1.2 Who is ISACA?

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all right, So let's answer that question that's burning on everybody's mind. That pressing question of who is ice aka Well, I sack is the organization that puts out the sea risk exam. Also, schism or scissors or the siege it certifications. And ultimately they are geared towards,
um, working through the management of investments and information security
and on it. So they were developed in 1967 and originally the acronym was Information Systems Audit in Control Association. However, now they're referred to only by the acronym.
And, as I mentioned before, there some other I sacha certifications that you might look at after see risk. These certifications all go very well together. So by learning, see risk, you beam or prefer more prepared to take schism and citizen, so one.
All right, what's the value? That's always What we want to know is what's in it for me. So with the sea risk certification, this is a respected certification in the field. It's one of those courses that I'm finding myself teaching Maur inm or so its popularity is on the gain. It's on the uptick,
and I think that's the way that it should be more and more enterprises, or understanding
that risk management needs to be incorporated into all that we do. That's why you hear terms like enterprise risk management now, or I S R m information security and risk management. Ah, because we're seeing the need Maur and Maur for risk management and understanding.
That choice is that air, not babe based on risk, generally are not good decisions. We'll talk about why and how all that comes together.
Ah, it's a portable portable certification, which means it's not industry specific. It's not vendor specific. So it's one of the asserts that no matter where you go, what field you're in, you're going to find that risk management certifications always gonna be beneficial to you.
And one of the things that I find especially again for me in the Washington D. C region,
is that certifications increase your marketability and right, wrong or indifferent, they tend to give you street cred. And what I mean by that is they tend to speak of your knowledge. Now I know they're different people out there
that have different folks feel different ways about certification.
But one of the things you cannot deny is that certifications air being used Toa higher, and they're being used to promote folks. So we're finding that certifications air really becoming necessary to go where you want to in your job and certainly see risk is a worthy certification tohave.
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