1.3 Benefits of the Cloud

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Why is the cloud so important?
And what are the benefits? Why everybody's wants to get in the car.
The first thing is, the cloud is cost effective.
How so?
The reason is that you pay only for your usage. If you don't use any resources, you need to shut them down and you don't pay for them.
The cloud uses a consumption based model that the laws you toe pay only for what you use similar to electricity, water or
previously, the phone bill you pay only when you make calls.
They're no upfront costs you can use any kind of resource is in the cloud without paying nothing. At the beginning, you don't need to make any large investments in order to use those resources
you can stop paying for. Resource is you don't need. Once again, If you don't need it, you can shoot it down and you can save on your bill.
This allows you to make a better cost prediction. For example, if you have a business that has seasonal spikes, you can predict that during certain months of the year, you can care Fire bill and other months. You have a lower bill in the cloud.
The cloud is also scalable. What that means is that if he has practically unlimited resource is that you can use,
there are two ways to actually skill. Your resource is one of them is called vertical scaling or this is scale up.
Take, for example, a sort of a
let's say when you're provisioned your server. Initially, you ask for the server to care for only two CPU cars and four gigabytes of memory.
You can monitor the server and see that actually, more and more requests are coming and your business is growing and anymore. Not anymore. You cannot use the
couldn't server to satisfy all the requests. What you can do is you cannot Morsi pews and more memory to the server. Let's say you go from two c p. Usedto force appears and from four gigabyte memory toe eight gigabyte memory, and this is what it's called scale up.
However new architectures,
they prefer the so called horizontal scaling,
which means that instant start adding more si, pues and more memories to your existing server. You up a new server that has the same capacity as the previous one, and you load balance the request between those two servers.
This is called horizontal scaling, or also scared out.
The scaling can be done manually or automatic. For example, if you have a person who constantly seats and monitors capacity that your servers have,
and if there is a need for more capacity, they can go and up manually a separate server
If you have AH program or a script that this that you can automatically scale your service,
the cloud is also elastic. What this elastic means elastic means that you can increase in decrease. The use of your resource is based on the demand
the example that they gave previously, where you have seasonal spikes off your business. That's what a lucky Ellis elasticity means. You can add more. Resource is when you need them. Let's say during your high season and removed all three sources when you don't need them
during the low season and don't pay for them.
This means that the cloud can accommodate your unexpected spikes. If you have automatic scaling implemented in your cloud work waltz,
you can actually
sleep well and not worry that for example, during the night, more
people are coming to your website because some of the unexpected event,
and once again you can reduce the consumption that in Chloe use. So again, automatic scaling allows you to also remove. Resource is when you don't need them.
The cloud is upto date. What that means is that you can leverage the latest card where the cloud vendors are taking care. Toe actually procured this card where the only thing you need to do is to go and purchase it from the self service the cloud vendors provide.
You don't need toe have very Raj investments in order to buy the latest GP use or the latest *** six processors in orderto use them. You can just rent them from the club.
New hardware, He said it when it becomes available.
The same is true. Also for the latest software,
the cloud vendors are actually giving more and more option for you to use any kind of software upto the latest versions. So you don't need to pay licensing fees for procuring the software or wait until it comes out or gets delivered over mail.
Of course, this lowers the IittIe maintenance calls so you don't need to actually
have personnel provisioning any of the hardware or installing the software and so on and so on.
The cloud is also reliable.
The cloud vendors. They have redundant data centers around the world, and they use those toe. Actually
replicate your data and make it secure. If one of the data center fails, you can rely that actually your data is safe in another one.
This is called a redundant or four tall around. Service is what that means is that each one of the service is the cloud vendor provides is
ah, viable in multiple copies and your requests can go toe one or the other off those copies, and you can rely that each one of those will always be up and running to serve your requests.
Of course, the Cal vendors, they take care off data backups and replications said they used those redundant data centers to replicate the data and make sure that it's never lost.
And they take also care of disaster recovery so they invest in redundant backup supplies. Ups is redone, their power generators on and so on in order to make sure that the data is kept safe.
Another benefit of the cloud is that the cloud is global.
Each cloud vendor has once again more people dated centers around the world. So if you have a global business, you can rely that actually there will be a data center clothes two years, customer
in Europe or Asia on Australia if you need to.
This is also important if you need to meet some data residency and compliance laws, for example, certain countries in the world they require the date of their citizens is kept within the region or the country itself.
If you need to do that, you can use the cloth data centers of the Cloud Vander which are in this particular country, and save the data there.
The cloud is also secure despite what many people think.
What that means is that the cloud Vandals they invest in physical security, their data centers are very well protected. They have video surveillance, security personnel, high walls that do not allow external people to get in.
They have well established policies in controls that they have built over a long experience that they're having building data centers and of course, they have very experienced personnel that actually takes care of the data centers.
One important thing to remember is that this is actually shared between the cloud vendor and you're
that the cloud Vander provide Secure data center doesn't mean that your application is secure. You still are responsible for securing your application, making sure that unauthorized people or users are not able to access it.
This is called the shared security model.
How do the cloud Vandals achieve this?
The achieve it thanks to the so called economies of scale
when they have so many data centers and so many servers and hardware, they actually can
achieves, um, certain efficiency off managing those because this is repeated task that they have automated and they can do it much faster than a small, uh, data center provider.
They also can provide a lower cost per unit because they can actually get discounts for buying hardware in book or software in bulk or any utilities in bulk. They can actually get a lower tax and utilities bills because they can negotiate with the local authorities or the
stocks. Government tax authorities in orderto actually get lower taxes and buying utility seem book.
This can be true for electricity for water if they're using a water cooling for high speed network, and so on
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