1.4 Creating a Microsoft Account

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either. And welcome back in this upcoming episode, we're gonna create a Microsoft account and order two kids started with Azure first, what is a Microsoft account? A Microsoft account, Sometimes abbreviated M essay provides a single identity to access. All of Microsoft's service is This includes offerings like Outlook Office, Skype,
Xbox and Microsoft's APP Store.
You can navigate to account that Microsoft dot com to create a new account with your existing email address or just create a new email address using the Outlook or Hotmail domain names for our demonstration purposes. I'm gonna create a new outlook dot com account. Let's switch over to our browser.
Here we are at the main Microsoft account page. We had an existing account we could sign in here, but since we're new, I'm just gonna click on, create a Microsoft account.
Next, we have the option of creating that count, as mentioned previously. If you have an existing email address you would like to use here, you can go ahead and inherit. However, for this course, I'm gonna create a new outlook dot com account.
Next, I'm going to choose a password and then fill out the capture on the next page
and success are new. Microsoft account has been created. We're gonna use this new Microsoft account to sign up for an azure free trial in the next episode. Let's switch back to the slides.
In this next episode, we're gonna take our new Microsoft account and go sign up for an azure free trial.
See you in the next episode.
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