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Hello and welcome back to Cyber Aires. Microsoft Azure Administrator A Z 103 course. I'm your instructor, Will Carlson. And this is Episode two supplemental materials.
In today's episode, we're gonna talk about some of the resource is available to you here on the cyber. A platform
Cem Resource is provided by Microsoft and also a really interesting third party resource for some hands on labs for azure experience. Now the first thing I want to call your attention to here are the resource is available within the cyber Very website for this class. Now, just below the course page,
you will find a resource is tab. And that resource is Tab
is going to include all of the resources generated both by myself, and buy some really great ta is that I have here for the easy one of three course. I'm gonna send a special shout out to Jen Duffer and Darwin Venus who are helping me all writing right now
develop this course. But also the whole host of wonderful ta is here in the cyber, a platform that will be generating content for this course as well.
So definitely check out the resource is tab below one of the first piece of information I'll call out to you. In that resource is tab. Are all of the links that we're talking about here in this video? So don't scramble to try to keep up with the websites we're gonna look at today. They're gonna be included down below. In the resource is tab
of the easy one of three course
on the cyber. A platform,
Definitely. Take some time and check it out. Will be a lot of things developing down there as the course goes along
to dive right into the websites, though we're gonna go ahead and get started on the A Z 103 exam page itself. Now you can see right up here at the top. The exam is currently $165 here in the United States, and we have the benefit of being able to schedule the exam here as well. So the easy one of three pages relatively helpful.
But what I want to call your attention to is the skills measured section,
and I'm going to encourage you not to be like the will of the past that would have looked for this checked it off this list and moved on.
I really encourage you to use this skills measured portion of the easy one of three page
as a checklist as you go. And don't just simply print it out and check them off. I find it's really hopeful to turn all of these skills into questions and ask them yours to yourself as you go along, for example, real quickly.
Ask yourself, How do I assigned administrative permissions? An azure. If you can answer that question and answer it effectively, cross it off the list and go through all of these bullet points and ask yourself all of these questions. When you can effectively answer all of these bullet points as questions, you'll be ready for a Z one of three.
The next resource we're gonna look at here is the azure free tenant setup page. Explain more about what attendant is and all the fun that is setting up the free account in the next video, where we'll walk through doing that step by step.
After that, I want to call your attention to the really great documentation that Microsoft has put together online and Microsoft documents
for Azure and particularly there are some great things to click through here just to get started. But I really appreciate the products page here. So as we're going through the course, if there are things that you need help with, you want to read more on.
This is a great place to go.
So I definitely encourage that. You read the online documentation lots of other cloud platforms that have certification exams similar to a Z 103 every course I've ever taken for any of them. They recommend that you read the documentation.
Part of that's because there's just so much material to cover part of that's because this is all changing so quickly. Do yourself a favor, get familiar with the documentation and how to keep up with it. As you continue forward, it is an azure administrator. You're gonna be reading this documentation quite a lot because things change so often
I want to point out this documentation as a source of troubleshooting. So when you're going through the class, if you can't figure out how to do something with the Windows virtual machine, for example, I can come here to the documentation click on Windows virtual machine
click on the Power Shell Command that I can't remember and I can look through here and see all of the relevant commands for virtual machines, Windows, virtual machines and power show. The documentation really is great. Take some time to look through it
now when it comes to hands on labs for those of us that don't just want to read some really dry technical documentation, Microsoft offers some great solutions there as well. And to actually
the 1st 1 is here in Microsoft Learn and I've Got a hit and filter this list already by Azure administrator. Relevant documentation and these labs are text based walk throughs that give you a series of steps to complete in the azure ecosystem all the way from relatively simple, like creating an azure account
on through too much more complicated things.
Now click through one of these real quickly, just to show you
here's a series of steps. It gives you a good idea about how long that's gonna take. Microsoft has gamma fied this a little bit if you bother to set up an account really quite fun to keep score and see how many points you can get make it a competition with some others here. In this I bury community. But to draw them a little further, here's the steps that you have to do, and you can simply walk through the steps
as you go.
It really are quite great. And another wonderful thing about these labs here is that Microsoft will spin up a sandbox account for you to use when you need to interact with the azure platform itself.
Another great resource Microsoft has here for hands on labs to is the self paced labs. And
we don't have 100 and 59 of these. But I can go ahead and filter these down just by azure and see. There are 40 labs here, and these labs tend to be, in my opinion, more extensive and a little deeper than the previous lab solution that we talked about.
We're not gonna be talking about armed templates and visual studio here in the easy one of three course, but armed templates will be featured relatively heavy in the course. We will be doing things, however, like as your storage accounts and
you can go through here. It spends up a lab environment for you to get hands on experience with the azure technology.
Highly recommend you take advantage of this site as well, just to further your understanding of azure.
Now I want to move on, though to a really interesting third party platform called Azure Citadel. And as your Citadel is a community driven website of walk throughs and labs for azure now we clearly are not gonna be covering things like terra form and easy 103 or even kubernetes.
But we will be covering policy and initiatives, so
I'll click on through here. And the way as your Citadel works is
there's gonna be some text based walk through here at the beginning, and then there are similar to the other solutions. A series of click through labs and steps that you can follow in your azure free account.
Now, as Your Citadel does a very good job also providing really great screen shots as you go. So if you just wanted to read this or you had a few minutes while you were waiting for something, you can pull it the address citadel website and walk through some.
I'm sorry that as you're sitting a website and walk through some azure labs while you wait Really a great sight. Good to to walk through, hand in hand in your free account If azure us. Well,
now we're gonna reference here real quickly. A couple of just documentation sites within Azure about command line tools, and
we'll talk more about this. Is the course goes along. But there are two scripting language is that we have to be familiar with for a Z one of three, and that's Power Shell and Azure or ese C ally. So here's the power shell documentation. If you click here on reference, it's gonna pull up all of the
subcategories of commands here in Power Shell for Asher.
No, don't panic. Don't freak out on me. Hang on.
I'm going to include with the course some reference material that calls out important commands that you'll need to know. But in addition to that, I'll say this. If we're doing an activity in Portal with the gooey,
you should know or at least have a concept of the commands that are required
to do that both in Power shell and in CLI
do yourself a favor. If it's something we cover in the course make sure you're at least functionally familiar with those commands as well. Now
I want to add to that that
the A C one of three exam is not going to ask you to write the commands from scratch. Most likely these air going to be multiple choice or multiple drop down type questions so you'll have a
fully fledged azure command or a power shall command. Microsoft will pull out three different sections of it and ask you to drag in the right command for that particular piece of the
as your power shall command. You won't have to write the whole thing. You'll just need to know how to fill in the blanks based on the multiple choice options you're provided. So we'll talk more about command line tools and how you can survive them here in the A Z 103 exam. But I just wanted to put these resource is on your radar,
particular the ese cli resource because we will not be doing any ese CLI commands directly here. In the course, I find that trying to do to scripting language is in the same course, makes it a little bit more confusing and It definitely causes Ah, lot of bloat here time wise. So we're gonna consistently do power show,
follow along with the ese cli commands as we do the power show work as well.
So today's video We talked about some of the references here in the cyber area platform for the easy 103 course. We talked about some references provided by Microsoft, both for just documentation in hands on lab and we talked about Azure Citadel is a really interesting lab option as well.
So coming up next, we're going to set up your free as your tenant and we're going to familiarize ourself with the azure portal.
Thanks for joining me today, and I'm really excited to get into Azure in the portal in the next episode.
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