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look at that. We made it through domain one, and we've covered the various concepts and desired a design requirements. So basically, this chapter was laying the groundwork, making sure that we understand the cloud technologies. Some of the concepts,
you know, the big pieces to understand. Here, the deployment models and the service models,
the service models more so than the others. What is it I'm getting with? Software's A service? What? His platform is a service, and why would I use it? What about infrastructure is the service? How does that help me? And you can expect questions like that to be peppered throughout the entire exam
because that's what you know. That's what this is all about. It's all about. Service is being offered by service providers. That's why the cloud
so understanding there's different service is very helpful. And hopefully I gave something that was a little bit helpful. Pizzas a service again. Anything you relate to pizza I can follow.
Don't forget there are some documents that I would encourage you look at that air free for download on the Internet. One of those documents is this Special publication 500 dash to 91
honestly, 500 dash to 91. It's all over the slides and all over these this presentation because that it's such an essential element on which understanding the cloud and on which this exam is based, it's worth a read on your own.
All right, we talk about some general security requirements, including those notorious nine. We look at identity and access management. Um, we'll talk a little bit more about that later, but we focused in on account provisioning the I triple A identify, authenticate authorized audit
and then a count de provisioning.
And then last but not least, we just hit very briefly on virtual ization, which is the technology that allows us to take a physical set of resource is and divide them up logically among hosts. And that was really the birth of the cloud as we know it. So that's Chapter one.
I hope you step to stick around for Chapter two as well move a little further into our material
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