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Hey, everyone, welcome to this lecture and this lecture. We're gonna be covering the exam road maps. I figured what better way than to go to AWS is website directly And let's just review the material listed on there. So, as you can see, were at the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner page
here they have a bunch of details and descriptions talking about the abilities that are validated
by the certification. So this cause this is gonna help your colleagues, maybe your boss or HR Professionals kind of identify what type of skills you have learned once you've acquired this certification. So they say Here,
Ah, define what the eight of us Cloud is and the basic global infrastructure described basic eight of us cloud architectural principles Describe the eight of us cloud value proposition.
Describe key service is on in the AWS platform and their common use cases. These air things that we will definitely be covering, um, describe basic security and complaints aspects of eight of us cloud platform which actually will be applying to cloud in general. So if you have
plans to pursue azure or G C. P.
Uh, these concepts will kind of port over to those platforms as well.
Defined the billing account management in pricing Model Associate with AWS. Ah, don't identify sources of documentation or technical assistance like white papers and support tickets.
Um, and also described basic and core characteristics of deploying and operating in the AWS clock. So all these things are the subject, matter said We'll be covering within this course. So lo and behold, you will be in good hands going through this course and cyber
um, some recommended knowledge. They say that's it that they recommend. You have six months of experience with the eight of us and any role, including technical, managerial, sales, purchasing or finance. I disagree. I don't think you actually need that. I think that if you have any experience in I T.
Or maybe not working as a technician or an engineer, but
you're familiar with I t. You're familiar with computers than this course should be good enough for you. Uh,
this this course is not too technical heavy. I know the exam wasn't too technically heavy as well.
It's it's going to cover a lot of the basic understandings of the compute service is the storage service is and what not, but you do not need to be an engineer in order to hold and acquire the certification.
So, um, let's go into a little bit more detail about the exam itself.
The exam is multiple choice. It's also multiple answer. There is no give or take on which one you will have more. So I can't say you're gonna have like, 0 20 multiple answer questions.
It's not like that. It will be randomize based on.
You know, when you show up and what day you show up, you're just gonna get whichever test they give you.
Um, they say here that you're testing will be done at a testing center or remote online. Proctor, I'm not familiar with the remote online proctor. I have taken ah in AWS certification exam before, and I had to take it out of testing center where there was a proctor. There were cameras, all that stuff
not to spook you out. It was totally not
any pressure at all,
especially if you're familiar with taking certification exams. You've probably taken out of testing center already, so it's gonna be very similar to that.
The exam type is foundational. So this is an entry level clouds certification exam. It's a great way to get your feet wet into cloud. Ah, technology, period. So I do recommends that you pursue this and and and get certified as a practitioner in the cloud.
The exam is 90 minutes long and they do ask for $100 in order to take the exam.
a SZ faras language availability. They offered an English, Japanese, Korean and simplified Chinese.
So let's go ahead and actually download the exam guide here.
So, as you can see, this is Theseus. E l F Dash C 01 exam guide. This is the exam that you'll be taking.
Ah, here. You can find some more in depth information. Some of this is stuff we have already covered in the previous page.
But, um, they will be talking about some more training material that you can you can look at. What I really want to highlight was the eight of us White papers here which will actually be covering. I actually have study guides and cheat sheets on these white papers because some of them are very in depth ranging,
you know,
80 pages, 90 pages or so. Um, and I I summarize it to basically focus on things that you absolutely need in order to pass the exam. See or not. They're trudging through the paperwork, trying to figure out how Oh, my gosh, what I need.
Yeah, we don't We don't go through that. Um, I'm gonna simplify for you. Make a super easy. You are encouraged to read the white papers anyways, but if you're in a pinch, you need to just get through the just the core material. Ah, I'm gonna go ahead and summarized it for you, and
you should have enough information to pass the exam.
Um, I also want to scroll down here. You could rescind more about the details of the exam itself with, you know, unscored contents. The exam results how that works. You know that. They basically tell you, um, what you need in order to pass. So you're going to be scored
from ah 100
2 1000 And your minimum passing scores the 700. You will find out relatively soon if you passed or failed. I know when I pass my exam, I found out immediately that I passed. But then I got my score within 24 hours via email, and then I went to the dashboard
online and found everything I needed to know about my exam. So it'll probably be very similar for you,
so just be aware of that.
Ah, the exam breakdown. So in this course, we're actually gonna be breaking down the content in these four domains as well.
But this is how the domains air waited. So you're gonna be covering all lots on cloud concepts and a lot on the technology.
But ah, you know, we're also gonna be covering security and Ross gonna be covering building and pricing.
Ah, loan. No worries, though you shouldn't have to hunt anywhere else for this information. All the all the details and the information will be covered with in this course. And we'll be we'll be getting through this so that you can
leave the course confident and knowing that you're ready for the exam.
Eso Here's a little bit further of a breakdown of the individual domains,
and that about wraps up this document.
All right, everybody, thank you for joining me in this lecture. I look forward to seeing you and the next one will recover the course road map
and then we're gonna go ahead and get started. All right. I'll see you the next lecture
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