1.5 Signing up for Azure Free Trial

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Welcome back in this upcoming episode, we're gonna use our new Microsoft account to sign up for an azure free trial. Let's dive in
first. Let's understand how the free trial works in what is included.
The Microsoft Azure Free Trial includes 12 months. Free service is as well as a $200 credit to use in the 1st 30 days of the trial.
This $200 credit can be used to explore any azure service for free. Once the $200 credit is consumed or 30 days pass, you will be responsible for any additional purchases made in the service.
However, there are some service is that are always free during the trial, with some limitations. This includes limits of Windows virtual machines, Storage Database is networking band with as well as AP Service's functions. Leave Ingrid and COO Bernetti Service's
You can navigate to a k a dot M s slash azure Free
to sign up for the trial. Let's switch back to our browser to begin signing up for our free trial.
Here we have the sign up page for the Azure free trial. As we scroll down the page, we can see more details on how the free account works under the What do I get? These are some of the things we've already covered, including the 12 months of free popular service is and the $200 credit
going down a bit further. Their additional details on which products are free for the 1st 12 months,
we have Lennox and Windows version machines for 750 hours each month for the B one as hardware profile. We'll get into more detail later in the course on what that profile means.
If you look at 31 days in a month times 24 hours, that's 744 hours, so you can essentially run a single Lennox or Windows VM for the entire month. For free
wheels. I have managed this to a certain capacity blob and file storage,
and a 250 gigabyte sequel database has your cosmos TV and 15 gigabytes of outbound bandwith
looking a bit further. This section outlines which service's are always free, but as you can see, they also have some limitations, such as a 1,000,000 request per month for functions or 100,000 operations per month for Eve. Ingrid
one other important thing to note. You will need a credit or debit card to sign up for the free trial. This is to cover any costs that are incurred after the $200 credit is consumed or the 30 days have passed.
If you're careful with cleanup, service is when not in use, you can keep these costs to a minimum.
Let's go all the way to the bottom and let's get started signing up for our account.
Next, we're gonna be prompted to sign in, and we're gonna use our newly created Microsoft account to do so.
In order to get started, we need to fill out a little bit of information about ourselves.
Next, we need to do an identity verification. I'm just gonna have it text me to the phone number and put it earlier
after the verification is complete. This is where we do need to put in our credit or debit card. I'm gonna pause the video at this time and put this information and then continue to the next step.
Now the credit card information has been entered in. I'm gonna click on the I agree check box here and then click on sign up
now, since I have used that payment method for a previous azure free trial, I'm not eligible to sign up, whereas you would be if you haven't signed up for one before, so instead I'm going to sign up for is a pay as you go subscription
and success. It has finished setting up my account, and now we're in the azure portal and we have the option of starting a tour to get familiar with the service's or just click on, maybe later, to get straight into the portal.
Now we have our azure environment all set up and ready for the rest of this course. Let's switch back to the slides and wrap this up.
If, during the creation of your free trial, you may be prompted to select a support option for the purposes of this course and learning for the exam, simply choose the basic or free option. There's no need to pay for additional support for your personal free account while you're learning during this course
wrapping up module one. We've talked about what this course is about and who it is four as well as the basics of cloud computing. We created a Microsoft account and used it to sign up for an azure free trial.
The next episode begins module to where we dive into the examine topics covering, deploying and configuring infrastructure in Microsoft Azure. I'm excited to dive into this technical details, so let's continue to the next episode.
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