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Hello, everybody. And welcome to this lecture and this lecture. We're gonna be covering the course road map
to start us off. I wanted to explain a little bit on the structure. Essentially, this course was designed to follow the official eight of us Cloud Practitioner Exam Guide. In this course, I'm going to try to stay to the point and tried to help you identify exactly what you need and not
go on too many tangents.
Eight of us offers ah, lot of service is the first thing you're going to realize is that
they cover so many different technologies. It's not just a cloud, a stuff. Everything does run through the cloud, but doesn't mean that everything that they do is essentially your data backup or compute service's. Some of it is very niche. Um, things like Deep
or some other artificial intelligence stuff. They just have so many different service is we're not gonna be going into any of that in this course. That is a very niche topic in this course. We want to stay very high level, and that is what the cloud practitioner is all about. It is to help you understand
the General Service is
things that you will more than likely be using no matter where you are. And, ah, just try to keep it from a high level perspective. That way you understand what the courses.
That way you understand what the service's d'oh and kind of how they work together and how they work with your existing infrastructure.
As I mentioned before, this course is gonna cover every service that you will need to know in order to pass the certified cloud practitioner exam.
So ah, starting off, this is actually the very first chapter that contains any content. It's actually Chapter two eso Chapter two is tthe e cloud concepts domain.
And when I say domain, what I mean is, if you were to go to the Amazon Web page for the cloud practitioner and you pulled up the official exam guide, you'll see that there are some domains that are covered in the exam. The very first domain is the cloud concepts,
and within that these are the main points we're gonna be focusing on. So basically,
we want to understand the basics to eight of us cloud computing,
and then we want to talk about the global cloud infrastructure. We're gonna be discussing the advantages of cloud computing and then reviewing the white paper for the well-architected framework in chapter three, we're going to be talking about the eight of US security concepts.
Now, there isn't a whole lot to cover for this exam.
However, the things I did want to cover were the shared responsibility model, which is actually not just with eight of us. It can be used with other cloud platforms as well.
But basically, what that's gonna talk about is on each different level. You know, you're I asked your past and your sass. What are you responsible for? And don't worry if you don't understand what I'm talking about, that just sounds like a bunch of gibberish to you right now. And the later lectures, you will learn a little bit more about what that is
and what I'm talking about. Now we'll make sense. So So no need to worry about that.
Then we're going to be talking about cloud security and compliance. We're gonna be moving on to eight of us waft and AWS shields. You'll get to learn about that. And then we're gonna discuss eight of us inspector and eight of us trusted advisor
once again, don't worry if none of this makes sense to you, we will be covering that throughout this course.
And chapter four, we're gonna be focusing on eight of US Service's and technology, now just four warning. Chapter four is where the bulk of your exam is going to be focused on these air. Just your basic service is and for the exam, you only need to understand these at a high level overview. Basically,
you need to be able to identify what the service's are by name and have a
pretty decent understanding of what they dio. But aside from that, you're not going to need to know to too much of the technical knowledge in order to become certified,
we're gonna start off with AWS storage. That's gonna include what an s three bucket iss. What an E. V s volume is when an F s volume is we're going to start in a lab, so you'll get to play around s3 and at least get a ah insider view of what s three is and how it works.
They were gonna move over to eight of us. I am
and we're going to perform a lab. Basically, that's just gonna be set up in configurations that you understand how that works and a little bit more information on how I am works as a whole.
After that, we're gonna jump the two interviews. Compute Service's, which is a huge component for eight of us. Cloud. We're gonna be talking about E. C to Lambda E. C s elastic beanstalk and auto scaling. Some of these subjects may not be covered as heavily as others and the exam,
But just to be safe, I want to throw them in there. That way, In case you get one or two questions that
talk about elastic being stock or auto scaling, you should be able to identify what that is and be able to weed out the wrong answers and focus on narrowing in on the right answers.
In Chapter five, we're going to be discussing building and pricing.
Now this topic is going to cover us decent portion of your exam. Basically, eight of us wants you to understand how the pricing model works and just have a good, decent idea of, ah, how you can better improve your architecture without breaking your bank accounts.
Um, so we're gonna be talking about an overview of the eight of us pricing.
There's actually a white paper for that. And there were going to review the pricing policies. You're gonna understand the fundamentals on pricing we're going to review some free service is there is actually a free tier for eight of us
s. So we're gonna review what is included in that. There were gonna be discussing some some of these service focus pricing like computes storage data, basing networking and then following that up with the support plan. So if you, uh, need help with a eight of us situation,
you can actually purchase a support plan.
And, ah, there are certain service is that are offered within that we'll go into more detail when we get to that point.
After that, we're gonna discuss organizations and consolidated building, and we're gonna wrap it up with AWS calculators. All right, everybody, that about wraps up this lecture. Let's go ahead and dive into the next one where we're actually going to start talking about the basics of eight of us cloud computing. All right?
I can't wait. I'll see you in there.
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