1.9 Cloud Service Models Part 1: Overview

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All right. Great. We're up to Cloud Service models. Just talked about deployment methods. We talked about public private hybrid and community clouds. Now we want to talk about the types of service is we can have in the cloud. So we see sort of this visual illustration and, you know, the question is, what do you want from the cloud?
What can I get from the cloud? What do you want? What do you need?
Because chances are good. The cloud service provider can deliver those needs to you. But the question becomes, Is it what you need? Is it at the right price? Is it customized? Appropriately? Can it scale? Can it be secured? You know, a 1,000,000 different questions.
The question really isn't so much. Can I get this from the cloud? But more should I get this one?
So when we're looking at that, we're gonna have three main options. We're gonna have software's a service platform is a service and then infrastructure as a service.
So just like it sounds if I'm purchasing software to run on another entity server software as a service
platform, is a server as a service, Rather is specifically designed for software developers. So if you're trying to develop a new application platform, this service is for you and then infrastructures of service is a huge wide scale solution that essentially says, You know, all this stuff we've paid for
to store technology into enable technology we've paid for to store locally.
Let's outsource those service's and let a cloud service provider handle the storage elements. Handle the networking elements, the connectivity issues and all those pieces until they each have their benefit. And what you'll see is for every
nothing's the right answer. It's a matter of tradeoffs. What do you need versus what you're willing to give up?
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