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Video Transcription
everyone welcome back to the course. So in the last video, we just went over a very brief navigation of the AWS dashboard. Again, we're mostly gonna be focused on setting a PC two instances as well as our Route 53. And along with that, setting up a domain inside of route 53. So, as I mentioned in the last video,
there will be a cost associated with you following long hands on. In this course,
you'll need either have a domain or purchase a domain inside of your AWS counsel,
and we're not gonna be covering transferring in your own domain. So I'm just gonna be purchasing one through the constable to use for this particular course. Keep that in mind. Also, keep in mind that even though you you are using the free tier or that you may be using the freak here, spending a PC, two instances and stuff will likely result in some kind of charge. So
if budget is an issue, be mindful of that and you may just want to follow along
visually in the course and not actually follow along with the hands on part of it.
In this video, I'm just gonna show you the fortunate page itself and talk about the product a little bit. So the Ford in it for the Web Web application Firewall as a service solution.
So here we are on the actual Ford innit page. Now there's gonna be a different page that we actually log into fortunate with to actually go inside the solution itself. But this is the generalized page, and I'll have all this linked in the resource is section of the course.
Some of the benefits of this solution and the reasons why we might want to use the Ford Net 40 Web Cloud Replication Firewall as a service solution. Number one being the aspect. We don't have to have any hardware or software that we have to maintain. Everything is inside of the AWS cloud, which is a really, really great thing for us.
The other aspect is it's a consumption based model s basically a subscription service, right. So as we use it, we pay for it. We don't have to pay an exuberant amount of stuff up front. We just simply use it. We pay the amount that we're using. So it's great for organizations as they're scaling up or down. It's a great solution to use
and also, of course, protects against
zero day attacks. Who helps us protect our Web applications against zero day attacks, as well as protecting it against a variety of application layer attacks. Specifically
Also the OAS top 10. Right? So all the items on the ah stop 10 from 2017 we now can protect against those types of attacks.
So here on the fortnight page, you can scroll through this and you can read through yourself. There's a couple of videos here. This one here on the left just gives you a very high level overview of some of the benefits of this particular solution. And the video on the right is actually narrated by myself, your instructor, and that one kind of goes through the solution itself, shows you a couple of examples
inside of the solution in the demonstration part. It also talks about the
Amazon product page for this particular solution as well.
Now we will be taking a look at the actual product pages. We move into the lab portion of the course so we'll actually go ahead and subscribe from our AWS marketplace page for the fortunate solution
and we'll go through that step by step process. One thing I do want to note is that fortunate as of the filming of this course is offering a 14 day free trial
to this particular product. So just keep that in mind that if you're looking for sort of a low cost, testing it out sort of thing, that's a one option that you can do
again. There may be some limitations with a free trial of certain aspects that you can set up and configure in that sort of stuff. But I found actually, free trial at least had everything that I need for this course. And so it is an option. So if you want to keep kind of low cost and get some hands on,
there is a 14 day free trial again at the filming of this course, I'm not sure
how long they may keep that in place.
So as you go down the page, you could just read some of the specs. Almost particular solution. I'm not gonna read. Throw the through those for you, but I will link this in The resource is section of the course. He can read through it on your own. Ah, and as this course is on the site longer on the cyber sight longer.
There may be some updates to the videos on this page, and the link also may be updated. And if I notice it's been updated, then I will definitely
update the resource is section. But I'm assuming, at least in the short term, that this will be a valid link moving forward.
So in this video, we just kind of talked about the fortnight product a little bit. Some of the benefits of the four Net 40 Web Cloud Replication firewall as a service solution. In the next video, we're gonna go ahead and move into
a little background about AWS Cloud itself. So we're gonna talk specifically about E. C two instances will give a little history and background on that as well as what is Route 50 three's will move into that in the next module. So module two
also in that module. We're gonna move into some of the lab so you'll get some hands on this far setting up the roof 53 domain. Now again, I want to stress that there is a cost involved with that, there's not any compensatory aspect for that cost. It's something you'll you'll just have to eat on your end. So again it's It's a pretty low cost. At least here in the U. S. It's about $12 or so
to register. The domain's not a huge cost there. Just be mindful.
If budget isn't s you again, I want to stress that you may consider just watching this course first and then exploring if you actually want to go through with their hands on components.
So in the next video, as I mentioned, we're gonna talk about what is E. C two?
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