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I ever won before we jump into our Montel two of our footprint. I just want to share a couple downloads that you can use to get set up for this course. So I do recommend you get the cyber lab bundle. So if you're watching this and you don't have the library inside of pro membership, it's a reasonable amount. And I think it's awesome because you get
access to all the labs, you can practice all this stuff
and I do use the cyber labs predominantly in this course. So I do want to stress that that you can configure those things on your own stuff, but we're not gonna go over that in this particular course. So, uh, the tools that I I would use if I were you if you're not gonna do the cyber labs and you don't have access to the labs, is I would have you download virtual box,
Um and then also Callie Lennox as well.
So with virtual box, you can either just Google starts virtual boxer go to virtual box dot or GE. You'll just click on the downloads page. Now if you're running Ah, depending on your system, which were running which operating system. But if you're running windows, you'll want to download your windows as well as the extension pack here, so make sure you grab both. Otherwise,
if you just down the virtual box itself,
it's not gonna work on your windows. So if you're running Microsoft Windows in any capacity, grab your platform first. Here, download that, install that and then grab your extension pack
and install that as well.
It don't take a minute to install, and we're not gonna go over it step by step. In this video, you could find a 1,000,000 videos on YouTube that if you have questions on it, but it's very straightforward. You just downloaded this once, you launch it next, Next, next, all the way through it, you're done.
So Kelly Lennox is our actual tool that we would use our operating system. So this is a lyrics distribution by offensive security. Once you come to Cali dot or you could just scroll down to get to the downloads page, and then you can click on Kelly Lennox. It's gonna take you to the actual downloads page. You're gonna just scroll down, and what you're looking for
is to go to the offensive security download page. So if you're going to use virtual box, which I just showed you
where you can grab it from, we want to go grab the Cali Lennox for that. So it's got to be the latest version of virtual box. You should be generally running a 64 bit system. So make sure you grab this here. Then you're just gonna click on the offensive security download page.
It's gonna take a moment, sort of load up for you, and then you just scroll down here and it's gonna show you the different options here that you can get. Now you're going to see these air VM where Make sure you click on the Cali one. Excuse me? The virtual box ones here and then this is what it's gonna be. Now you can perform a hash of the download if you want Thio.
But we're not gonna cover that at all.
And then go ahead and download it. Now I will. I do want to warn you that it's pretty large. I think it's about two or three gigs, and so it's gonna take a while to download. So it might be something where you just downloaded and walk away from your computer for a while and just, you know, do whatever else and then come back. And I think for me on this particular Windows machine, it took about 20 to 25 minutes
to get all the way down loaded. You see, there's 33 and 1/2 gigs,
so it does. It does take a minute to download, but once it's downloaded literally all you have to do, you go to your downloads folder and you'll see a little icon. And it says Callie, you just double clicked out. It'll launch it automatically in your virtual box and install it. So it's very like once you get a downloaded, that's all. The hassle is going out of your life.
So I did want to mention one other thing regarding virtual box, and I don't know why it does this on occasion, but it always does it for me. I might may just be bad luck or something, but generally it'll have a missing that when you first install it. So let me just click on my virtual box. You see, I got different machines here, so just ignore those. But, um what what will happen? It will just pick on this one here.
So when you go thio settings and then you go to your networking and you're looking at your adaptors here, generally, what you may find is that it only has, like, nat Network. It's labeled. Isn't that network now? It's not gonna work if it just has that. So basically the fixed for that is you just, you know, cancel out this.
You're gonna actually come to the settings of the virtual box manager here,
So click on settings.
Excuse me. Um,
go back here. You're going to go to file and that preferences
get ahead of myself there. So file preferences, and then you're gonna come to network right here
and here. Basically, just gonna click this little plus sign at the top right here. That's gonna create another network network for you, which I already done here. So I have a number one after it.
Surprisingly simple. That's literally all you have to do. So then what you're gonna do is you would just say OK, what, you created that?
Well, then go back to your, uh, your machine. Whether it's Callie or if you download like windows and stuff, do you?
Then click on settings, Go back to your network settings on then all you would have to do is just click in this box and you would see you're not network one or whatever it's called in there for you and then just say OK, and now you can launch your virtual machine and to be good to go.
I don't know why that's such a simple fix and why it doesn't like automatically do that. But for some reason it does. So I just want to share that with you as well. So again, this was not like a real lab. That's why I don't have a document it step by step or anything. But all you have to do is download virtual box. Make sure you down the vote, the package. I'm gonna click back on it. Download. The exception is extension pack here. If you have windows
and then also, you know, just go to Cali dot org's to grab the Cali Lennox and get that installed as well
again. For both of these, there are literally hundreds of thousands of YouTube videos that will walk you through you can find someone that'll that'll kind of vibe with you, and you can figure out how to do this.
So again, in the next section, we're gonna jump right into our footprint.
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