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So let's talk a little bit about the cybersecurity engineers mission planning, implementing, managing, monitoring and upgrading security measures, Etcetera. Ensuring appropriate security controls are consistently in place, dispatching teams. You know, this person as we see it here on cyber. This is a management position, and they would be just at least,
um, engineer. Excuse me. Cyber security engineer managers would be to statue dispatching teams to record
to respond to
network or system security breaches. They would be overseeing pen testing, and they would be performing various admin task that never goes away in a lot of the positions that you'll be working in. So what I wanted to do is Shane, If you're with us, are you here with us now? I don't see you on the line. So, Mark, let me ask you a couple of thoughts
on the mission
for Cyber Security. Engineer, are you here? I'm here. Gina. My I didn't see you, Shane. Thank you. I'm glad. Little bit of technical difficulties this morning, but I'm someone. My apologies. Yeah, no worries. Good. So tell us what you think about the mission of a cyber security engineer and specifically obviously as it relates to the Siberian pro program.
Yeah. No, no problem. Thanks, everybody, for joining today. Uh, just just kind of a little bit of a quick feedback. Ah, lot of you. If you do research on a cyber security engineer role, you might see more of a
technical role. I think some
some definitions of the industry will tag. A cyber security engineer is more of someone that
manages and runs tool sets for a cyber security team. We have cyber ery tag, cybersecurity, engineer role as more of a management level rule out of our four specific
career path as network engineers sake, analyst, pen tester, cyber security engineer is the top tier of our four career paths. So that's something to progress forward towards if you're just getting started or currently in one of the other career paths. And we see that again is
more of a management and leadership role in the cyber security field.
Uh, is Gina mentioned by some of the bullet points? That's more so.
A rule of your managing teams are managing projects on. Then again, you know, leadership of anything
involving, you know, cyber security.
Wonderful. Thank you, Shane. So great. I'm glad you're with us. And
we have some good information here. Obviously that we want to share with you on the slide and the others to come.
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