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Video Transcription
So let's talk a little bit about this exam. How to register. What are the process is you have to go through to be certified how to schedule the examine all of those pieces and what the exams actually like. So let's start with exam registration.
The sight that you'll need to go to Zay sacha dot or their website i sacha dot org's slash exam, Reg. And that's the site where you go and you fill out your information and then you schedule your exam.
I Sacha offers this test through a series of exam windows. They offer multiple windows throughout the year. Currently, the window that you would be looking at is testing between February 1st and May 19th. They do not have testing Windows scheduled for third or fourth quarter yet,
but they will in those dates will be determined.
Okay, so big, important dates. You can register for the exam between now and May 18th. You cannot register after May 18th. You schedule
between February 1st and May 24th and if there any scheduling changes, those can happen no later than May 23rd.
And like I said at that time frame, doesn't work for you. You can schedule to take down the line during another testing windows. Keep track it. I sacha dot org's site and you'll see when they open up those windows.
All right now, what is the exam like? Well, ah 150 questions. They're all multiple choice. There are no dragon drop or label this types of questions. You'll have four hours to complete the exam so you'll have plenty of time. They're all multiple choice questions
and four hours to complete it.
The questions are designed to test your practical knowledge and your experience, and then also your study. There will be some things that you will learn in your studies that maybe you haven't come across in the field. You'll need to know those there is on Lee. One answer that gets you credit
now. I used to say there is only one right answer.
Then I would say there's only one best answer.
Then I would say there's only one credited response. So it's really, really important that you take in the materials from my sacha and you really learn how to think the way I sack of wants us to think. Many of the questions are very subtle. The differences between the answers
and you really wanna have that I sack a mindset.
Before you take this test, you get a score between 208 100 which means just showing up, finding your seat. You get 200 points for 50 is passing. Now the questions air waited. Some questions are worth more than others.
So you want to make sure that you pay attention and that you give every question your best your best effort.
Answer every question. Don't leave anything blank if you don't know what the answer is. C just put. See something? But don't leave a question blank
once you pass the certification exam, so yea good for you, you've passed the certification exam. The next thing that you need to do is you'll get your notice for my sacha and they'll ask you to cement through documentation five years of experience in
at least two of the sea risk domains, and we'll talk about what those domains are in a little bit.
So once you do that, there's also a C risk applications and two references that will be able to verify your experience if need be. You'll need to sign the I S C Square code of ethics. I'm sorry, the ice aka code of ethics. And then, of course, you'll need to comply by the code of ethics.
And finally, you will need to comply with see risks, education, continuing education policy,
which essentially means every three years you have to have so many hours of learning and studying that amount may change how I'm gonna leave it upto i sacha dot org's to tell you how many continuing education units per per year. It's,
uh I'm not even gonna guess, because right now I believe it's 60.
I've also heard 100 and 20 good of sight and figured out.
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