BIOS Configurations Part 2

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Hi, everyone. And welcome to the county A plus 2 to +0-1001 Model one.
Today's lesson is less than one that seven bios configurations part two.
In this lesson, we're gonna talk about configuration of the peripherals in the bio, specifically around security features. I'm your structure Bill Price.
Okay, for today's lessons just kind of go over our learning objectives were gonna first start talking about virtualization support. How that's related to the BIOS. They were gonna move and talk about hard drive encryption, full disk encryption and see where that's related to the vials as well.
Rounding out, we're going to talk about the TPM trusted platform out
s software called LoJack. Finally, we're gonna talk about secure boot, so let's go and get started.
Virtualization support in the BIOS. In today's technology, virtualization has become a corps basic software that you can use for a number of different possibilities.
Verses is thoughtful, of course, is they allows you to
have two or more computers on your existing hardware. Whether it has to be aware Khyber V windows virtually a virtual PC and another of the different host on the animals. You have virtual systems on top of existing ah serve or desktop.
Now Virginia's nation starts in the core of the CPU. Computer virtualization is actually a processor CPU future
and just like any other hardware and be in the vials. The motherboard is the centralized location for making changes. The hardware so enabling the speech is done in the vials. You guessed it.
Some processes do not support virtual spaces, so you have to check your manufacture of your motherboard to see if it does support it.
Now. Enabling virtualization in the vials is a simple as turning on a switch is basically in neighboring that future, disabling it if you didn't want to use it here in this image, we have just example often older bios, and you could see the Intel virtualization technology shows in the neighborhood.
And again, it's basically just a neighbor that future.
So allow your CPU to take full advantage of that particular software.
Here in the newer Yueh Fei, you see, it's the same thing is just a quick enabling on that feature, and that allows you to explore the full capabilities virtualization right on your Justin hardware, but again, check to see
which your manufacturer. If your hardware support that or your vile supports that,
hardware encryption. Another ah security feature is hardware encryption and, again, today's technology and society to encrypt your hard drive. Your storage device is a necessity
to felt unwanted individuals for gaining access to your files in your information
drive. Encryption is a must. Now, if you're equipped into drive, you may be thinking, How do you interact with that private if it's encrypted, especially of the operating system on it? That's where our future or software rather called Windows Bit locker comes into play
when those bit marker allows you to boot and operating system that's fully encrypted in integrates with the T. P M opens up another question. What is the T. P. M? The TBM is a trusted platform. Montreuil. The trusted track platform Odds were TVL specialized chip on the import device.
The stores are seeing Christian Keys specific to the whole system for your
for hard work dedication. Now it's either a chip or actually, it's sometimes could be built right into the mother or baked right here. Basically again, it's it performs the encryption or the decryption of your advice, so you have, ah, operating system on your computer.
The TPM performs the decryption off your operating system, allows you to Gillian and manipulates flower files. Or use the system however you want to and upon exiting it out,
just the in Christian of that. Keeping your file safe from 100 persons.
LoJack for laptops is another software that's tied to the vials. It's for the protection of the indie event. If your devices stolen now. Previously LoJack for laptops It was prime known for known by the name of CompuTrace, actually known in the automobile industry. If the vehicle was stolen,
it could trace the view.
So LoJack for laptops is software for specifically laptops. This software is built right into the bios of the laptop. Even if the hard drive would be removed, a replacement a never hard drive. That stuff would automatically installed itself on that system. So virtually that
device, no matter what operating system or nowhere hard drive, is installed on it could be traced.
Some of the features for LoJack for laptops includes a beacon, our phone home feature, basically to trace the location of advice no matter where it's at. It's also have a test mode with theft motor miles you to do is a remote lock or wife.
In the event that your device gets into the hands on the sailing or unwanted person, you can remotely lock or white that the Vikes remove all your falls.
Keep it up from prying eyes. Also, there's another future caught. Four. Star My password again. You could force your device to start up when a different password
secure boot. Today's technologies keeping our system safer. Malicious software at the boot level, protection from infected drives or OS is now secure. Boat is a U E F i bio specifications. So it's on. The newer BIOS is
so basically, it's a digitally secure syndrome. Known good software. Haas Cryptographic. Please secure your software would not operate unless the signature matches or doesn't comparison, and it changes are found. It will not run now. The supported operating systems for Secure Boat its Windows eight. When those ain't got one.
Windows Server 2012
aren't Windows Server are two also outside of the window platform. There's over operating system that basically can have a secure future. Those operations star fedora open, Seuss, Bantu and others.
So let's recap of the things we talked about today. We talked about virtualization support and how that's tiny and right to against the BIOS. We talked about hard drive encryption and full disk encryption along with the T. P M on the trusted platform module and the LoJack software can tie it back to the vials.
Finally, we talked about secure boot
and, sir, keep secure boot as another layer of security that you can have on your systems. That's again tied to the bios.
All right, that was a great lesson. We will see you in an accession.
Thank you very much for joining.
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