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So what do we learn in this section? Well, we learned why these attacks were so effective. And that's because of one human curiosity. Attackers know howto leverage the humans curiosity to maybe snoop around advice. Maybe there's something interesting or juicy on a device that humans want to look at,
or maybe just a curiosity to see who belongs to to get it back to a person in case they lost it.
Also, another reason we saw was that machines don't really do a whole lot of checking. When it comes to strange USB devices, ESO makes it a pretty easy way to get malware onto a computer or some sort of attack on a computer.
Now the next sections will be discussing the different types of us be drop. Attacks are there's quite a few different types will be digging deeper into those. But first we'll have a few questions here.
Okay, so first question we have is what is the name of the computer malware that targeted and destroyed on Iranian nuclear plants? Centrifuges? Is it a stuff? Next
is it be? Wanna cry? Is it see stuxnet or is it d? I love you
and the answer is of course. See?
OK, second question. Why are U S B drop attacks so effective? Is it a human curiosity? Is it be like machines? Security against unknown USB devices that see both A and B? Or is it Dean? On the above?
The answer is C. Okay, so now let's get into the next section.

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