1.2 AWS Dashboard Overview

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Video Transcription
Hey, everyone, welcome back to the core. So in the last video, we just went over the introduction to this course we talked about myself is your instructor who I am sort of my background. We also talked about the overall structure of this course again. We've got a couple of power point lectures, but predominantly, this course is gonna be inside of this AWS consul in dashboard area.
So speaking of the dashboard, I just want to give you a very, very brief introduction to the dashboard of your brand. New to this. Once you've created your account with a a W s,
you'll be taken in, and once you log in, you'll be taken into this screen here.
Amazon makes it very simple to find things. So you've got a search box right here. You can type in the name of whatever you're looking for
and the majority of stuff we're going to be using that this course is actually just right in the this section here. So, for example, E C. T will be spending up in the sea to instance, and then I've already gone ahead and access through 53 recently. So that's why you'll see it listed here.
The other thing that will be doing during the Route 53 section is we're going to be setting up a domain. So again, I want to stress that there will be a cost involved to follow along hands on with this course. Ah, and that's not something that will be reimbursed or anything like that.
That's something you'll just have to eat on your end. But registering a domain is actually relatively cheap. It I think it's about $12 or so, um, to register a domain name or you can just transfer one. If you have one as well, we will not be going over transferring. A domain is gonna buy one through the consul here, and we'll use that as an example for this course. So just keep in mind that
if you're gonna follow along, hands on his course is gonna be some cost involved with that,
depending on your particular set up.
So this is just a high level overview. We can navigate to different things as an example, easy to weaken. Click on that and navigate to it. That will be coming back to this a little later on in the course.
One thing I want to stress is that you want to be mindful of
your particular location where you're launching the instance from so as an example, I'm in the United States and in particular, the East Coast area. So I'm going to be using an East Coast thing. So the northern, Northern Virginia.
But if you're going to be, if you're over and like Europe, for example, you might be using, like, you know, the Ireland one or something like that. So just keep that in mind based off the cost. You don't want to get too expensive just going through this and using this as an example. You don't want the cost to get out of out of line or anything like that with your budget, so
use an instance that's gonna be closer to you.
So in this video it was just a brief showing you the AWS dashboard. In the next video, we're gonna talk a little more about the actual Ford Net for the Web. Cloud replication, firewalls, a service solution itself. We'll talk about some of the highlights. Some of the benefits of that particular solution
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