1.3 Cloud Computing NIST SP 800-145

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n'est Special Publication 800-1 45. And this is the document that defines cloud computing. So I'm gonna read this. I don't generally read by slides to you guys, so I promise you, this is an exception rather than the rule.
But I'll tell you, um, this is something that I see square quoted in their material. I was feeling like anything that I s C Square pulls out, puts in quotes and says, Hey,
this is important. Probably is important. So I would pay attention to this particular quote. So it's a model for an enabling ubiquitous, convenient on demand network access. So let's just look at that piece. Ubiquitous. It's everywhere you can get. Your cloud based resource is everywhere
when you need it on time.
You know, I've been using cloud storage as a service for 20 years. You know, I'll email, you know, always e mail myself file so I could have access to him at home, right? So I could get to him anywhere they were convenient to access. I didn't need special software.
Um, on demand. It's there when you want it to. Those are all good.
This idea of cheered pool of considerable computing resource is couple of things. They're virtual ization is what makes that happen. It's what allows us to take a system that provides computing in a processing storage memory network all of these elements
and allows us to partial off individual sections of that to various organizations. Right?
it's virtualization that makes that next piece work. This configurable computing resource is can be rapidly provisioned again can scale. We call that elasticity that ability to go up or down based on needs
released. That's part of the elasticity to us. I can acquire Service's. I will release them very, very quickly with minimal management effort, you know, think about traditionally what it's taken for us to add another server to our network, right? That's a process that's nor deal.
Now it's just a matter of a click of a button. Essential.
Um, and I can do that without going through my service provider, right self service. So all this is good, good stuff. I feel myself getting excited. The more we talk about it, this is great stuff. And this comes to us from n'est they love n'est I s C Square loves missed.
I would absolutely
expect them to ask you anything in that paragraph is fair game understanding each and every piece and why it's significant how it saves us money with the challenges are. And of course, we haven't really talked about the challenges yet, but I don't. I've never found I s C Square to be really intensive. On
which of the three elements does NIST Special publication 800-145 state.
So by that, I mean, don't spend all your time memorizing every single special publication and what it provides for us. There will be a handful of documents that I will tell you you need to know. But for this I would just simply take this as per Ernest. This is the definition of cloud computing.
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