U. S. B has its own separate settings in the operating system, and it's something else that you may see is a signature. Pandit works along the same lines, so when you have a laptop or mobile device like that,
you may not have access to a mouse on the side you can use the touch pad is built right into the laptop.
Game controllers. Game controllers are game pad in joysticks, US beats connectivity and wireless. These are used on gaming peces, and you see a lot of those into different types of games and so forth.
Cameron Webcams Video capture Built in camera connectivity is USB were wireless. Sometimes on Cameron Webcams are either Adam or sometimes they're built right in. Mobile devices such as laptops are built right into the laptop with the Webcams.
And nowadays, pretty much every model. Not I will have a buildin wept, wept camp of some sort
microphones, another peripheral that's used a lot on PCs integrated into most laptops on. There's also some external models that she gives as well. Now the connective ity here for microphones are either analog TRS, tip, ring sleeve or digital for us. Be so they'll connect either way of those
and speakers, another peripheral that you will have on your our workstation analog output devices. There's many varieties of speakers. Connectivity is either built in speakers into your laptop or your mobile device or analog TRS tip ring sleeve or US beak side connectivity
and headsets whenever you need to listen to something without it. Being in broadcasting and open a headset is used or is used for a type of work that you may do. It may be for ah, call center or any type of application where you need to hear the sounds
in a in a secluded environment Ahead, said his use,
Uh, combined headset and microphones are found in some models. Desktop and mobile use connectivity is either us. Bigger wire is Bluetooth hands free. Like I mentioned for call center use or deck tops. Use our mobile use or whenever you need hands free and but be able to listen what's going on on that PC
LCD and other types Generally projectors are calling L. C. D on overhead projector, but there are many types of projectors. One type is a metal highline lamp. It's very bright and very hot, and traditionally, when you're shutting off a PC, you hit the power button in the
projector willpower down on itself. You never wanna unplug it
on dhe power Down That way, you won't hit the power button and let it
power down itself, because what is doing its cooling off those bulbs? Those bubs get very hot. It has a lot of luminous that it's projecting on your screens, so they need time to cool off. So that's the proper way to shut down on a projector.
One other thing that you'll see that's quite common is external storage drives, portable storage outside of the computer, move large files or store large files. They're either USB, flash, SST or traditional hard drive. Encased in an enclosure are us being closer.
Connectivity would be USB thunderbolt or e stato hell. Those types of connections for an external storage device,
K V M, stands for keyboard, video and mouse. A lot of times, you finest in bigger data centers or in data centers or computer rooms where there is many computers. But yet one single mouse and keyboard. That's how a K. Veum works. You can use many computers with one keyboard mouse.
I use one of these in my lab. They're very convenient when you have multiple computers,
but you only want to use one miles, one keyboard and people and input. Otherwise, you would use multiple mice and multiple monitors. This makes it very convenient. You can control up to how many times how many computers there on that cave. You threw one interface.
Magnetic readers and Chip readers. You'll see a lot of these in retail environments. Point of sale equipment. It's a payment method or credit card can be used on these machines. Now the format cement. It's supported our physical trip reader and magnetic stripe. The physical chip reader will be your credit card
plugged into the bottom. It will read your card
in the transaction will be placed or the magnetic stripe on the side where you was. Swipe your card and the transaction is taking place. Connectivity is us be older. Models of these type units use serial connections
and also near field communication. This is a newer standard, is coming out and becoming to be more popular enough sea near field communications. 10 similar wireless range built into many phones right now integrates with payment terminals many uses.
It's a contactless payment systems and also for gaming.
Smart card readers. Smart Car readers are cards with embedded circuitry I used in payment cards, as well as identification form of identification used with the card reader or a system for system access or built in USB. Right? The image on the middle is a USB card reader that plugs into a device,
and it's a
it's a formerly two factor authentication. You would use your password as well as a card reader or some systems. How the configure. It would just be a card reader again, part of a duel factor or single factor authentication.
so we went through a lot of different peripherals that you can use on your PC
on. These are just the tip of the iceberg. There's a lot of things that your PC can do with. These are the things that the Kop ta Plus will be asking you for on an exam. So that is it for this lesson, and we will see you in the next lesson.
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